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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 289


Chapter 289

He Believes Her, She Believes Him

All of them certainly not forgiving him for coming late, this mistake, after all this is parliament, not business world, and also not market place. It is a symbol of a country’s highest authority, and how to understand a person who had chosen to be so careless? Even the person is successful Yu Ao Tian in business world.

Yao Yao understands, these few men won’t forgive him, so that, she had made a preparation before.

“Everyone, officials, politicians, please let me to finish my words before, all of you questioning the mistake made by Mr. Yu.”

“Facing this sort of important day, Mr. Yu has made preparation for everything and hurrying to come into Parliament House. But, on the way he coming here, he bumped into pregnant woman. During this time, everyone is hurrying to go to work, so that no one cares about that pregnant woman, but when Mr. Yu saw this, there was no doubt of him to stop his car, bringing that pregnant woman to the nearest hospital, so this is the reason why he is late!”

This is the thing that Yao Yao asked Long Qi to help!

‘Long Qi, if you are really wanted Yu Ao Tian’s dream come true, I want you to do something, can you help?’

‘What is it?’

‘You hurry go to find a pregnant woman, and then you order Berson PR staffs exaggerating news about Yu Ao Tian who sending pregnant woman to hospital, and also talking about the late for political campaign election, this matter.’

‘Okay! I understood!’

The lateness of Yu Ao Tian is something prohibited in front of the politic world, but…. If because helping other and then because of it coming late, perhaps this will be another matter?

But, Yao Yao seems to overestimate some politician humanity!

“Even so it cannot be forgiven. The election three years once, what Yu Ao Tian thinks this election as? Even the employees know that work is a priority, and how about him?” This man again, why? Why he seems trying to find Yu Ao Tian fault and won’t let him go? Since the beginning he keeps on finding Yu Ao Tian mistakes.

Yao Yao really not understand, how can one person such heartless until this point, and even say, does his purpose actually for falling Yu Ao Tian and won’t let him be succeed?

But, vaguely remember, Yu Ao Tian has several time brought about this Deputy Prime Minister, it not hard to know that Yu Ao Tian and Vice Prime Minister might have some grudges, moreover this man isn’t vice Prime Minister’s people. Furthermore today it seems that Vice Prime Minister is not coming.

Or perhaps? Does he help Vice Prime Minister…. To do something?

Thinking to this point, suddenly she helpless smile: “That’s right, I did tell Mr. Yu. I really not understand, why Mr. Yu because of pregnant woman, wanted to ruin the political election which held once every three years? But… Mr. Yu even questioning me back…. What is basic responsibility of one officials in governmental?”

She is pretending to crease her forehead: “Well, what it is? Mr. Yu also questioning me, what the most important for one country?” after said to this point, she is helplessly shaking her head: “I have thought it for long time, finally I understood what Mr. Yu meant!”

“The most important for one country is citizens (commoners), the reason why all of you can sit secure in this position, the state can operate in orderly, it is because the tax that paid by the citizen, also it makes one country able to support the military, manufacturing the weapons and then protecting and defend our country dignity.”

“If we because of joining the election but ignoring the citizens safety, is it still be able to call as the successful politician, Mr. Yu also won’t feel peaceful in his heart. So that, Mr. Yu better to take the risk missed the election campaign possibility, and very affirm to send the pregnant woman to the hospital, this kind of action, this kind of kindness, do all of us still hardhearted to reproach Mr. Yu for his lateness? This, is it enough to become a qualified politician? On behalf of people, for the people?”

Her words are resonance, and there’s tears in her eyes, as if to be infected everyone. They could not help but muster with clapping hands.

At the moment when she sees one by one those politician stern expression changed to be understanding smiles, Yao Yao knows, she has succeed for the first step.

Raised her hand, wipe her tears, huh, even she also almost believe that Yu Ao Tian really because sending the pregnant woman to hospital and late. In order to lie with other people she must be able to lie to herself first!

Since this is the case…. She simply does not want do two endlessly, even the words for Yu Ao Tian election campaign she also done it!

Thinking to this point, Yao Yao feels her throat dry, but keeps on talking….
Outside the Parliament House.

