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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 280 B


Chapter 280

Part 2

Who is the Majestic Lan Duo?

Yao Yao face is white pale sitting on the bed, dumbstruck looking at that three men, another moment, she is terrifying holding her head: “Did I kill a person? I killed a person, did I? Did I?”

“Yao Yao, calm down!!”

“I killed a person, killed a person, killed a person!!”

“Yao Yao…” The Long’s brother are busying comfort Yao Yao who is shocking to hysterics.

This is the normal person reaction for the first time holding gun. They are seeing one normal person reaction in Yao Yao’s face, there is nothing looked alike any so-called as killer, so-called experienced being trained, it seems they are thinking too much, aren’t they?

For long time, Yao Yao is being able to gain herself back, she drinks warm milk, her hand is trembling so obviously when she is putting down the glass into the bed head.

“Haha, Yao Yao, the person isn’t died just now.”

“Not died?” Yao Yao gloomy eyes are flashing: “Is that true, Long Ye Ge Ge???”


“But… But, as I could recalled, that bullet was hit on his….”

“Your eyes must be mistaken. Hehehe. Talking about you, was it your first time holding a gun?”


“Is it?” Long Ye is trying to confirm.

That’s right, she can guarantee 100%, this is her first time holding a gun, also first time firing it. But….


At the moment when she raised her gun, in her head there seems a sound flowing?

‘My majestic Lan Duo, the right way to hold gun is this way. Pull the trigger and attack the enemy at once. You are not allowed to give your enemy chance to attack you back. Understood?’

How could there was strange voice flowing in her mind? As if she able to see faint hazy picture.


Pain! Suddenly head feel hurt! As if going to explode, more she trying to find the answer more she feels the pain in her head!!

“Yao Yao, what happened?” seeing Yao Yao aching expression, Long Ye is suspicious and asked.

“My head is hurt, so hurt!”

Three men are exchanging their glances, Long Qi with smiling face come closer: “Flat Chest, tonight you sleep at here, I will sleep with my older brother.”

“No no need.”

“It is okay. You see, your face is so pale, faster go to sleep.” Long Qi is talking with certainty. He is taking care of everything, and then three of them are returned to the living room.

“I can guarantee, she isn’t lying, this is her first time gave a shot.” Long Ye is confidently said.

Han Li Shang is coldly frowned: “I also feel she is not faking it. But…. Forget it, still better wait until Ao Tian political election done, we can discuss with him, discussing.”


For the entire night having nightmare, it is tormenting Yao Yao who is going to work with low spirit, sitting inside her office room feels uneasy.

Ckckck, what was actually yesterday hazy scenery?

Who is Lan Duo Majesty? What kind of person Lan Duo Majesty? Was it because she watching too much drama in the past, so that she was having illusion?


Head feels hurt again, forget it, still don’t think of it anymore!

This is how Hei Yan Long's Cadillac looked alike (more or less).
This is how Hei Yan Long’s Cadillac looked alike (more or less).

Berson Group Entrance.

A long wheelbase Cadillac slowly stopped, the driver is politely opened the door.
Hei Yan Long who is wearing black western suit while his hand is holding a bucket of red roses, entered Berson Group.
“Ugh.” the on duty receptionists are exchanging their glances: “So handsome!” cannot help they swallowed their saliva. But another moment, both of them are gaining themselves, hurried stopped in front of Hei Yan Long: “Mr! May I ask do you have appointment?”

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19 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 280 B

    1. Well, everyone has their own preference hehehehehe 🙂
      First positive point from Hei Yan Long, although he is someone arrogant, stubborn but at least he stills coming to admit his mistake (even coming with force), while Feng Chen Yi and Yu Ao Tian, both of these men, whenever they did mistake they would not openly admit their mistake and most of time, prefer to forget it as if nothing never happened.

  1. Ughhhh…. Such a high profile personality but was dumb enough to get fooled…. HYL is totally not an exception doesn’t have the aura in him. -_- 😪…hummmmphhh first impression really does matters 😛

  2. Ughhhhhh…..such a high profile presonality but dumb enough to get fooled (caught up with him Brotherly emotions for his god-sis) ….-_- 😪😛 such a disappointing first impression ….

    1. Perhaps this sound an excuse (well, let say I am biased LOLS), Hei Yan Long always view Shang Yun Yin alike his younger sister, similar with Feng Chen Yi and Ou Yang Zi Xuan who are his best buddies. So that, he really puts his trust to those people that he valued.
      So as long as they are being hurt he will put himself in front as shield. But, who knows that Shang Yun Yin was using him, feeding him with her lies.

      1. Haha I can totally see that😅😁 well what can we readers say 🤐when our dear translator is siding with HYL 😀 *peace*✌ putting the personal preferences aside thank you for your hard work #azurro

  3. What is HYL’s true intention?It’s getting to be interesting w/o YAT. Wonder what his reaction will be.
    More, more updates

  4. i have this strange feeling that YY is actually like YAT.. i mean.. YY is a sleeping deathly weapon.. i think when she can recall all her past memories she is much scarier than MXT.. maybe she helped YAT during that incident.. im getting excited just imagining what will happen if the sleeping dragon finally awakes something like that.. and maybe YY and YAT have the same level of IQ or shes even higher.. hahaha. keep up the updating.. i just love how the story flows especially YY is showing unexpected things! 👌👌👌

    1. No. the Chinese character is different.
      懒惰 this two words mean lazy.
      but Lan Duo in this novel is Orchid and Flower but two words combined aren’t called as orchid flower.

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