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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 286


All the women who ever had relationship with Yu Ao Tian, despite of they were cruel, wicked, schemer but their feeling toward Yu Ao Tian were actually sincere, they loved him but man alike Yu Ao Tian isn’t someone who easy to be loved, to hold. This is also the reason why Yao Yao makes so many excuses, denials for loving Yu Ao Tian because she feared to lose at this feeling battle.

Staying for this time beside Yu Ao Tian, she had witnessed the ending of the women who loved Yu Ao Tian, none of them had good ending. Zhao Qing Kong losing her unborn baby,  Li Mei Yun besides losing her unborn baby she also raped and Shang Yun Yin….

So this is also time for Yu Ao Tian to sever all his ties with other women and just focus himself to Yao Yao and others more important things.

Chapter 286

The Big Day that been Waiting, Arrived


She is not even half good than Mo Xue Tong!

“The difference is too big.” the person who is sitting inside the car, Long Ye is helplessly shaking his head.

“I never seen any woman able to hit Sister Xue Tong.” Nan Lu ever fought with Shang Yun Yin, she also admitted that Shang Yun Yin fighting skill not bad, but compare to Mo Xue Tong, the gap just too big.

“Today I had drunk too much, I want to go home and take a sleep, ask Xue Tong to stop playing around.” Said Yu Ao Tian coldly, little bit impatience gently rubbing his temple.

“Understand.” faster Long Ye gets down from the car: “Xue Tong, Ao Tian asked you to settle it as soon as possible!”

Received the order, Mo Xue Tong expression cold, pulling Shang Yun Yin’s collar shirt, and then ‘papapa’ giving her countless slaps: “This is for Nan Lu, now….” her cold eyes are filled with killing intention, suddenly one foot…..

Shang Yun Yin ‘ah’ vomit blood, her body has slumped on the floor.

This time, Yu Ao Tian slowly get down from inside the car, his cold eyes had seen everything.

She used her last breathe, crawling to Yu Ao Tian’s feet: “Look at, both of us, relationship, you, let me off, can you? Ao Tian….”

Since the day he knew Shang Yun Yin, she indeed did many bad things, but her feeling toward Yu Ao Tian, it is real.


“If I let you off, it means I am giving Yao Yao more one enemy!” after he said, his pair of eyes dimmer, suddenly his big hand already strangle Shang Yun Yin’s neck!

Perhaps, every woman is longing to touch a man that never been enough for her, Shang Yun Yin also, there is no man that able to capture her heart, but Yu Ao Tian is exceptional.

She is so confident, thinking that she is able to handle this man, but the truth proven, man that not able be touched, no matter how work hard it still would not be able touched it.

She had seen the heartless Yu Ao Tian; but also ever seen the affection Yu Ao Tian, but unfortunate, this feeling isn’t belonging to her…..

And then ‘ugh’ voice, Shang Yun Yin finally closed her eyes for forever.

The expressionless Yu Ao Tian with draw his hand: “Ask people to clean it.” after said, he turned back to car.

‘ding ding’

When he just sits inside the car, there is short message notification, opened….

‘Ao Tian, after experienced today matter, I realized perhaps my thoughts about everything is too perfect. And also there perhaps are darker matter that I haven’t seen. But no matter what, this problem is a reality, I still need to face it sooner or later.
But as you said, perhaps the time hasn’t arrived (not now). That time I didn’t understand why my Master (Teacher) wanted me to use my lawyer license when I reached age 24years, but now I understood.
No matter what will happen, being kind is my basic nature, waiting until your election ended, I will going back to school.’

Toward Yao Yao who is still in her blooming age, for normal girl, asking to join Yu Ao Tian’s world, actually it is too early. But she only helps Yu Ao Tian to do some stuffs, not only to prove herself value but also to pay back her ‘debt’.

Whether money or other thing, Yao Yao knows, this man is a man who she hated so much before, but actually he had helped her out and also make many things for her, only for few things, she just not willing to face it….

The car that parked in the darkness of night, slowly moving, that cold body is already disappeared from this world. Yu Ao Tian puts back his mobile phone, faintly smiles.

It seems, after these few days, that Little Thing is maturer not less….

The bright sun is hanging on the blue sky, eleven November is getting closer the weather is slightly cold but clear and crisp, the air is fresh. Not hot and also not cold the wind is blowing gently, this signaling today is good day.

Very early Yao Yao has ride a bus to Yu Ao Tian’s apartment.

‘knock knock knock’ (knocking sound)

“Bao Bei, you come so early.”

Seeing Yu Ao Tian stills with his pajamas, she impatiently urging him: “Quickly, quickly change your clothes!!”

“Why is so rushing? The election is starting at ten, now only eight.” Yu Ao Tian is so calm, not in hurry walking to living room, leisurely he sitting on the sofa, turned on the Television.

Yes, today is election day, and also the day that all of them waiting for these long time. “You hurry change your clothes! If late, the Senior Congressmen, those group of people are strictly with the process, they may disqualify you!!”

“Heh? Bao Bei, it is obviously I am the person who is going to join the election, why are you more nervous than me?” Yu Ao Tian teased, smiles and pulled her into his embraces.

She really not same alike Yu Ao Tian who is perfectly calm (metal mental), this is her first time step up with her lawyer status, so that she is especially cared of it. “Aiya, you faster, okay?”

“Huh, You, later you will be a strict wife in the future.” Yu Ao Tian is helplessly pinched her nose, unwillingly heading to take a bath, having lazy bath.

Anyway, being strict wife in the future she not really certain, but one thing she certain, she will be a strict lawyer.

‘Yesterday the Chairman CEO of Berson Group held press conference, decided to resign from his post, and giving his position to the Vice CEO Han Li Shang as new CEO. And also promoted General Manager Long Ye as Vice CEO. Once this news being reported, Berson Group stock has already dropped to 1.3% point in the row, still don’t know whether the stock will keep on falling or not in the future!’

Watching the television news, Yao Yao is taking long breathe.

The leader replacement is not giving a small shock, it has been considered once Yu Ao Tian gave his position the stock would be fell rapidly, so that they were especially choose one day before the election day to make an announcement.

Once Yu Ao Tian election is successful, Berson group stocks will raise. By this way it won’t give any huge losses for Berson Group, and also because he is successful being elected it will make the stock increase drastically.

Hoping his election will be succeed!

At this time, Yu Ao Tian who is already taking bath walking to the living room, he is tossing Yao Yao with a necktie.

She looked at the necktie, and also looked Yu Ao Tian: “What?”

He is smiling devilish, slowly said: “You say?”


Until this time he even stills be able to tease her for while? Although Yao Yao face is showing her dissatisfied, but…. Inside her heart she is willingly in this most important time to help him tie his necktie!
If said women ‘weapon for battle’ is makeup; while men ‘weapon for battle’ is their suit!

Yao Yao is seriously and also carefully helping him to tie the necktie, when it tied, she pouted her mouth, slowly lifts her head up, looking into that man pair of bottomless eyes, gently said: “Fighting!” her small hand is stroking down to his necktie…..


12 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 286

  1. Aiyaa..i have waiting it since this early morning and now i can’t wait for the next chapter. Thank you very much and i appreciate your hard working..keep fighting!!

  2. What a way to die, but YAT is right if he let her go now, she will come back and cause more trouble. She had her chance to let go and forget but….YAT and YY are getting closer and like old couple had fight and make up…both are giving in …

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