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C-novel : The Wolf Husband and Green Plum Wife (狼竹马与青梅妻) 9.2


Chapter 9

Part 2 (Two)

Su Zhan Mo who does not know to play game

Afternoon, Xiao Hu’s grandma brings three of them to newly opened Mc Donald’s fast food. This really spoiled An Jia Qi appetite to rotten, since visited this Mc Donald later, An Jia Qi keeps on noise Mother An to bring her and have meal to there, but Mother An is complained Mc Donald expensive, moreover it is greasy oil food, so she refused her. So that every time An Jia Qi heard Xiao Hu talked about Mc Donald’s menu, particularly Hamburger that is especially delicious, she is envied, hate and jealous…

Once entered into Mc Donald’s entrance, Xiao Hu is leading the way to An Jia Qi. What kind of Hamburger taste good, which french fries delicious, what kind of toys and many more…. It makes An Jia Qi bizarre, it gives a similar feeling as if being brought by Granny Liu in big yard, wanting to explore the place.

Xiao Hu’s Grandma let Su Zhan Mo to keep watching at those two little kids, while she is going to put an order.

“Qi Qi, come and sit down, sit properly.” Su Zhan Mo face darken, hugged on An Jia Qi who stands up in chair, let her to sit down properly.

Today An Jia Qi is wearing little flower skirt, moreover she is jumping up and down with Xiao Hu, it exposed her panties few times. If in front of him it’s okay, but here is also Xiao Hu, the opposite sex (male), this is improper.

An Jia Qi is obedient listening to Su Zhan Mo words, not dares to stand up in chair, but her butt is so restless, she keeps moving although sitting in the chair, and playing clapping hand with Xiao Hu.
Not long after that, Xiao Hu’s grandmother is bringing hamburger, french fries and others thing.

“Oh yeah….. Eating McDonald….” An Jia Qi is happily clapping her hands.

“Qi Qi, wash your hand before eating!” Su Zhan Mo sees An Jia Qi happily and extending her hands, he reminds her.

“Xiao Hu, let’s we wash our hands….”

An Jia Qi is always so obedient about food matter, as long as she able to eat, she won’t think much.

Su Zhan Mo afraid An Jia Qi falls down, he followed at their back, to washing hand room. The basin in the washing hand room is quite tall, Su Zhan Mo can reach it but for An Jia Qi, it is too tall. Su Zhan Mo only can hug them alternately to wash their hand.

When washing hand, suddenly a familiar voice flowing: “Zhan Mo you are also in here?”

At the moment Su Zhan Mo heard the voice, he turned his head, it is Gang Zi who just came out from male’s toilet room. Once Gang Zi looked An Jia Qi who hugged by Su Zhan Mo, he is not only happy.

“Aiyo——- isn’t this Little Qi Qi? Are you coming here with Mo Mo Ge Ge to have Mc Donald?”

Gang Zi is acting as if best buddy with Su Zhan Mo, so he has deep impression toward An Jia Qi. This little girl must be born to be Su Zhan Mo’s jinx, as long as this little girl cries, Su Zhan Mo really does not know what to do, any humiliating thing would be compromised, even if there isn’t something can be promised, he would try many way to replaced it.

Due to Su Zhan Mo relationship with this Gang Zi Ge Ge, An Jia Qi is quite familiar with him, especially, he used to give her snack at Su Zhan Mo back, so that she quite likes this older brother. Hence she sweetly called him: “Gang Zi Ge Ge.”

“Come at right time, there is someone who still needs to wash hand.” Su Zhan Mo used his eyesight to point at Xiao Hu who that standing beside, hinting Gang Zi to hug this little boy to wash his hand.

“Alright, the small listen to boss order!”

Waiting for these little kids done washing their hand, and then Su Zhan Mo and Gang Zi are washing clean their hand together. Gang Zi raised his brow and smiles devilish to Su Zhan Mo, it makes Su Zhan Mo speechless.

Just like this they went three persons and come back in four. Because the restaurant only have four seat so Gang Zi is sitting on the next table near to Su Zhan Mo, continuing chatting with Su Zhan Mo.

While An Jia Qi and Xiao Hu are already looked alike hunger tigers wanted to eat the hamburger soon.

“Mo Mo Ge Ge this french fries is delicious.” suddenly An Jia Qi stopped Su Zhan Mo who is talking with Gang Zi, her hand is full with french fries dip with ketchup, she feed it to Su Zhan Mo.

Su Zhan Mo is eating it so natural, and then An Jia Qi takes another to feed Gang Zi, but it stopped by Su Zhan Mo.

