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C-novel : The Wolf Husband and Green Plum Wife (狼竹马与青梅妻) 10


Chapter 10

Part 1 (One)

Under his best buddy teasing laughed, Su Zhan Mo is frowning tightly, not only to recall the memory he could not play a game. It seems that other than playing clapping hand with An Jia Qi, he cannot play any other than that.

He is sitting on the edge of the pond, staring at the happy An Jia Qi who is playing not far from his place, he feels something unpleasant in his heart. Gang Zi sees Su Zhan Mo silent, stretch out his hand and pat it into Su Zhan Mo’s shoulder, as if a good friend who teach about life experience.

“Zhan Mo ah, although you are smarter than me, but in games you are not better than me, see our little sister Qi Qi, why she likes playing with Xiao Hu, sometimes she even ignored you. That is because Xiao Hu is accompanying her play to the point they can play madly, while you are always showing your stern expression and not enjoying the game, so that….”

Su Zhan Mo turned to frown at Gang Zi, unhappily he passing him.

Gang Zi is helplessly shrugging his shoulder, touching his nose and followed at Su Zhan Mo’s back.

“Qi Qi are you guys still paying an eagle catching little chick?”

Qi Qi looking at Mo Mo Ge Ge with that’s unusual look, she wanted to nod her head, but once she remembered his performance just now, she is shaking her head again: “Mo Mo Ge Ge , we aren’t play it anymore. We are going to play house-house.”

Su Zhan Mo is startled, why they changed again? Just now he was learning to play an eagle catching little chicks?

Gang Zi suddenly clasped Su Zhan Mo who is dumbfounded for moment, playing around.

“Qi Qi, me and your Mo Mo Ge Ge also want to play house-house with you guys, can we join?”

An Jia Qi is looking at Su Zhan Mo with doubt eyesight, turned her head and whispering to Xiao Hu, and then with normal speaking tone: “Alright, I will becomes Mama, Xiao Hu becomes Papa, Mo Mo Ge Ge becomes child, Gang Zi Ge Ge becomes doctor….”

After Su Zhan Mo heard, his face immediately changed blacken, gritting his teeth, said: “Qi Qi, why must I become the child?”

“Because Mo Mo Ge Ge cannot play….”

What a natural answer given, it make Su Zhan Mo heart bleeding…. Cannot play a game…. Cannot play…..

Gang Zi sees Su Zhan Mo is enduring bitterly, can’t help but whispered: “Zhan Mo, becoming a child is quite good, at least Mama will play with child.”

“Cannot, I want to be Papa, Xiao Hu becomes child!”

Xiao Hu and An Jia Qi are heartless brat who are ignorance, seeing Su Zhan Mo wants to be Papa, not think further, just nodding head agreed.

So An Jia Qi becomes Mama, Su Zhan Mo becomes Papa, Xiao Hu becomes child, Gang Zi becomes supporting role as doctor and the house-house game is starting.

The white stone with half arch on the pond becomes An Jia Qi and Su Zhan Mo’s house, while Gang Zi is arranged to the small corner in the pond.

“Xiao Hu will pretend to have stomachache………” An Jia Qi is taking role as small director, pointing her finger to Xiao Hu.

Immediately Xiao Hu touched his stomach and growling in pain.

“Mama, my stomach is aching————-”

“Come——– let’s we looking at Papa!”

And then An Jia Qi is pulling Xiao Hu until in front of Su Zhan Mo. Seeing Su Zhan Mo does not say anything, An Jia Qi helplessly pouted her mouth, dissatisfied said: “Mo Mo Ge Ge can you play or not…… You must say: Alright, Papa is going to bring you to hospital to see doctor.”

Su Zhan Mo dumbstruck, is this his business? Seeing An Jia Qi unhappy, hurried he walked closer, pulling An Jia Qi and said: “Alright, Papa is going to take you to hospital to see a doctor.”

“Mo Mo Ge Ge, you are wrong, you must say it to Xiao Hu, now I am a Mama.” An Jia Qi is going to cry, Mo Mo Ge Ge how can you so stupid?

Su Zhan Mo is panicking telling Xiao Hu once again, this time An Jia Qi is satisfied, both of them are taking Xiao Hu in front of Gang Zi.

An Jia Qi is pretending as if knocking the door, she even dubbed the sound: ‘knock knock knock——-may I ask, is there any doctor?”

Gang Zi is glancing at Su Zhan Mo who looked confused, pretending to be doctor said: “Inside the house, come in!”

An Jia Qi is pulling Xiao Hu few steps in front said: “Doctor, my Xiao Hu has stomached, can you cure him?”

Gang Zi is pretending serious and then nodding his head, “Let me examine, Xiao Hu stretch out your tongue.”

“En, Xiao Hu is eating bad food, have a shot is okay. Papa faster pay the medical fee, take the medicine.” Gang Zi saw Su Zhan Mo standing behind of An Jia Qi, curiously looking at them, he have heart to drag him to join the game.

Su Zhan Mo is startled to see both of them, does not know what to do.

“The little girl who wearing yellow skirt is the doctor who collecting the medical fee.” Gang Zi is carefully reminded him. Su Zhan Mo turned his back to see, not far from there is a little girl who wearing yellow skirt standing, directly going over there.

After walking in front of the yellow skirt little girl, without waiting him to speak. Little girl opened her mouth and said: “Total is ten cents, this is the medicine.”

Little girl is taking one flower from her back, pretending it as a medicine, hand it over to Su Zhan Mo. After Su Zhan Mo thinks for while, he is taking one dollar money from his pocket, intending to give it to the little girl.

Gang Zi is screaming, hurried rushing over.


4 thoughts on “C-novel : The Wolf Husband and Green Plum Wife (狼竹马与青梅妻) 10

  1. This reminds me of my younger years. Always pretending to be mama when it’s time to play this type of game with My friend’s just because I’m bigger and taller than everyone of them ,they are actually enjoyable games then.

    1. On contrary, I used to take child role when I played this game with my friends because I was the shortest, chubbier and cutest, perhaps LOLS.
      *anak bawang (onion)* role hihihihihihihi

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