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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 281


Still wondering why I like Hei Yan Long most of from all the male? This chapter is giving one of the answer. And there will be some more as the novel progress…..

Chapter 281

First Time Giving a Woman Flowers

Hei Yan Long stopped his footstep, narrowing his black eyes.

The assistant that followed at his back hurried walk to in front: “Two Misses, please give a way.” after said, that assistant is pulled away the two receptionists who blocking him in order to give away.

Hei Yan Long is taking this opportunity by taking big strides and directly entering the elevator.

“Uh… Mr, you cannot get inside.” waiting until two of the receptionists reacting, Hei Yan Long has already gotten inside the elevator.

‘Ding’ the elevator is stopped at the legal division.

“CEO Hei, please.” Two of his subordinate one at left and one at right, blocking the elevator door.

One of Hei Yan Long’s hand is inside his pocket while the hand that holding roses supported on his shoulder, he goes straightly to the legal division’s lounge.

“Mr, hello, may I ask you…” the office staff in legal division when meets Hei Yan Long deep black eyes cannot help but being tempted.

“Where is Luo Yao Yao?”

After while, that employee gains herself, finger is pointing at Yao Yao’s office room: “There, at there…”

“Thank you!” after said, Hei Yan Long is straightly heading to Yao Yao’s office room.

“That, That man, is looking for whom?” not long after that, the employee is beside of the employee who is pointing the way to Hei Yan Long tilted her head and asked her colleagues.

 “He said looking for Luo Yao Yao!”

“Holding, holding a bucket of roses and looking for Luo Yao Yao? Luo Yao Yao… Doesn’t she CEO Yu’s girlfriend?”

“But also cannot stop those who pursue her. Do you know who is the man just now?”


“Ah.” this employee is giving secretive smiles, slowly said: “He is the youngest Chairman CEO, Hei Yan Long from Bao Lai’s group!”

“He is Bao Lai’s group Chairman CEO, Hei Yan Long! Why….why Yao Yao is so fortune, not to mention she has CEO Yu as her boyfriend, even the Bao Lai’s group Chairman CEO also pursuing her. Hu…… Heaven is not fair.”

‘knock knock knock’ (knocking sound)

The knocking sound, Yao Yao hasn’t opened her mouth, but the door has already pushed open.

Just at right time Yao Yao who reading a document looked at Hei Yan Long, immediately her expression darker: “CEO Hei, did yesterday matter hasn’t clear enough, or still, need to ‘trouble’ you to come by yourself?”

“Oh, You are misunderstood, yesterday matter I had clarified it, so that today I am especially coming here by myself to apologize!” after said, Hei Yan Long is taking out his hand that inserted in his pocket, and one of his hand that holding a bucket of roses tossed into Yao Yao’s desk. “Take it!”

She is dumbstruck seeing the roses in her desk, she also looking at Hei Yan Long who is perfectly arrogant, she really wants to ask, is this brat coming to apologize or coming to make commotion? Is there anyone who coming to apologize with his kind of arrogant attitude? “CEO Hei, I accept your apologize and about the flower, better you take it back.”

“Woman!” Hei Yan Long’s eyes are gloomy, coldly said: “If not because of Feng Chen Yi’s face, do you think I will be coming here to apologize to you? This is my first time giving a flower to woman!!!!”


If the current atmosphere is not suitable to laugh, she really afraid she could not control herself to laughing madly.

In this world there is no one like him, who because of his fellow sworn brother (good buddies) coming to apologize a woman. And then giving a bucket of flower to his buddy ex-girlfriend? People who don’t know might think him wanting to poach!

“I know this is your first time giving a woman flowers, or else, you won’t come and give roses.” Yao Yao held her laughed, pretending to be icy when speaking.

“Hah?” Hei Yan Long frowned, his black eyes rolled: “What do you mean?”

“CEO Hei, before you are giving flowers, you better ask the meaning of each of the flowers, or else it will give misunderstanding.” after said, Yao Yao is lifting the bucket of roses, giving it back to Hei Yan Long.

He took the roses, dumbfounded for a moment, turned his head and looked at his subordinates: “What is the meaning of roses?”

“Hei, CEO Hei, the meaning of roses is followed with it numbers. Just now you are bought 33 roses, the meaning is… The meaning is…. I love you….”

At sudden, Hei Yan Long face is turned dark, the hand that holding the bucket of roses is exposing his veins: “After all you had already known it why didn’t you tell me! Why not say anything! Why didn’t say anything!” he is constantly hitting that bucket of roses into his subordinate head.

“CEO Hei, I thought you are giving it to your girlfriend, so that….”

