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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 280


Chapter 280

Part 1 (One)

Who is The Majesty Lan Duo?

Long Ye and Han Li Shang both of them are exchanging glances, faster both of them are looking at the man who being shot by Yao Yao.

Both of them are expressionless when seeing that man who has already pool of blood, in their eyes there are flashed same strange shine.

“Killed at one attack!”

“So clean and flawless!” simply to say both of them are not daring to believe, the beautiful shot just now was shot by Yao Yao, no matter the skill or angle, or the target hit, it really similar to professional killer!

“Just now I have thought….” Long Qi who is holding the unconscious Yao Yao is walking in front, he has only talked in half but forgotten the last half what he going to say.

“I also thought that Xiao Meng Li can shoot, but the pace she shoot is faster than the man too much!”

Long Ye is narrowing his eyes, glancing at unconscious Yao Yao, he also looked at the man’s body that had attacked. “Fortune?” his eyes are looking at Han Li Shang.

Han Li Shang is killer’s head of killer group in Yu Long’s, he is also the person who has high technique in weapon especially gun. He silent for moment, coldly shaking his head: “Absolutely had been trained by the professional!”

In the silent night, because of Yao Yao shooting technique has aroused many strange speculations.

Three men are wrapped by suspicious atmosphere, three of them are drown in their own thoughts.

At the time they are arrived, they are directly heading to Long’s brother’s house.

“Assumption, this woman real identity perhaps is killer, while her purpose, what is it?” the living room isn’t big, there is cold voice of Han Li Shang echoing.

“Hah, how could flat chest be a killer?” Long Qi scorned and even rolled his eyes: “Even a chicken she not dares to kill!”

“Well, just now that shoot, how it happened?”

That’s right! The shooting technique was fast, accurate, fierce, this too confused!

“Li Shang, I don’t repudiate your assumption, don’t you forget that, I had made Xiao Meng Li background investigation before!”

“But you must know, her identity before she was 12 years old has protected by the government!” That time Han Li Shang Ever said that, there are only two types of people who identity would be protected by government, one is type of dangerous person. The second is…. Someone who come from powerful background!

“No, I can’t imaging Xiao Meng Li as killer.” Long Ye really cannot imaging Yao Yao as someone titled as killer: “Li Shang, other than killer, what type of person who able to have this kind of shooting technique?”

“All the people who come from royal family! As what I know, in Europe there is a strict royal family, since the day their successors able to speak, they must accept education as strict as adult; since able to take things must be learn taking gun; when able to walk must learn self-defense, all because afraid espionage or other countries killer or assassination, kidnapping.”

This, undoubtedly linked into the two possibilities from Han Li Shang, one is type of dangerous person;

The second is someone who come from powerful background!

While Yao Yao perhaps….

“But do all of you forget? Flat chest is genius, perhaps she has ever seen our gun technique, so she able to do?”

“Ugh….” the words that Long Qi said has taken others to different direction, for once again they have forgotten that Yao Yao is genius young girl, this reality.

“Li Shang, is there any possibility alike what Long Qi said?”

“Ha, this you guys must ask Ao Tian, I am not a genius!”

“Argh!!!!!” at sudden, from inside the room flowing shocking screaming, three men who are sitting in the living faster rushing inside.


18 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 280

  1. Thanks for the update. What a revelation! YY shot like a professional. This is making me more curious. Who called her My Majestic Lan Duo?

  2. Thank you so much #azurro for the weekend update….thanks to your hard work we readers can continue reading the much awaited chapters ^^ more power to you

  3. So nice, an old and new mystery unravels little by little.
    You really are the Queen of Cliffhangers! I am very grateful for the update especially because it’s the weekend and I got addicted to reading about Yao Yao ! Hehe, have a great weekend.

  4. omg…these cliffhangers are killing me! But thank you for the chapter! Omg, she is a professional killer? Royal? What is her background and who is Lan Dou??? Ahh, can’t wait!

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