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C-novel: The CEO’s Pregnant Wife (总裁的孕妻) 2


Ah~ I really apologized with an error I made. So here, I re-upload the second part.

Translated by: Thunder

Chapter 2
Part 2 (Two)

Creak! (door open sound)

Instinctively narrowed eyes, Fang Yi Ran’s eyes slowly adapting from the darkness to light.

On the floor… It is scattered about in mess, cups being smashed, cushions, wrinkled like rag jacket, even her shoes also torn.

A pair of black shoes is appeared in her vision.

That pair of shoes, step by step she is walking closer, one big broad hand catch her shoulder, even with her clothes, she still able to feel the cold.

Fang Yi Ran eyesight is slowly gazing at her in front, seeing at the black hair, seeing at the jade white smooth skin which makes one’s self holding breathe, and also seeing that demoness* beautiful face.

That face is type of face which able to make many people jealous of, a face that able to make people obsess to.

Lips, nose, the combination of facial features, it just alike God’s masterpiece. Woman or man, one’s can even ignore the gender, is this what the folks said as Yao Jing2], if the ordinary people see them at one glance, they are able to take one soul.

He—— is he the person in the darkness?

Let out that such roaring voices as if tormenting beast, no matter what this is still unbelievable to imagine the beast with this elegant charming young master actually is one person.

He dashing toward her and gives her faint smiles, but that hand which grabbed her shoulder is using more strength grabbing her.

“Ming Yi, do you know what actually Ming Yi is?” that elegant pair of lips is opened, but it let out hoarse voices.

“How I can know!” Fang Yi Ran is creased her forehead, pair of her hand wanted to free her shoulder from that hand.

“Ming Yi is my blood…. My bones….. Hahahahahaha, are you Ming Yi…..” suddenly he hugged her, his hand is wrapping her waist, pressing and almost make her out of breath.

“You let go!” his pair of hand already curved into fist, wanted to move his chin and beat him up.

He even stretch out one of his hands, easily he catches her two fists, using strength to push it down. This kind of action, make Fang Yi Ran entire body fling, this action also provoking the heat on the chest to be aroused, stick to the man’s chest, it even more alike catering.

Fang Yi Ran’s face is reddened, she even feel the air is filled with a strange atmosphere.

“It seems by touching you, I don’t feel pain anymore.” Said the man, slowly he sticks closer to Fang Yi Ran’s face.

The breathe is warm, faint, slowly by slowly spreading into her face. Although his fingers are cold to the point shocking people, but at least Fang Yi Ran can ensure, the man in front of her eyes, he is living person.

Because of the other party is going closer, Fang Yi Ran face is getting redden.

Too close, this face, a very short distance away. When her eyes, carefully looking at that good looking face, she amazed, compare from far with this distance it is more shaking.

His eyes, that deep black under that long eyelashes, at this moment it has little bit red trace, it so similar with blood.

At this moment her heart is beating so fast, she is dumbstruck staring at that pair of eyes.

*] It describe that one person who has so type of seductive beautiful alike demoness, very beautiful.
2] 妖 Yao 精 Jing : literally mean demoness. But this word also can use to describe beautiful person (usually woman) who has very beautiful, alluring and seductive face.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter! I don’t know whether I’m just making a mistake but I think there are two of the same chapter of 2 part 1.

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