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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 282 B

Chapter 282

Part 2 (Two)

I Won’t Let You To Replace Me!!!

“Aiya, CEO Yu, it is really hard to have meal with you.” inside the private room, Yu Ao Tian is inviting few of familiarized politician.

“Hahahaha, all of you can come here, this is my honor. For these few days of election, I still need to depend on you these few seniors.”

“What are you talking, are you CEO Yu satirizing us? Everything that we have today, all thanks to your help, is it right? Hahaha.”

Today the politician who is coming here, basically are those who had received Yu Ao Tian ‘grace’, in their eyes, Yu Ao Tian is their ‘money owner’, so that they still need to see Yu Ao Tian’s face when doing something.

“CEO Yu, we have seen Miss Mo before, and who is this Miss?” one from the four men, a middle age man about is someone in his fifty years pointed at Yao Yao beside Yu Ao Tian.

Yu Ao Tian expression changed cold swept his glance to Yao Yao. Politely Yao Yao standing up and nodding her head to all of them: “I am a representative lawyer for CEO Yu for this time election, Luo Yao Yao.”

“Ugh…” all the people are exchanging looks, silent for a moment, and then they are giving dry laugh:

“Still, still so young, hahahahaha.”

From their expression on their faces that is not difficult to see they are looking down at Yao Yao, she is born with baby face, even putting makeup, it still helpless to hide her child aura.

But Mo Xue Tong is different, her beautiful icy aura is able to suppress, it only can make people to see but not dare to play with.

“Come, drink!”

Drinking three rounded, all the politician have already showed tipsy, but bottle by bottle of liquor still opened.

Yao Yao is taking glance at Yu Ao Tian who sits beside her, count carefully, 500 Moutai, at least he has already drunk it bottle and half, but his face still does not show any drunk expression.

Perhaps, due to Yu Ao Tian today’s position, liquor is becoming part of his daily, if he does not have ability to drink perhaps cannot settle anything.

Her moist eyes is turned to another way, taking an advantage when everyone is drinking, faster she takes the liquor bottle beside Yu Ao Tian, without any sound she pour half into the towel for wipe hands.

This subtle moves, others perhaps not aware of it but this view could not pass from Yu Ao Tian’s eyes.

Two persons four eyes, Yao Yao is awkwardly smiles, does he bother? She is helping him!

Who knows, quickly Yu Ao Tian looked at the surrounded people, he whispered in her ear: “Bao Bei, why don’t you pour all?”

“……………………” ugh, impossible…. He could not drink anymore right?


10 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 282 B

  1. YAT n YY r so cute together. YY cares a lot for YAT yet she don’t think so. In fact, YAT n YY cares for one another a lot yet both of them in denial while friends that r closest to both of them can c it.

    Thanking you very much Azurro.

  2. Awww….Yao Yao and Yu Ao arent tgey just adorable together 😍 yet both of them still haven’t realized it yet how frustrating

      1. Yeah Loh!!….this two people have such a high IQ but their EQ tend to be a tag bit too slow…

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