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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 279


Somewhat the story is getting more interesting even without Yu Ao Tian presence. I am so excited to translate these few chapters since Hei Yan Long being introduced. Old mysteries and also the new ones are showing up but there still no clear trace. The pieces of puzzle….

Chapter 279

Yao Yao’s Firing the Gun

“Long….” when she is thinking what to say, Long Ye has rushed out from the car, and he has been fighting with those armed men.

Looking at that constantly brandish persistence figure, Gradually Yao Yao eyes are moisten.
In the eyes of the worlds, those who are walking in the underworld, they are always sticking with ‘bad guy’ label / tag. And then who will know that those people who are mingling in underworld are those who value loyalty highly, also has the responsible side?

She believes, if not because she is in here, due to Long Ye capabilities in order to escape is only a piece of cake.

Ha, she is clearly said that she does not need anyone to protect her, but when she is facing with beating and killing situation, she really useless!!

“Hello? Han, Vice CEO Han. We, we are being attacked by people!” she is hiding herself inside the car, nervously she called Han Lin Shang.


Location? Location? Where is this!!! “I am sorry…I don’t know where is it….”

“Damn!! What car that Long Ye used today, at least you know it right?”

“BMW 7 series.”

‘ttuttut…’ (phone called hung up)

“Hello? Hello?… Han….Vice CEO Han?” The phone call is already hung up, her body is shivering looking at outside from the window.


It is a person who bleeding and ‘bang’ sound, coincidental it hit into the car’s window.

Fresh blood, the glass slowly flows down at the man’s hideous face in front of her eyes, Yao Yao is shocked and wet her face with tears, her body is shrink inside the car, pair of her hand is holding tightly the gun that Long Ye gave her before, unstoppable shivering.

God, I begging you, please protect Long Ye Ge Ge.

Must be alright, must be alright, Long Ye Ge Ge must be alright.


She really useless, she even does not have any courage even to see the battle field. Or perhaps, she is feared, feared to see Long Ye getting hurt….

‘bam, bam, bam’ there are sound from car being attacked, Yao Yao face is dropped, seeing those who standing outside the car from the window are still fighting.

Not long after that, those fighting sound gradually disappeared.

Perhaps Long Ye Ge Ge had fought them until they left? Is this an evidence that Long Ye Ge Ge is alright? Is it?

Vice CEO Han, Vice CEO Han, you faster come!!!

‘bang bang bang!’ there are few times of gun firing sound from the vast darkness, after heard that Yao Yao feels as if her head going to explode.

She is so afraid, she is really afraid that…. If Long Ye gets shoot!

Take a look far away through the window, it seems there are getting more people who getting involve to the battle. What is actually going on?

Just at this time, she heard ‘knocking’ sound, it seems that something is prying the car door, another second, Yao Yao can feel the door car is suddenly being opened.

She could feel cold air wrapped her, pair of her hand is holding the gun, it pointed at the person who is standing outside….

“Didn’t anyone teach you, not to point the gun in front your own men?”

This voice is….

Without waiting for Yao Yao to react, one big hand as if catching little bird taking her out from the car.
She is dumbstruck staring at that cold expression face, there is no warmness in his eyes, she is paused and exhale and then crying out loud: “Vice CEO Han…” so that the number of people is getting many because they are Yu Long’s men, this is too good, really good!

It seems that Long Ye Ge Ge’s car has GPS tracking, so that Vice CEO Han can find them so quickly?

Yao Yao is touched and wiped her tears on her eyes corner: “Long, where is Long Ye Ge Ge?”

Han Li Shang is pointing at not far place, slowly put her back to ground.

Yao Yao takes a look, as seen not far from there, there are many blood stain in Long Ye’s body who is leaning on Long Qi’s.

“Thump” (heart skip beat)

It feels as if heavy stone pressed her heart, she dashed to see: “Long, Long Ye Ge Ge??? Long Ye Ge Ge!!!”

“En?” Long Ye is difficulty to open his eyes, his lips are slowly curved up and make a smile.

Paused, Yao Yao finally can let out heave sigh, she slumps on the ground, it seems that Long Ye Ge Ge is alright.

