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C-novel : The Wolf Husband and Green Plum Wife (狼竹马与青梅妻) 9

suri cruise

Chapter 9

Part 1 (One)

Su Zhan Mo who does not know to play game

In the blink of eyes another year has passed, An Jia Qi finally graduated from kindergarten. Because she is going to Shi Yi Xiao, so that Father An and Mother An not have too much worry.

On July, during the summer, the heat is unbearable hot, it is the last Graduation meeting for Lan Tian Kindergarten. Because during this time Friday and at 11 sharp the class is over. Father An and Mother An must go to work so cannot come, so that during the summer holiday Su Zhan Mo little fellow is taking responsibility as Guardian role, coming to pick An Jia Qi.

Although the heat of sun is such hot, but in front of Lan Tian kindergarten entrance there are many parents who also coming to pick their kids, sweeping surrounded, basically there are lots of old Grandpas and old Grandmas, the young parent are so few, as for such as small as Su Zhan Mo little guardian only him alone.

Su Zhan Mo and Xiao Hu’s grandma are sitting together under one big tree, chatting.

Xiao Hu’s grand ma since she knew his son Shen Wei Guo likes Su Zhan Mo’s mother, inside her heart she has love him alike her own grand son. Not to mention others, Although Su Yue is divorced and also taking a little child with her, but Su Yue is someone good, she also able to teach Su Zhan Mo who is an excellent child no matter in his character also his academic. So that Xiao Hu’s grand mother is so different with other people who disagreed, but instead she is so happy to have daughter in law alike Su Yue. But Su Yue hasn’t agreed, she afraid to difficult her son, so that Xiao Hu’s grand ma is starting to depend on her own grand son and An Jia Qi relationship, trying hard to get closer to Su Zhan Mo, hoping his mother can soon to agree with her son pursuing.

Of course Su Zhan Mo does not know this matter, he thought as if get sprinkles by An Jia Qi’s luck. Xiao Hu’s grand mother bought little snowman ice cream for Su Zhan Mo, she is trying to test Su Zhan Mo’s attitude.

“Mo Mo, are there only you and your mother living together?”

Su Zhan Mo is licking his ice cream, nodding his head.

“How about your father?”

Su Zhan Mo suspicious lifting his head to look at Xiao Hu’s grandma, but he still politely shaking his head said: “I don’t know, mother said that father and mother already divorced, now he is being other kids’s father.” although Su Zhan Mo spoke with such calm, but Xiao Hu grandma still able to see there are slightly bitter and sorrow in Su Zhan Mo’s eyes.

“Mo Mo, if you mother is married once again, looking a new father for you, will you agree?”

After Su Zhan Mo heard it, he stunned taking a while to think of it, answered: “I don’t know.”

Although Su Zhan Mo maturer, but after all he still a little boy, regarding to adult matter he really doesn’t have any understanding, moreover after he playing with An Jia Qi, he used to hear that most of the

Madams in street chatting, said that all step father and step mother are evil, most of time they will hit little child and so on. So that inside his heart there still some resistance (refusal)

Xiao Hu’s grandma sees Su Zhan Mo although he shaking his head saying that he didn’t know, but from the way he spoke she able to feel the refusal tone, so better for her not continuing to ask him.

Just at the time Xiao Hu’s grand ma does not know what to say, the big gate of Lan Tian kindergarten are open. Seeing the teacher are bringing out all the little fellows.

“Grand Ma Jin, let’s we go over there! Qi Qi and Xiao Hu must be going out. “Su Zhan Mo is taking his ice cream and then standing up. Happily pointing at the big gate of Lan Tian kindergarten.

Xiao Hu Grandma’s only can follow behind Su Zhan Mo, although she still preoccupied with some troubles.

An Jia Qi is alert, shortly she has found Su Zhan Mo little body among the cramped, to be precise she has spotted the snowman ice cream that holding by his hand.

“Mo Mo Ge Ge….” An Jia Qi happily carrying her little bag and running to Su Zhan Mo, absent-minded, she falls down, very soon her eyes redden.

Su Zhan Mo seeing the situation, not care with other thing, he dashed to hers, helping An Jia Qi up and then worried asked her: “Qi Qi, let me see, where is injured?”

An Jia Qi pouted her mouth, she is showing her legs and hands that covered by dirt to Su Zhan Mo. Luckily, the street in front of the kindergarten isn’t hard cement, An Jia Qi hands and legs are sticking with dirt, it didn’t break her skin.

“Next time don’t run again.” Su Zhan Mo heave a sighed, he cleaned the dirt in An Jia Qi’s body, his face is so stern when parenting her. But An Jia Qi heartlessly staring to the snowman ice cream that fell down to ground not far from there, her heart ache.

“Mo Mo Ge Ge, why are you throwing out the snowman ice cream? It is such waste….”

Su Zhan Mo speechless takes a deep breathe, she has fallen until her body covered with dirt, but still worrying about the food.


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