“Your Gang Zi Ge Ge is already eaten, no need to give him any to eat.” After said, under Gang Zi playful stared, the french fries is taken back.

One meal at Mc Donald, it able to make An Jia Qi and Xiao Hu eat to the fullest but not satisfied, not willingly to leave Mc Donald. Two kids who ate too full, extremely energized, so that Xiao Hu’s grandma suggest to bring these two little kids to play at public garden. Su Zhan Mo does not have any objection, so just go together. While Gang Zi does not have anything to do on evening, so that he also following them to public garden.

This garden isn’t big, there is one small pavilion, also fake mountain, also small pond. This pond normally no water, it dry inside, there is curved white stone on the pond surface. There are many little kids like to play inside this small pond.

Xiao Hu’s grand ma is sitting on one stone stool under the tree looking at two kids that are playing. Su Zhan Mo and Gang Zi are standing outside the small pond keep watching to the two kids while chatting. An Jia Qi and Xiao Hu are playing hide and seek in the pond.

“Xiao Hu close your eyes, you are not allowed to take a peek.” An Jia Qi shouted loud to Xiao Hu who trying to peek. Hurried Xiao Hu closed his eyes.

Others kids are hiding at the white stone which on surface of the pond, only An Jia Qi who secretly run toward Su Zhan Mo, whispering beside him: “Mo Mo Ge Ge, you hide me….”

Su Zhan Mo sees her so funny, stroking her head, standing together with Gang Zi, let An Jia Qi to hide behind them.

Waiting until Xiao Hu counted at ten, he opened his eyes, starting to catch one by one his fellow mates. Very soon he caught the fellow mates who hide in white stone back. At last it only An Jia Qi that not yet been caught.

Xiao Hu is running east and west (busying) looking for her until half day, at last he is secretly running to Su Zhan Mo in front asked: “Mo Mo Ge Ge, where is Qi Qi hiding?”

Su Zhan Mo hasn’t said anything, but from back An Jia Qi has said something: “Xiao Hu, you are cheating.”

Once Xiao Hu heard it, he laughed and climb up from pond, rushing to Su Zhan Mo back, shout loudly: “I caught you.”

“Xiao Hu you are cheating, don’t want to play anymore, don’t want to play anymore….” An Jia Qi pouted her mouth, unhappily said.

Xiao Hu does not angry or not happy because of An Jia Qi, on contrary he laughed happily: “Qi Qi how about we playing an eagle catching little chicks?”

Once An Jia Qi heard it her eyes lit brightly, she rushing into the pond and shouted at her play mates:

“Let’s we play eagle catching little chicks….”

“Who will be the eagle? Who will be the mother of chicks?”

Once Gang Zi heard he hurried said: “I am going to become the eagle, your Mo Mo Ge Ge becomes the mother of chicks (hen)…”

Su Zhan Mo creased his forehead and glanced at Gang Zi, say nothing, it means he has agreed.

This types of Su Zhan Mo as Hen is working so hard to protect—** little chicks, game are starting. An Jia Qi is standing at Su Zhan Mo’s back first person, that is also completely safe place, Xiao Hu is standing behind of An Jia Qi, and the rest fellow friends are at his back.

First round: Losing one chick, Gang Zi is happily smiles, Su Zhan Mo is creasing his forehead.

Second round : losing two little chicks, Gang Zi is laughed, Su Zhan Mo is tighter frowned.

Third round : Losing all the little chicks, Gang Zi showing his winning laugh, Su Zhan Mo face is darkening.


“Mo Mo Ge Ge, you are too stupid. Why don’t you sit down?”

Su Zhan Mo darken face looking at An Jia Qi: “What does it mean?”

“It means go home, going home means safe. Eagle cannot catch us.”

When Gang Zi is secretly laughing at Su Zhan Mo, he is obediently sit down.

“Mo Mo Ge Ge, we had caught, you sit down it useless.”

After sometime, Su Zhan Mo is being knocked out by An Jia Qi to beside, seeing them playing. And not long after that Gang Zi is coming over, smiles looked at Su Zhan Mo said: “Zhan Mo, do you never play Eagle catching chicken?”

Su Zhan Mo is gently nodding his head, but Gang Zi does not find it surprising.

“We had played it during the afternoon break….. Did you forget it?”

“Did we?” Su Zhan Mo is creasing his forehead trying to recall, it seems that he never played it before.

“Forget it, good fellow friend don’t think too much——” Gang Zi is looking at An Jia Qi who is playing not far, helplessly shaking his head.

Every day is sending the lunch box, how can he still have a time to play with them?


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