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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 290


Chapter 290

Big Problem is coming over

When everyone was busying persuade him, only him alone who still stubborn, not because anyone… But because for what she told him before she left.

‘Ao Tian, after you settle the problem, remember to come to Parliament House!!’

‘You must come! Must come!’

That firm eyesight, that pair of eyes with stubborn sights, it makes one person not to hesitate.

That moment, he was being contagious by Yao Yao, as if a part of his old memory that buried for long time dug out, it was same eyesight, it was same contagious feeling. How could he doubt about her?

So that, no matter succeed or failed, he still stubborn coming to Parliament House, even if he ashamed himself there is no regret and grievance for him!!

‘Squeaked’ (the door open sound)

That heavy and thick metal door is being pushed open.

The government officials who is sitting nearest to the entrance door obviously noticed Yu Ao Tian.


He faintly smiles to stop that man greeting him, quietly looking at that shinning star who is standing on the podium…..

“I believed once Mr. Yu succeed in this election campaign based on his capability he will definitely bring a development into China’s political. Either in Economic or others. Please every officials have faith on Mr. Yu, Thank You!” at the end of a wonderful speech, Yao Yao from the podium rushed down and giving a deep bow.

The deafening applause flowing, seeing how wonderful Yao Yao speech just now. But unfortunate for Yu Ao Tian since he only able to see the last part.

He is slowly moving toward the position near to the podium, giving his faint smile while clapping.

Yu Ao Tian? Just at the moment when Yao Yao gets down from the podium, first person she spotted is him.

If it is not because of confined situation, he really wanted to hug this Little Thing!

“You work hard.” taking a seat, Yu Ao Tian said softly.

She is smiling while waving her hand: “This is my job. I have said before, from the start to the end. Rest assured, you will success.”

“Hahaha, I believe on you.” Yu Ao Tian smiles gently, when there is no one pay attention, he gently kissed her forehead….

Ugh…. Dumbfounded she staring and then blinking her eyes at the man who smile charmingly, her heart

‘thump, thump’ skip beat.

The feeling heart throbbing, is it because of this kind of situation or because of he kissed her forehead, so that she feels this nervousness? Or still…. There is another reason?

“After go through examination from our Prime Minister and some state council officials from every divisions, they decided…..” finally the thumping moment is arrived, at the moment when the representative officer is going to make announcement for the result, Yao Yao’s heart trembling.

“The congress member for this election is…. Mr. Yu Ao Tian!!!”

“Wuiz” a sound. At the time when she heard Yu Ao Tian this name, Yao Yao can feel her head is emptied. But another moment, the deafening applause is taken her back into a reality! “It’s you! It’s you! It’s you!! You are succeed! You are succeed!!!” she is happy with her hand raised, her eyes are filled with happy tears.

Does not know why, actually there is none of her business whether Yu Ao Tian is succeed in his election or not, but this is her first time in her life that she worked so hard when doing something, the joy of being successful is self-evident.

Compare to Yao Yao excitement, Yu Ao Tian expression is looked so flat, inside his bottomless eyes are revealed his dissatisfied.

Why? Yao Yao can feel that Yu Ao Tian must be so longing for this position, but why his expression such cold, or else this position isn’t something not really important for him.

It seems this position really cannot satisfy this person ambition?

Perhaps, this ambitious man purpose is….. Prime Minister position!

“Congratulation, CEO Yu. No! Now I must call you as Congress Yu.”

“Haha, what are you saying, Officer Liu, I still haven’t thanks everyone.”

At this time, the Prime Minister slowly walking toward here.

From the age he must at least someone in his sixty, deep black is concealed the traces of years, his vigorous aura embodies a sense of human dignity. He smiles, slowly extend out his hand: “Congress Yu, later in Parliament still need your strength. Congratulation.”

“Thank You, Prime Minister, I will do the things that I need to do.”

“I have high expectation on you.” Prime Minister smiles, his pair of bright piercing eyes slowly looked at Yao Yao: “Lawyer Luo, your speech are extraordinary. It seems, It not only Congress Yu has an outstanding ability but he also has good eyes in selecting talented person.”

Woah (happy expression)

Prime Minister is praising her, this is simply alike dreaming, too unbelievable, too unbelievable, if can bring a camera to here, this is too good ah~, she really wanted to find someone to record this moment as keepsake (memorialized)! “Thank You, thank you to Prime Minister praising me.”

“Haha. The capability of the youngsters are really unlimited. Later the country…. Is depending on you guys.” When the Prime Minister said something meaningful, he gave a nice pat to Yu Ao Tian’s shoulder and then left.

Aiya, aiya, if earlier she knew this when picking her major, she would not take law, tckckckc, she must go for politician path. Too cool, too majestic.

Of course, this is only Yao Yao’s joking to herself, the main reason why she choosing law actually because…. Her mother had been telling her not to touch anything with politic thingy! But she wanted to hold a memorial ceremony for her father who in heaven, so that she only can choose an occupation that able to plead for old case.

“All Officials, I take my leave first.”

“En, Congress Yu, take your time.”

When Yu Ao Tian is going to take Yao Yao with him and leaving, a sound of footsteps coming from behind, and followed with sharp voice: “Mr. Yu, You are not allow to leave!!”

Turned his head, as seen, a middle-aged man who is wearing a gold rimmed glasses showing up in front of them, beside him standing a man who has not an ordinary aura, and there are also few of minions.
They are…. Who are they?

“Secretary Fu, what is going on?” The head of the state council and few of the officials are curiously coming over.

Secretary Fu? Faint, in this politic world, the position of secretary can’t say small or big, whom secretary he is, if he is Prime Minister or Vice Prime Minister secretary this position is called as big. Yao Yao is thinking inside her heart.

That secretary Fu is tugging up his gold-rimmed glasses and smiles: “Chairman Tang, I think this time the congress election must be re-elect once again.”

What does he mean? What does he mean with re-elect? This secretary Fu is dissatisfied with Yu Ao Tian in which part? Why must re-elect? Yao Yao dissatisfied creasing her forehead, glancing at Yu Ao Tian who is standing beside her.

But Yu Ao Tian is looked so calm, as if he has already predicted this thing will be going to happen.

“Secretary Fu, the congress election is once every three years, only choose one every election. If really want to re-elect, at least you must give irrefutable reason, just afraid it won’t be met with the parliament’s rules.”


13 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 290

  1. OMG Azurro thank you so much for updating 😭 I’ve been waiting for this since last Saturday. Every hour I’ll be refreshing the page to see if it’s updated!! Really thank you!!😊 And argh… Why can’t they just leave YAT alone and let LL and him have their lovey dovey moment😋

  2. I hope this guy is not planning to assassinate or make trouble for him. I hope LS, MXT, LY and LQ will be there on time. Thanks Azurro for your hard work. Have a blessed day.

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