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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 287

YY 3

Chapter 287

“Hah.” Yu Ao Tian smiling, suddenly he catches her small hand: “Let’s go!” turned, open the door.

Han Li Shang and the others have been waiting outside the door.

There is no words, there is no expression, but all of their face are hanging faint smile, as if everything has said so that no need to say verbally.

This, perhaps this the best way to cheer him.

Perhaps other people don’t know how work hard Yu Ao Tian for this day, but the people who staying beside him such as Han Li Shang and others all know better and understood how much effort he put, today for this moment, he is using hundred, perhaps thousand times of hard work to exchange with it!!

“Chairman Yu.” from outside the apartment, cars are parked neatly and orderly, and also the subordinate that come to meet Yu Ao Tian are wearing formal suit, give him bow-down respect when greet him.

The driver is opened the car door, Yu Ao Tian is taking Yao Yao to sit at Master car, the other are sitting at second row.

The car is slowly moving, he obviously can feel how Yao Yao’s hands are shaking: “what’s?”

“Have you memorized your speech?”


“Have you take all the data needed?”


“Are you really memorized your speech?”


“There won’t be any loophole right?”


“Flast chest don’t you think you are too nervous?” Long Qi who is sitting beside really can’t stay still anymore, impatiently yelled her.

“I, I am only to ensure there will no any mistake. Do YOU understood, what can you understand?”

“Xiao Meng Li, You are too nervous?” Long Ye broke the tensed.

She really, really! She is really nervous. It can be said that, when she was facing her big and small examination she still able to keep herself calm and quiet this type of attitude, but this moment, because of Yu Ao Tian politician election campaign, yesterday she almost got insomnia.

“Rest assure, you have done well, I must be succeed.” Yu Ao Tian tightly holding her small hands, also giving her a smile as if everything will be okay.

“Really? But….” she is nervous, afraid there is something she missed about, something that she hasn’t thought, and become Yu Ao Tian failure.

“Xiao Meng Li, Ao Tian won’t randomly praising you. Since he has said that you had done well, it proved there won’t be any loophole.” Long Ye smile warmly.

She nervously gulping her saliva, just hoping, hoping there really won’t…..

‘Bang!’ it is one hard attack, people inside the car are rushed forward.

Fortunately Yu Ao Tian has good reaction, one of his hand grabbed the car handle on the top and the other hand holding Yao Yao’s waist, so that she is not hitting in front.

“What is going on?” Han Li Shang is asking the driver.

“CEO Han, there is a car that hit ours!” the driver is panicking make a report.

Han Li Shang glared, faster he looked at car outside, as seen there is one black car that blocking in front of their car. “Ao Tian?”

“Change the route, leave.”

When Yu Ao Tian giving an order, there is another ‘bang’ sound, the car side also being hit.

“Bad intention to stop your election?” Long Ye creased his forehead, can’t help himself to look at the outside of car.

Not long after that, two cars are hitting their car again, ‘shuashuashua’ (brushing sound) next there are few men who holding gun.

When Long Ye is going to take out his gun, Yu Ao Tian face dimmer, shaking his head. “Ask the people at back not to take out the gun! Just think a way to leave this place.”

 “Yes, chairman.” The driver accepted the order, determined to choose reverse, going straight to the direction of the viaduct and run away.

But the people who are intending to attack them not have any intention to stop, they are keep on following.

‘bang! Bang! Bang!’ they even keep on firing the car while Yu Ao Tian stills calmly sitting inside the car although there are few holes in car.

Yao Yao is scared hugged her head, she afraid to scream out, she is tightly biting her lips, so only let out humph sound.

Actually what is going on?

Why at this time those people are choosing to attack Yu Ao Tian, do they want to stop his election campaign? Actually why must they stopped his election at this event, didn’t they know that he had already qualified as congress candidate?

“Bao Bei, don’t be afraid.” Yu Ao Tian is using his body to hug and cover her, he even showing her a faint smile to comfort.

This smile as if a fire during winter, burn, warm her heart. She only can feel her nose runny, from corner of eyes there is a trace of tears.

It’s so obvious Yu Ao Tian is the one who most concerned about this election than anyone, isn’t he? But at this time, he even have time to comfort her?

‘Bang!’ there is another hard attack. The car where Yu Ao Tian used has already changed shape.

“Chairman Yu, there are few car coming over, what to do?”

“Viaduct, go straight to the urban area.”


“Don’t!!! Don’t!!!” Yao Yao has already calmed down herself, quickly said: “By this time is driving the car into urban area, perhaps they are really stopped. But if they aren’t not stopping, Media will be so audacious keep on asking about this matter, the campaign has not been starting, but you must bear negative news, for you this is disadvantage, Ao Tian!!”

That’s right!

The other party purpose must be wanted to fail the campaign, so that there is a possibility those people won’t be stopped!

Yu Ao Tian silent and thought for moment, whispering: “Change the direction, faster change, go to suburban.”

“But Chairman Yu, if we are going to suburban perhaps there won’t much time left for the election.”
For this congress election Yu Ao Tian has waited for many opportunities, but once missed out this one he needs to wait another 3 three years to join the election, during that time he has already 31 years old, in order to complete his dream does not know how many years must spend again.

But, if really make this kind of negative news, Yu Ao Tian perhaps won’t be able to join in the next three years.

Waiting, perhaps is better than being deprived of the qualification?

“Go to suburban area!” for once again Yu Ao Tian repeated his command.

The driver who driving the car is helplessly nodding his head: “Yes, Chairman Yu.” the car is faster change the route.

But the enemies keep on firing the gun, constantly attacking the car.

“Ah….” Yao Yao can’t not bear her fear and screaming out, she is really afraid, this kind of scene she had watched many times in television, simply to say she feels as if she is experiencing a nightmare from hell.

“It’s okay.” for once again Yu Ao Tian is comforting her by showing her a smile.

Still a same word, he is not a type of man who have patience with a girl, moreover he hates the most girl who easy to be shocked. But he understands Yao Yao well, after all she only 19 years old little girl, dealing with this kind of thing actually difficult her.

“Ao Tian, you must know the purpose of those people right?” Yao Yao who still in fear asked.

Yu Ao Tian silent for moment, nodding his head.

“So after all their purpose is you. Well…. Let me get down from the car!!”

Yao Yao words, doubtless flared up all the people inside the car. Han Li Shang is angrily creasing his forehead, yelled at her: “By this time you want to get down from car, all of us will be killed by you!!”

‘Bang bang bang….’ there are few firing gun sound.

“Ah!!” Yao Yao is curled up her body, can’t stop trembling: “They, their target are Yu Ao Tian, not me. Faster get me down from the car!!”


8 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 287

  1. Thank you very much for your hard work and i really appreciate it..can’t wait for the next chapter..keep fighting!! 🙂

  2. This is getting so good! Keep up the good work I myself and many other appreciate it very much. Thank you so very much doll 🙂

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