My opinion: Blogging, what is it?


This topic isn’t the first but it is another sequence regarding my thought about blog and blogging.

Blogging is not job or work for me, it is hobby, an activity that I like to do. Speak honestly, when I starting this blog years ago, I didn’t have any vision about / for this blog future. My first thought for this blog only as media, a place for me to speak up whatever I have on my mind, passion I want to share. And now, without my realization, this blog is almost a decade with me. I can feel this blog is growing up together with me.

Not long ago, I had gotten an offer to monetize my blog through third party by putting advertisements. It sound interesting because I can host my own blog and at same time generating amount of money. But somewhat I was doubting whether to accept or decline the offer.

‘In order to attain something one’s must willing to let go another thing’

Having new source to generate money is tempting, but beside money I don’t see any positive reason to monetize blog. I afraid once make blogging activity become part of job, it will turn to be something burdensome, not fun and stressing because I would start to worry about stats and traffics, followers and contains…..

Sometimes I do also feel little jealous towards some bloggers who earn money through their blog and seem to have wonderful life. They are free and have very flexible time, while me, I stuck with my daily routine. Perhaps this is one of my ugly side and I won’t make any denial about it. Again, I always believe there is no such thing called as free lunch. It is not like I don’t be grateful for my job (since there are many jobless outside there) on contrary, I feel okay and satisfied with my current jobs. I enjoying myself with my jobs, I have one full time job as white collar, two part-time jobs, my own business and these jobs are enough as my earning sources.

So, what do you think about blog or blogging activity?


9 thoughts on “My opinion: Blogging, what is it?

  1. Well it can be monetized if you really feel the urge to, I wouldn’t mind as I have an adblocker hehe, but I agree with you on the fact that mingling hobbies and jobs can become bothersome and a burden.
    It’s nice to stop And think about what we’ve achieved in ten years’time .
    I just have one job and I sometimes feel pressured, I admire your being able to juggle your jobs and your hobby , gambare !

    1. Perhaps if the case is urgent.
      Well, I just like my current self ^-^
      I might think about another job but blogger…. I don’t think myself capable to be professional blogger XD

      Good luck for your job too 🙂

  2. It differs to each person. In my case, I started a blog to try writing all these ideas crawling inside my head but since it didn’t work, I’m writing about whatever comes to my mind instead. 😛
    As for monetizing, that sounds interesting but also a pain to me. Dun wanna do it. XP

  3. If you think you can benefit from the time and effort involved in monetizing – go right ahead. I wouldn’t be offended. I’ve blogged since about 2005 and I’ve toyed with this on and off over the years. Finally, I realized I was only blogging for my own pleasure and I didn’t need the paid links. You do you!

    1. ‘Thing’ that revolving with money is tempting, moreover (at least at my place) there are quite many people who still jobless, looking for professional or job that match your field can be so hard.
      Blogging can be one of way out.
      I agree with you, ‘blogging for own pleasure’ ^-^

  4. I dont think that blogging is a bad thing, but is as you say some people stop viewing that as a hobby and more like a job and forget the reason they started to write blogs and get stressed, etc.
    And they need to remember that sometimes a job is not a funny thing to do (like in my case T-T), just do things at your own pace.

    have a good day.

    pdt. if you have the need go ahead is your blog after all.

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