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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 284


Chapter 284

Yu Ao Tian, You Get Lost!!!!!!

“All of you also leave.” Yu Ao Tian also asked the hostess who accompany him to go out, he looked at Mo Xue Tong who besides him: “Xue Tong, are you okay today? Should I make a phone call for Li Shang to pick you up?”

“No need, I can leave by myself.”

“En, Be careful.”

Efforts, finally inside the private room left Yu Ao Tian and Yao Yao, she is curious frowning: “Aren’t we also left?”

“Wait for moment. I still want to drink, come, Bao Bei, since you are good drinker, accompany me drink.” after said, Yu Ao Tian moves and sits beside Yao Yao.

She pouted for moment, give awkward smiles: “Alright, I pour the liquor!” take one bottle of liquor, ‘gulp gulp’ pour it into a glass, and then take full bottle of liquor of hers. “Come, toss!”

“Huh, Bao Bei.” Yu Ao Tian is taking down her glass, one of his hands pulling her into his embraces, the other hand is pinching her chin, teasing her: “Before we drink, should we do something special first?”

“Ugh…no, I don’t want!!”

“Well forget it.” Yu Ao Tian is happily let her go and only putting his hand in her shoulder.

Is he still Yu Ao Tian? How can today he is so easy to deal?

“Bao Bei, drink it!” after said, Yu Ao Tian drink all at once.

Yao Yao also happily raised her glass, but when she take a sip…. ‘Yucks’ she throwing up all the liquor.

“How’s exchange it?”


She heard Yu Ao Tian laughing voice from her beside, she frowned: “Are you exchanged mine?” did he exchanged it when he hugging onto her? Yu Ao Tian, how could he such….lowly?

“Little Thing, your little trick perhaps can fool those few old men, but if they are being replaced by people who have good observant ability, your trick, it will only give more troubles!” said Yu Ao Tian with gloomy expression while his hand puts down the liquor glass on the table.

That’s right, just now when Yao Yao was having drink with those two officers she indeed had used a trick.

Before she went to rest room she had bribed the hostess who pouring the liquor, those two men were drinking foreign liquor, while the hostess that she bribed gave Yao Yao green tea! So that no matter how many glass she had, she would not drunk.

“Next time I will drink it for real. Anyway my liquor tolerance is terrible, after I drunk, they will satisfy.”

“Wait until you drunk? Ha….” pair of Yu Ao Tian’s hand inserted into his pocket, laughed with mocking:

“Wait until you drunk, it means the show is starting!”

“You… What do you mean?”

His dark eyes are dim, one of his hand is lifting her chin: “Do you think, what will man do toward drunken girl? You better not tell me they will send you home!!”

From Yu Ao Tian’s words, she knows the other meaning, but…. “The thing that happen under the women unwillingness, it is called as rape. I can sue them! Moreover, all of them are government officers, the penalty will be more severe!”

“Hahahahahaha, you are so naive? When they said you are the one who make moves, who will you sue? Moreover, although you are successful to make them fall from their position, but don’t you think you are still at the loss?” Yu Ao Tian draw back his hand that touched her chin, expressionless stand up: “Bao Bei, go home.”

No, that’s not true, thing is not going to be like that! But, but every words that Yu Ao Tian said sharp as if a knife! She even does not have chance to fight back.

Although she successful to make them fall for their position, but still she is the person who at loss, isn’t she?

But if coldly facing those people, want to settle things, it completely impossible!

Men going out, their lost are money; women going out, their lost are body!

This is what Yu Ao Tian wanted to tell her, this is the difference between men and women, this is the darkness of this society, what so-called as white path, actually are dirtier, aren’t it?

Perhaps, years ago she had understood this principle, hadn’t her?

Staying beside Feng Chen Yi, small big society gatherings in this kind of circles, if not everyone looked her as Feng Chen Yi’s girlfriend this status, perhaps in earlier years, she had N times being eaten until clean!

But now, she as Yu Ao Tian’s lawyer joining this kind of gathering, who will consider of her, in their eyes, she is only a small lawyer, although she forced, something happened on her, no one will consider about her, won’t they?

“I take my leave. I am going home.”

“Bao Bei, outside the club, Yao Yao is standing next to car, expressionlessly looking at Yu Ao Tian who is sitting at driver seat.

“Bao Bei, which house do you heading?” he is smiling devilish, one of his hand is leaning on the window, looking at her.

“Of course going to my own house.”

“Who allow you to go to your house?”

She wants to go to her own house, does she need other permission? “Yu Ao Tian, do you forget something, now I am not your lover anymore, I have my freedom!”

“Well, let me drive you.”

“No need!” after said, Yao Yao takes big strides and prepare to leave.

Yu Ao Tian’s face changed dark, faster he out from car, pulled her arm: “Can I say that you trying to finding fault?” if not today he still have something to do, how can he let her to go back to her house? Now things are perfectly good, she even dare to offend him?

“I try to find fault? Yu Ao Tian, I asked you, why you want to drive me home? Drive to half way, you are unhappy and then asked me to get lost. Still better for me to go home by myself!”

Hah, it seems this little thing still angry with last time matter? That’s right, he admitted, last time was his fault, but the problems!! That time he was extremely angry, asking her to stay, there is no advantage for anyone!

Yu Ao Tian is helplessly creased his forehead, suddenly he hugs her.

“Hey, Yu Ao Tian, what are you doing! Let me go!” she is restless.

Yu Ao Tian gives her driver position, quickly he helped her to fasten safety belt. And then, he is sitting at passenger seat.

“En? You….” she is dumbfounded looking at Yu Ao Tian who is sitting at her beside, misty eyes. “What are you doing?”

“Don’t you still hold a grudge? Come! I give you a chance to take revenge. Come!”


What Yu Ao Tian wants?

Her moist eyes are rolled, quickly she laughing happily, roared: “You get lost from car!”
The expressionless Yu Ao Tian is getting down from the car, standing outside the car, gloomy said: “Is it enough? If not, I will let you to have one more time!”

“Enough.” it is enough, she really never thought this domineering man can do something to this point, but…. Make Yu Ao Tian gets down from the car, it really gives so much happy feeling!

“Huh…” Yu Ao Tian is taking deep breathe, suddenly his gloomy face gradually at ease. When he is about to open the car door….

“Good bye!” Yao Yao is smiling devilish, suddenly she steps on the accelerator, car, ‘wuish’ one sound, it has already left.


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  1. I like this she out smart him…lol… I hope he is not mad at her…thanks for the update. Have a blessed day.

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