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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 283


Chapter 283

Drinking Liquor for Engaging into Gathering

And for rest of time, as long as there is someone pour the drink full for Yu Ao Tian, Yao Yao will pour all the liquor into that white towel when no one noticed it she will replaced it with mineral water.

This is also called as capability, when half of the people are already drunk, only Yu Ao Tian who stays sober, this undoubted is Yao Yao hard work!

“CEO Yu, you are really, really awesome, we are a group of old men really cannot win over you. Admire! Admire, let’s go! My treat, let’s we go to usual place keep on drinking!” words are said by the head of financial secretary, one of the most highest position among those who are at here. Tipsy he stands up, walking to door.

“Still want to drink?” Yao Yao is dumbstruck, just as an information, just now when having a meal only she who drink beverage, while everyone is drinking white wine, even Mo Xue Tong drank it too. Everyone at least had already finished one bottle of white wine, isn’t it enough?

“This is the reality, all of them during the day they are looked alike gentlemen, but when night comes they are drinking liquor as if part of entertain, anyway, money is easy coming, not spend it, sooner or later it will be found out by ICAC.” when Yu Ao Tian said this, he also followed these few men going out from the private room.

She is dumbstruck looking at the dishes served filled the table, one by one the government officer are stink with liquor smell, helplessly smiles.

It seems, things that so-called as white path there is no much differences with black path. Drinking liquor, playing with women, the most obvious difference is, black path is directly killed people, while the white path killed people is more tricky and filled which schemes.


Perhaps, the thing that suitable her in the future is, opened her own lawyer office and helping the commoners with legal cases?

Cannot! She cannot admit defeat! If now she lowers her head, she will be laughed by Yu Ao Tian.

“Come, come, come, little beauty, go, sit beside CEO Yu, you take care of him.” inside the private room, the head of financial secretary pointed one of beautiful woman as little beauty.

“Rest assured, I won’t embarrassed you.” that woman is smiling alike vixen, turned her body and walked in front of Yu Ao Tian.

Yao Yao who is sitting quietly in one corner rolled her eyes, ha, can this count as Yu Ao Tian looking for woman? Hehehehehe…. She feels complacent.

Yu Ao Tian coldly spoke: “Officer Liu, as you know that I prefer my secretary to take care of me.” no matter what kind of dinner he attended, he can still not bringing Long Ye, he can still not bring Han Li Shang but only Mo Xue Tong he could not less! As long as she there, at least she could help him to stop many flowers to entangled him.

“This is true. These flowers really not as beautiful as Miss Mo not even an half, no wonder CEO Yu seems not interest,” Officer Liu takes deep breathe, calling the women who are in left and right of his side pouring liquor to Yu Ao Tian.

“Fiuh” Yao Yao who sits in the corner let out heave sigh, although she little bit disappointed Yu Ao Tian didn’t break their agreement. But things that make her more disappointed actually, successful men are too many helpless!

Sometimes, perhaps some men are not really playboy, but because they have reached certain position so that attracting few troubles. Luckily there is Miss Mo who stays beside Yu Ao Tian as shield, if no her what to do?

When everyone is hugging right and left, he is lonely sitting there, would not he going to be laughing stock?

Really such pity…..

“Miss Luo, right?” just at this time, two officers are sitting beside of Yao Yao: “Just now when we were having meal you were not drinking any liquor, come, let drink with us.”

“I am sorry, I cannot drink.”

“Hah, Miss Luo, you are coming for social gathering, don’t you drink? You words really not giving us face?” two men face suddenly turned dim.

She is creasing her forehead, although this is her first time to join such drinking gathering, but in television she has watched this kind of scenery so often, coming to this kind of place, if you say cannot drink it will really make some people mad to you.

“Alright. Let me give my toss to everyone.” she raised a glass of foreign liquor, forcing herself to drink it, the pungent smell instantly give burning feeling until the head.

“Good, give a face!” two men are followed to drink. “Miss Luo, let’s us play dice.”
Still not letting her go?

Her begging eyes are looking at Yu Ao Tian, he is accompanying few of the officers.

If this time she rejecting both of these men, will they keep saying her not giving them face? It seems they will…. “Alright. Let’s we play dice. But, can I go to rest room first?”

“En, can, we are waiting you.”

Seeing Yao Yao left, both of the men are laughing. Not long after that, one of the men creasing his forehead with complexity: “Will it makes a ruckus?”

“Only a lawyer, what to afraid of?”

“But she is CEO Yu’s people.”

“Cut it off, in this circle who does not know that CEO Yu and Mo Xue Tong matter, moreover the women who are following at CEO Yu, they are sexy type, this little girl won’t be CEO Yu’s woman. Since this is the case, we don’t need to think too much.” when the man talked until this point he is not embarrassed laughing: “**, this is still my first time, think of it really exciting!”

“You are said wrong, it must ** lawyer. Playing this is more excited.”


A moment of effort, since Yao Yao back from the rest room, the hostess who are sitting at their side keep on pouring the liquor.

“Miss Luo, what to play?”

“Hahaha, I really rare out for playing, so that too complicated rules I can’t play, how about playing big and small. Is it okay?”

“Uh….” after these two men heard, they heart are burst in joy, this even can drunk faster. “Okay, who lose, punish with drink.”

“En!” after said, three of them are playing.

Yao Yao lost not many, glass by glass the foreign liquor get in to her stomach, but these two men are also not better than her, they also drink many.

Not long after that, three bottle XO, has finished by three of them. Two men feel uncomfortable creasing their forehead: “Miss Luo, you are really awesome. We, both of us really satisfied. We cannot, I want to go home, go home.”

Two men are standing up tipsy, they cannot stand firm and almost fall into floor. When looking at Yao Yao, she seems as if someone does not have problem, sitting there firmly.

“Liu, officer Liu, today we are drinking too much, cannot accompany you, we take our leave.” two men are walking in front of officer Liu, and bid good bye with him, and they even give thumps up to Yu Ao Tian:

“Your lawyer, really, good drinker!!”

When heard these, Yu Ao Tian can’t help himself to glance at Yao Yao who sits on other corner.

“CEO Yu, since two of them are leaving, I must go home too, or else my wrinkle wife going to make ruckus.”

“Humph, Officer Liu, just accompany us little bit while.” said the hostess who are companion of officer Liu as if unwilling to parting.

Officer Liu is helplessly heave a sigh: “Next, next time.” after said, he left.


13 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 283

  1. Most properly YY pour the drinks some where that the men can’t see since they are so drunk themselves. They can’t even walk nor talk properly let alone seeing where YY pour her drinks away.

  2. while keep refreshing hoping u updtd new chpter I suddenly saw come n eats,shan shan at the tags…I didn’t realise u translated it..huhu..I watch the drama..It was nice n warming..I was wondering if A naive short-tempered girl hv their own novel book..ahhh ^^

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