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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 291


Chapter 291

Yu Ao Tian is Daebak*]!!!

Listen to Director Tang explanation, Secretary Fu gives a smile, the eyes that hidden behind his glasses flashed: “This time congress election if not Mr. Yu being chosen perhaps still easy to settle, but if Mr. Yu, this election really need to re-select. Because I have received a news, two years ago before Mr. Yu coming to China, he was one of Yakuza’s head in Japan! I didn’t say wrong right? Mr. Yu?” After said, Secretary Fu pair of eyes are beaming directly looking at Yu Ao Tian.

‘Thump….thump…. Thump! Thump!’ (heart racing)

At sudden Yao Yao heart beat is racing faster, she failed, after all she is forgot about Yu Ao Tian’s background!

She thought this parliament officers only looking for selecting a new congress man, they won’t want to waste many time only to dig out Yu Ao Tian’s past, but….

She obviously knew that some of the government officials are seeking trouble for Yu Ao Tian, after all she didn’t think everything as whole, in completely.

As someone lawyer the most basic responsible is helping the client to think every possibilities and things in many aspects, no matter how big the matter is, how the details, must be prudent and cautious.

Such a big loophole, how could she not pay any attention? Just not paying attention!

There is faint trace of warmth in her moist eyes, she is biting hard her lips, she isn’t blaming Secretary Fu disclosure, but she is blaming herself, hate herself, first time accepting a case she has made huge mistake by leaving such big loophole! Such a failure!!

“Secretary Fu, I don’t know what are you talking about?” Yu Ao Tian confused shrugging his shoulders, helplessly looking at everyone.

“Secretary Fu, does this matter have absolute evidence?” Director Tang attitude is clearly a turning point, if Yu Ao Tian really have background as mafia, it means that against the Parliament rules, this time of election must be held for once again.

“Of course. If there is no absolute evidence, I would not dare to ask to re-do the selection this request.” Said Secretary Fu confidently, his hand is pointing at the man who has owned not an ordinary aura, that person is standing beside him: “This man is head of police officer in Japan, Mr. Hattori (Fu Bu), he could give an evidence about Mr. Yu past!”

Hah, this Secretary Fu after all went to Japan and brought the human evidence? While other people can do anything without single loopholes why she couldn’t? For once again Yao Yao bit harder her lips, with guilty eyesight looking at Yu Ao Tian, lowers her head down. This time is dead meat. Sorry, Yu Ao Tian….

“Hello to every Chinese Officials. I am head of police officer in Japan, my name is Hattori Jiro (Fu Bu Chi Lang). I ever met Mr. Yu in Japan before, moreover I could take responsible by giving an evidence that Mr. Yu was head of number one Yakuza group in Japan.” Hattori Jiro is using Japanese when talking with everyone by pointing at Yu Ao Tian, he also using translator helps to translate it into Chinese.

All of the officers who are listened to this, all of them at loggerheads: “Mr. Yu, if what Mr. Hattori said is right, really sorry, you must be disqualified from the congress!”

“Fuh…” Yu Ao Tian is taking deep breath, one of his hand is inserted into his pocket, slowly said: “Director Tang, this matter I really don’t know how to explain it to you. How about…. I ask Mr. Yamagucchi (San Kou) to give an explanation to you, can he?”

“Mr. Yamagucchi?” all of the people are exchanging their looks: “The Japanese Secretary of State, Mr. Yamagucchi Taizo (Shan Kou Tai San)?”

“Yes! I see, only him who can help me to prove everything.” After said, Yu Ao Tian is taking out his mobile phone, directly dialing the number of Mr. Yamagucchi Taizo, it is using video call so both sides of official can connect visually.

“Hello to every Chinese officials. I am Yamagucchi Taizo. I heard the news of Mr. Yu being elected as Chinese Congress member and I am so happy for that. Actually the Japanese side has been inviting Mr. Yu for few times, expecting he will be coming to help Japanese government, but Mr. Yu has refused, actually quite regretful….” Yamagucchi Taizo and the Chinese official are doing an interaction, in order to proof that Yu Ao Tian isn’t the head Yakuza in Japan, he even ensured that there was mistaken between Hattori and Yu Ao Tian.

“Two days ago you went to Japan, were you trying to find Mr. Yamagucchi?” When everyone is having an interaction with Mr. Yamagucchi, Yao Yao is whispering with very low voice to Yu Ao Tian who is beside her.

He is nodding, and even showing his cunning smile.

At this moment, Yao Yao heart can be at ease, but still she really cannot forgive herself with the reality of the loophole.

Yu Ao Tian is completely settled everything, she believes if there is no requirement to have representative lawyer during the election process, based on his capability he can do everything perfectly by himself!

Ha, she has pleaded to herself that she would do some make up for the debt she owed him. But now it seems that, everything that she made obviously useless.

“Mr. Yu, Mr. Yamagucchi has been confirmed everything for you, apologizing, just now was doubting about you.”The director of Parliament Tang Ying Jie smiles while hand over back the mobile phone to Yu Ao Tian.

“Haha, Director Tang, something important alike Parliament congress member this position, it is good to be extra careful when you are doing screening (choosing).”

“Mr. Yu, it is so good if you can think this way. Really happy, you can join us in Parliament.”

“Me too.” Yu Ao Tian smiles elegantly, he also waiting for Director Tang to leave.

When he sures there is no ‘ears’ anymore, his deep black eyes flashed, faster he looked at Secretary who standing not far: “Really worrying you how you give an explanation to Zheng Kai Rui later?”

Listened to Zheng Kai Rui, this three words, secretly Yao Yao creasing her forehead, this name again! Vice Prime Minister! So that this person is Vice Prime Minister’s secretary. She has lost her count every times Yu Ao Tian mentioned about Zeng Kai Rui, this name, actually what kind of hatred between Yu Ao Tian and Vice Prime Minister?

“Mr. Yu, you are thinking too much, this time only heard from others report, this is completely nothing related to Vice Prime Minister, after all the Japan and the China sides have already proven your Innocent, well it seems this really only a misunderstanding.”

“Aiya.” Yu Ao Tian is pretending surprised and open wide his mouth, but his face is showing his devilish smiles walking slowly in front of Secretary Fu, spoke softly: “Well, just didn’t know, whether today, the matter that I got attempting to be killed, did it also not related to him?”

“What? Mr. Yu did you almost get killed before? Didn’t you come late because of helping pregnant woman?” Secretary Fu is pretending to be stupid and dumbfounded spoke in high tone.

Yu Ao Tian showed confusing expression, frowned: “When did I say I was being hunted down? You must heard mistaken, Secretary Fu.”

“En? What? Well, I heard mistaken, hahahahaha.”


Two people are laughing at each other, but inside their heart both of them knew what the real thing happened, only because walked for quite long in political path, both of them must be so careful with their words and deeds.

“Yu Ao Tian, you are awesome, after all you are being able to invite Mr. Yamagucchi to help you out!” Hattori Jiro is gritting his teeth.


10 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 291

  1. Thanks for the update. What a close call. YAT works so well with YY. The details YY overlooks is corrected by YAT. Wonder what will happen next. What sort of tricks vice PM will resort to?

  2. Thanks Azurro for translating. I don’t really like politics because of it’s dirty side just like this story

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