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C-novel : The Wolf Husband and Green Plum Wife (狼竹马与青梅妻) 10.2

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Chapter 10

Part 2 (Two)

“Zhan Mo, use this as money————”

“Don’t need real money?”

“No need———” simply to say Gang Zi helplessly wanted to hit his head to wall. Hurried he hand over few pieces of leaves in his hand to Su Zhan Mo, whispered: “Playing house-house basically all are fake. Buddy, don’t be too serious!”

After patting at Su Zhan Mo’s shoulder, he running back.

Su Zhan Mo absent minded giving the leaves to the little girl who is wearing yellow skirt.

The result the little girl even said: “Money is not enough, must go to bank to withdraw.

Thus Su Zhan Mo is reminded by Gang Zi again, found out a little boy who wearing blue clothes, said wanted to withdraw money. Little boy gave him few pieces of leaves, big and small ones.

Told him, the bigger leaves is 1 dollar, the smaller leaves is 1 cent.

Su Zhan Mo has been circling, finally he able to take ‘medicine’ and back to Gang Zi’s place.

Gang Zi is taking one small tree branch, pretending it as needle, after giving Xiao Hu a shot, Xiao Hu is turned to be lively.

The next thing is cooking, sending Xiao Hu to school and etc…..

Gradually Su Zhan Mo understands what is called as house-house game, but it is really tiring…….

For the entire afternoon the kids were playing house-house. Su Zhan Mo is pulling An Jia Qi to go home after bid good bye with Xiao Hu’s grandma and Xiao Hu, they are going home.

“Qi Qi, later don’t play house-house with others!”


Su Zhan Mo is looking attentive to An Jia Qi disconcerting eyes, he does not know how to say it, he only can say one: “It’s okay to play but you cannot be mother…..”


In the blink of eyes, summer has passed, the day for An Jia Qi to report to primary school is getting closer. These day Mother An is taking An Jia Qi and Su Zhan Mo to Department store, buying An Jia Qi little bag and also stationery.

Seeing there are many of bags and also stationery, simple to say An Jia Qi is dazzled, she wants everything, she wants to buy all.

At last under Mother An strict criticized, grabbed one pink small bag, does not want to let it go. Before left, she even secretly whispered to Su Zhan Mo’s ear: “Mo Mo Ge Ge, later in the future you must open one big department store, by this way whatever I want I can take it.”

After Su Zhan Mo heard, he can’t help himself not to laugh, asked her: “Why must me open it, why not you?”

“Mother said, later in the future you must be successful, can be big boss, so that I must learn from you.”

Listen to An Jia Qi childish words, Su Zhan Mo smile bitter, but in his heart he always remember what An Jia Qi said today. Open department store, so that whatever she want she can take it?

And finally first September school new semester is opened, at the same time the freshmen of primary student are excited to join the school. Mother An is taking An Jia Qi to make a report to Shi Yi Xiao.
Today, the school is opened. The freshmen parents can enter to the school.

“Mother An, come here, this is the placement class board.” Mother An lifts up her head, she sees Su Zhan Mo who is standing not far, pointing at one board, calling her loudly.

Mother An heave a sigh, takes An Jia Qi with big strides to come over.

“Mo Mo, don’t you need to study?”

This time is another grade class, so that mother An does not worry asked.

“I am a volunteer, responsible to lead parents to administration office to make report. Not believe you can see there, Gang Zi is at there!” Su Zhan Mo is pointing at the administration office that not far from there.
Naturally Mother An also knows about Gang Zi, because Gang Zi ever came to their house looking for Su Zhan Mo, so often and become familiarized.

“Well okay, where is Qi Qi’s class?” Mother An is looking at the placement class board, cannot help but headache asked.

“Qi Qi is in class 1-2, it is written on the upper left corner of the paper.”

Having Su Zhan Mo this little guide, Mother An didn’t do any mistake for the entire procedures. About afternoon ten o’clock, An Jia Qi and the other fellow classmates are bid their good bye to their parent, sits down in class, listen to the teacher when telling them about school rules.

The most surprising thing is, Xiao Hu little fellow also join class 1-2, these two are best buddy during in the kindergarten, enter same class, no doubt both of them are escalated.

The homeroom teacher surname is Wang, she is a fresh graduated teacher from teacher’s collage, An Jia Qi and her fellow classmates are her first batch student that she teaching, so in her heart she is very excited but also uneasy, without she realized she talked little bit too much.

It makes the first year student little bit restless. Does not know who is said: “Teacher I want to poo. An instantly the class is in chaos.

There is someone shouting hungry, there is stomachache, all things are come together, make the inexperience Teacher Wang, she cannot deal with the situation and almost crying.

Not long after that, the quiet class suddenly turned into market, so noisy.

As heard there is ‘bam’ sound table being hit, the entire little students in the class, included Teacher Wang startled.

It is An Jia Qi, she takes one book, fiercely hit it into her table surface, plausibly said: “Inside the class must be remembered about the rules, if still being noisy all get out——–”

Hence why An Jia Qi can be this pissed off, all is Su Zhan Mo work hard. Su Zhan Mo took the chance of summer holiday to fed An Jia Qi with school regulations book, so that in An Jia Qi’s heart, inside the class must be quiet, not like this so noisy similar with market.

Perhaps because of An Jia Qi’s voice too loud, her expression is stern, it makes the class turned into silent at sudden. Teacher Wang is happy, secretly she likes this loud student.

“This fellow student, what is your name? Come here to stage and introduce yourself.”

An Jia Qi does not hesitate, with big strides she walked to the stage, facing with more than 40 students she introduced herself.

“My name is An Jia Qi, this year I am six, I like to watch cartoon, eating snack.”

After this words, all the little fellows in below stage are laughing, even Teacher Wang cannot help not to laugh. But An Jia Qi does feel that little fellow classmates are laughing at her, she thought it as entertaining, and also heartlessly she joining them laughing.

“Alright, fellow classmates stop laughing, let An Jia Qi fellow student to finish.” Teacher Xiao Wang is looking at the brave little girl in front of her, inside her heart she is happier, taking care the situation.

“I also like to eat white rabbit candies, chocolates, jellies,….” seeing An Jia Qi is almost talking about her favorite food and also snacks, Teacher Xiao Wang almost cannot endure herself not to laugh, slowly guiding An Jia Qi how to make self-introduce.

“Little student An Jia Qi, can you say what is your biggest dream? Later in the future what you want to be?”

An Jia Qi lifts her head up thinking, louder she said: “My biggest dream is Mo Mo Ge Ge won’t come to control me eating snack…..”


6 thoughts on “C-novel : The Wolf Husband and Green Plum Wife (狼竹马与青梅妻) 10.2

  1. Jia Qi’s dream at the end surprised a snort of laughter out of me 😄 I am really looking forward to seeing what her personality is like when she gets older.

  2. Thanks. Looks like Mo Ge Ge controls extends to the class. I am also wondering what sort of personality AQ will end up having when she grows up.

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