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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 282


Yu Ao Tian is always having high confident toward himself, his prediction is rare missed out. Every plan and decision he has made, he had thought it clearly but no matter how great he is, still an ordinary man, right? Regret….

Chapter 282

Part 1 (One)

I won’t let you to replace me!!!

Yu Ao Tian stopped to do his works, take a deep breathe, slowly lifted his head: “Your first priority is going to school, is this reason enough?”

“Not enough!!!” Yao Yao curled her hand into fist, as if an arrow dashed in front of the desk: “In my professional works, other than I am doing a mistake, or else I won’t ever accepted being replaced before the things settled!!!”

Seeing how stubborn she is, Yu Ao Tian is creasing his forehead, his dark bottomless eyes slowly looked at Long Ye: “You take your leave first.”

“Yes.” Long Ye is nodding his head, turned and left the office room.

Perhaps, Yao Yao never thought that the day Yu Ao Tian back from Japan would replace her? But Long Ye is obviously clearly, when Yu Ao Tian back from overseas, he had told him all the things happened during these days, made report to him.

Yu Ao Tian does not angry, he also not blaming, he only called Yao Yao to come, and the rest he had said that he wanted to replace Yao Yao. Long Ye can feel that, although on the surface Yu Ao Tian didn’t show any expression, but inside his heart he really cared what had happened within these few days, or else, impossible in the very critical time during the election he has asked Yao Yao to be replaced!!!

“Yao Yao.” Yu Ao Tian circled his working desk, walking until in front of Yao Yao, both of his hands raised and gently caressing her cold little face: “These few days matter, didn’t you see anything? If you are keep on meddling with my business, there might be more serious matter keep on showing up in front of you and if you are still staying beside me!”

During his absent when going to Japan he had already predicted what was happening these few days, the relationship between Shang Yun Yin and Hei Yan Long, he also knew it.

So that, before he left, he said ‘These few days I go to Japan. I have already asked Long Ye to help you, you remember! During my absence these few days, if you have something to do, must! Let Long Ye know, understood?’

But he lost sight of Long Ye, actually he is also an ordinary person, he isn’t three heads six arms person (superman), there is time he also cannot do anything! Wanted she safe and soundly, only can depend on her own capability so that it can ensure she is safe soundly.

“I understand your meaning, Yu Ao Tian, you are speaking rounding…. Actually you are looking down at me!” after said, Yao Yao break free Yu Ao Tian’s hand that touch her cheek. “That’s right, I admitted, when Hei Yan Long is seeking trouble with me, I could not do anything; when being attacked, I almost pee in my pant. But so what? You, Yu Ao Tian when first time you killed people did you such handy? Everything has it process, I can slowly adapt with it!”

Her face is showing the stubbornness of little girl, as if an impulsive person who is going out from cottage and not afraid of a tiger tenacious sense.

This is his first time to see a mature expression in her cute little face of young girl.

Honestly, there is few things strange, on the day he wanted to keep Yao Yao beside him, he was expecting this little thing to grow up faster and understand the dark side of this society, because by this way she can survive in this society.

But after Yao Yao stepped into this society, he is starting to regret of his decisions, he hopes she can be able to live as the normal 19 years old girl. This is so complicated.

“You cannot do the comparison with me, because I am a man!!”

A man? Hah, did he mean because a man so there is no fear to do anything, while because she is girl so she born naturally as someone must be protected? No wonder Yu Ao Tian never had any respect toward women! “Miss Mo also a woman, doesn’t she also help you to do something?”

“Are you compare with Xue Tong? Ha….” there is traced of disdain luster from pair of Yu Ao Tian’s eyes, he curved up his lips, provoking her: “Perhaps Xue Tong isn’t anything comparing IQ with you, but at least she can 100% protect herself in order not to get harmed, while you?”

The Asian woman who is mingled Underworld, Mo Xue Tong is quite famous, at least few of men who has status and power had failed in her hands, is there any difficulties to protect herself?

“That’s right, in some case, I admit that I am not even a fart; but in some sides, I still have confident for myself!!!”

“Oh, that it.” Yu Ao Tian is curved upward his mouth, smiled: “I understand what you mean, doesn’t you want to say that, in white path side, you can protect yourself? Well, tonight I will let you see, what is so-called as white path, actually how white is it!!!!”


14 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 282

  1. don’t even try your luck YAT, when the time comes you will be super anxious towards her well being. considering the situations now, even with yu long member protection he still worried about YY, how can he let YY experiencing it by herself

  2. Oh so quick , right on time! Thanks for all your efforts , keep it up. I also want to know that white-not-so-white path ( see he teaches her things and cares for her hehehe , Right I am biased :p)

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