“Flat Chest, you are terrible ugly when crying.” Long Qi spoke with mockery face.

“You are still daring to say Xiao Meng Li?”

“So what?”

“I am your older brother who has injured to this point, Xiao Meng Li who isn’t my biological younger sister can cry for me, you MF still dare to loquacious?”

“Cut it off, you still dare to pretend, it was clearly because you are too tired so that you lying on the ground. The blood stain in your body isn’t yours but others people.” Long Qi is unhappily rolled his eyes, supporting his body to get up from the ground.

“Fiuh.” Long Ye is taking deep breath, lack of strength he is patting his waist: “It really has been long time for me not making moves, only in this short time, it feels as if going to collapse.”

“Huh. I want to move, but there is no opportunity!” Long Qi is copycat his older brother helplessly shaking his head.

“Long Qi, You rest assured, this is only a start. This is not the first time people are taking an initiative to seek trouble to ours Yu Long.” Said Han Li Shang coldly, while he is supported another shoulder of Long Ye, slowly walking toward the car that parked not far.

Hahaha, this good fellow sworn brother of Yu Ao Tian, their world are really difficult to barge into by the outsider, Yao Yao only can quietly standing beside them, watching them bickering, but somewhat the atmosphere among them are so wonderful.

Following their footsteps, when Yao Yao just walked two steps suddenly she stopped, slowly turned her head….

The ground is messed with death body, is this the world that Yu Ao Tian ever told her? Slaughters, bloody, perhaps for Yu Ao Tian and those groups of people this is such normal scenery alike having meal?

Just expected as what Yu Ao Tian ever told her, she really isn’t someone who come from same world with them!

Yao Yao is helplessly laughing, at then she is glancing to the gun that she hold tight for this time, this is her first time touched gun.

“Yao Yao, get into car.” Three men who are standing beside the car looking to her.

“Oh.” when she just wants to move.

As seen, suddenly that three men face are changed. Long Qi is nervously shouted: “Yao Yao! Be careful…..”

What…. Is…. Going on?

Her heart ‘thump’ ‘thump’ skip beat, as if the time is moving slowly. Yao Yao is nervously exhale air roughly, at the moment when she turned her head she spotted behind her….

As seen, not far from her is a man with bloody body, slowly is getting up from ground, while his hand is holding a gun that pointed at Yao Yao!

‘My majestic Lan Duo, the right way to hold gun is this way. Pull the trigger and attack the enemy at once. You are not allowed to give your enemy chance to attack you back. Understood?’



At sudden her face changed dim, her moisten eyes gradually turned with killing intention….

Another second!!

‘bang….’ the piercing sound of the gun rip the silent and quiet night, while three men not far from her has already dumbstruck because surprised.

“Ah!!!!!!: another moment, it is shocked voice, and then it followed by Yao Yao who has already fallen to ground.

“Flat Chest!” Long Qi is embracing the unconscious Yao Yao, his eyes filled with disbelief…..


24 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 279

  1. What an awful night for YY. I hope she is not seriously enjured, its just a shocked from shooting and will recovered soon. Thanks for the update and have a blessed evening.

  2. Thanks. I don’t think YY is injured. She probably was shocked that she actually pulled the trigger. Hmm wonder who taught YY to shoot.

    1. i think so too..maybe she was part of underworld gp went she was young or she is a girl who is not naive n learning smthng like shooting or ah i dont knowla…can’t wait for the next chpter..^^

  3. i think yy opened up her old long-lost story about how she can use gun..maybe..bcuse there seems like a sudden flashback at azurro translation..anyway thanks,its getting interesting if yy shoot that guy

  4. Her memories are coming back now !!! Hopefully and kinda of hopefully not. I have mix feelings about it but any ways long Bros and han are soooooooo loveable❤❤❤❤

    Thank you for the update next chapter!!!💕💕💕💕

  5. AAAAAH FINALLY !!! She is fighting for herself ! Thanks for the update,
    I wonder what the phrase ” my majectic Lan Duo” means, my majestic daughter ? niiece? some word related to family ?or to gangs ???

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