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C-novel: The CEO’s Pregnant Wife (总裁的孕妻) 2.3

2Updated: 10 April 2018

Chapter 2

Part 3 (Three)

His eyes, as if looking at her, but also wasn’t looking at her. Scattered line of sight, it contrast with that heavy breathing, drop by drop of sweat droplet, along with his shiny black hair, the droplets fell down to her face.

His breathe, and her breathe were blend together.

“Is it dreaming, this must be dreaming….” he put out his tongue, gently he brushed her face. This simply was something called as——– flirting!

Fang Yi Ran is shocked with her own answer. Could it be, this man is Jin Bu Hui Huang’s host? Once this thought appeared in her mind, she couldn’t stop her wild imagination to spread.

Anyway after she thought it carefully, this man, compared to those few men who she met with Yi Xia before, he is more astonishing, with this kind of appearance, moreover now he is showing up in a night club private room where they served women guest, if she thought on the way of this, it still logic.

“Hey, I am not your guest, I don’t have money to pay the service, if you want a tip, I suggest you that you can looking for another guest.” She stated.

But this fellow seemed not to hear her words as if his ears were deaf, he kept on licking her face’s skin, sighing and letting out a voice that almost like whispering: “Ming Yi how can you showing up in front of my side…. Is it perhaps too painful, so that I can have this kind of delusion….”

The soft tongue, brushing her face, brushing her eyebrows, at last, it stopped in her lips.
Please! This kind of posture, impossible is…..

“You———–” without waiting for Fang Yi Ran to let out her screaming sound, the other party lips has already landed, pressed her lips, and then fiercely—-bites her.

Blood, two mouths intertwined.

Damn it, I want to sue!

Fang Yi Ran little face has wrinkles.

“Ming Yi, why without me, you are still able to live such happily? Don’t you know that really….” he was murmured not clearly talking to himself and not pressed her lips anymore.

“Uhuh…what….uhuhu, I am not what so-called as Ming Yi….” she turned her head, she was trying to use all her mighty to end this strange kiss.

Dizzy, her body has slumped, but this time, she has already landed on soft thin quilt.

A heavy body has been pressing her body, a silver gloss, even in the gap between when they were kissing, it has filled with rough breathing.

“Not fair….” suddenly his hand fingers has already been tearing her clothes, a delicate body, just like this naked in front of him.

“Hey, you are too much, I have said, I am not coming for ‘your service’ your guest.” although he is so good looking, but she really unwilling to give her virginity to this person’s lower part.

“Hoping never wake up from this dream.” the white fingers as pale jade, touching the delicate body in front of him. His wishes, his loves, his waiting…. All the passions, all the complains, all are telling him, he just too yearning and longing for her.

“Wait, I have seriously warned you….” he just too strong, his strength isn’t alike normal people, under his imprisonment, she really difficult to move.

“Don’t want to wake up, at least…. In the dream, I can have you, my Ming Yi.”

Go to hell3]! Fang Yi Ran was shouting loudly, screaming, no matter how she thought of it, why all those rotten scenes in the romance drama could happen on hers? The more hellish things, this man kept on calling her Ming Yi, she really not understood about it.

From this man muddle-head situation it seemed that, the possibilities he thought her as other person was much bigger.

The current him, simply to say as if drunk after took drinks—- but there was no alcohol smell from his body.

Lose virginity?

She even hasn’t dated anyone but she has already lose her virginity?

She even lost it to someone who looks alike Xiao Bai Lian?

Moreover sh not even knew what his name?

Although she types of person who not really concerned about those skinships, but… But….


She is customer! She is guest! She is queen (emperor)!


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3] “见鬼”( jiànguǐ )literally means to see a ghost. It has two metaphorical meanings. The first one is absurd. The second one is to go the hell. The tone of the speaker is unsatisfied.

4] 小 Xiao 白 Bai 脸 Lian : Attractive young man (usually derogatory) pretty boy / gigolo


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