“Ao Tian, do you really come?” the person who guarded the Parliament House inner entrance is Long Qi, seeing Yu Ao Tian and the others showing up he is so excited and happy dashing in front of them.

“How can you be here, Long Qi?” Long Ye is curiously to looked at his younger brother.

“Bro, I don’t have time to explain to you.” After said, Long Qi quickly turned his gaze to Yu Ao Tian: “Ao Tian, like this, Yao Yao said she would help you to settle all the matter, she also wanted me to tell you, takes out all the gun. Don’t bring the gun inside the Parliament House.”

“All has kept.”

“Well, that’s good. Now you hurry get inside.”

“Did it already late? How could she settle it?” If not because Yu Ao Tian stubbornly still wanted to come here, Han Li Shang and others must be gone back to their home and take rest.

“The detail I am not really clear, anyway Yao Yao asked me to find a pregnant woman, and then inform the PR department, asking them to make exaggerating news about Yu Ao Tian lateness caused by he was sending a pregnant woman to hospital so that he late for his political election campaign!!”

When Long Qi said this words, Han Li Shang and others are already dumbstruck….

Actually in the end who is being thoughtful, not panicking, it seems at this moment has proven everything!
When all of them were thinking that Yao Yao because of fear was running away, actually she was the person who calmer than anyone during the chaos situation and even calmly making a decision!

She was kept on saying ‘Those men purpose are Yu Ao Tian, not me’ also not asking Yu Ao Tian to escape, this means, since they were targeting Yu Ao Tian, so that no matter how hard they did, those people still wanted to stop Yu Ao Tian to go for the election campaign.

While she, she is an outsider so that she can completely escape from them, and also she can help him to fight for more time!

Yao Yao has already had prediction that Yu Ao Tian must be come late for the election campaign, so that she simply asking Yu Ao Tian to be a bait, draw the enemy’s attention. She disappeared and left, help him to arrange everything, planning the way for him!!

Han Li Shang, Long Ye, even Mo Xue Tong, all of them in this moment have already felt guilty. Although they had helped Yu Ao Tian won over half of Jiang Shan (rivers and mountains / power), but there is no one of them that able stay beside Yu Ao Tian as Jun Shi (military adviser), this role, but Yao Yao apparently able to play this role very well, one of the most important role!

“Ha.” Yu Ao Tian curved up his lips, his eyes turned and looked at Long Ye and also others: “I will go first, you guys wait for me in here.” after said, he faster go to inside the Parliament House through the big door entrance.

It seems, his stubborn is right.

‘Faster settle them, escaping from them and rush to the Parliament House.’

‘Ao Tian, it is already late! There is no need to ashamed yourself by going there.’

‘Go to the parliament!’

‘Ao Tian….’



17 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 289

  1. Thank you Azurro. Yeah! I agree YY is so smart disregard how YAT treated her before when she was a contracted lover but now she isn’t anymore YY still stuck by him to win the election.

    Way to go YY. 😀

  2. OMG yaassss!!! Woohoooo yayyyy😂😂😂😭😭😂😂😂👏👏👏👏👏👏 thank u so sooo much for this chapter 😘😘😘May God bless u😇 I loved the title nd the moment I saw it I knew I was gonna love this chapter nd I did 😊😊

  3. Yes, YY is able to stalled the election process before YAT arrived and YY is a very clever to create an interesting story that other officials believed. YY is a good fit for YAT. Thanks Azurro for the update have a blessed wonderful day.

  4. Yay~ I finally caught up!! Thanks you so much for this chapter!! 😆 The classic pregnant woman still works…nice one YY!! And I hope this time Li Han Shung and Xue Tong will finally soften up to YY!! Anyway can’t wait for more!!!!! I really love this though at first i was annoyed by the characters but as I saw YAT changed for YY and vice versa~ I could really feel that he is starting to care. Anyways thanks again!! And can’t wait for more chapters 😆

  5. Thanks. YY by YAT’s side uses her brains. Wow a stole of genius. Hope that whatever misunderstanding YAT’s gang have towards her now disappears.

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