“Damn!” Hei Yan Long is fiercely biting his lips, next moment, he calms down, turned his head smiles and walking in front of Yao Yao: “Just now, thought nothing is happened.” After said, he tossed away the bucket of roses to his back.

Yao Yao helplessly frowned, this Hei Yan Long really has violent character, he has bad temper, still really…. Scary!

“Bring it!” Hei Yan Long turned his back, as if big boss sitting on Yao Yao’s office room desk.


“Didn’t you want my signature, still not hand it over?”

“……………” hahahahahahahha, to be honest Hei Yan Long is the most arrogant person she ever meet in her life so far, when apologizing he is alike big boss, he is using his signature to make up for his fault, and also when he is talking to orders as if talked to dog (talking to someone unimportant). Really admire him! “CEO Hei, you are coming late, I had been already looking for other people as replacement!” Yao Yao expressionless sitting at her own seat, an arrogant expression turned to other side.

“You!!!!” Hei Yan Long is pissed off and jumped down from desk, this is his first time being refused!! “You have guts!” coldly he said, Hei Yan Long turned his back and took his subordinates to leave the office room.

“Hahahahahaha, This friend of Feng Chen Yi is so interesting.” waiting until Hei Yan Long gone, Yao Yao finally let out her laughing voice, it seems that Hei Yan Long and Feng Chen Yi had already reconciled, right?

Not to mention, an arrogant person alike Hei Yan Long, he takes an initiative coming only to apologize because of Feng Chen Yi, she really believes. At same time…. Yesterday attacked it seemed there was none of Hei Yan Long’s business?

‘knock knock knock’ (door knocking sound)

Suddenly the knocking sound interrupted her thought, “Come in.”

“Miss Luo, CEO Yu is calling you to come to his office room.”

Is Yu Ao Tian already back?

He is really…. Said left and then disappeared without any trace; said back he suddenly popping out. Just as expected he is a man that cannot be predicted!

“CEO Yu, you….” when entered into the CEO’s office room, inside the atmosphere is little bit weird, she takes a quick glance at Long Ye who is having serious expression, and also looking at Yu Ao Tian who is reading document, her instinct tells her something bad is going to happen. “Why are you looking for me?”
Yu Ao Tian does not raise his head from his document, coldly said: “Hand over all the stuffs that you handle to your assistant, after that, you are going back to school.”


As if an invincible stone heavily pressed down Yao Yao’s heart, it’s only left one step, only one step for Yu Ao Tian’s political election, just at this time he is asking her to get lost?

With unbelievable eyesight she looked at Long Ye’s eyes, he still masked his face with serious expression, keep silent.

Actually what is going on, why Yu Ao Tian wanted to replace her? “Give me a reason!”


16 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 281

  1. Thanks. HYL is quite a character. First time giving roses as an apology ended up being a love declaration. No wonder Azurro is on his ship. Azurro you delivered your promise of another chapter. You are amazing.

  2. and now, he’s shielding her from every possible candidate that want to pursuing her….., he’s indeed very protective. now long qi, you’re back to school too. hahahah

  3. and now he’s shielding her from every possible candidate that want to pursue her. he’s indeed very protective. long qi you better be ready to go back to school

  4. Well look who’s back already … It seems to me this HYL is the kind of characters authors use to relieve the stress and tension , a side character for the moment. I’ll wait for the next chapters and see how he improves …or not !
    Yao Yao back to school woud mean new battles to fight and a reputation to save, why not after all?

  5. Why has HYL appeared ? . in every romance book i read i always like more one of the side characters to be with the heroine . I don t know why i do this , it s something i can t control . Maybe because the plot is not focused on secondary characters and they seem more misterious which i like a lot :)) it s a miracle that till now i sided with YAT . Now that HYL appeared i think i will root for him unintentionally and at the end i ll be disappointed because we all know that YAT is YY love interest .

  6. I still ship for YAT, he may have many faults n quite rough with YY but mostly his way of protecting n teaching YY. YAT went off to Japan n leave LY to protect YY n she nearly got raped by an inexperience thug in disguise of a CEO suit. It make me wonder how did he become a powerful CEO in the first place?? Only listen to one side of the story without investigation n straight enacted to call names n punishes YY the same way SYY had.

    I am sure Mr Hei know what type of a woman SYY is like yet he is stupid enough to believe in her lies n judge YY harshly. Just as well rescue came in a form of FCY otherwise, Mr Hei causes himself unneccessarily wars between YAT n FCY.

    Also his way of apologise were not sincere. Anyway, enough about him n he still is a blowfly to me. Each time he appeared he made a fool of himself.

    Thanking you Azurro.

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