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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 292

YY 4

Chapter 292

Beautiful Women

“Ao Tian, just now Xiao Meng Li said that your election almost failed,what did she mean?” the car is slowly moving, the joyful atmosphere inside the car suddenly change into tensed atmosphere, everyone is showing up gloomy expression.

“Just as what I predicted, Zeng Kai Rui really planned to expose my mafia background when I was still in Japan in order to stop me from election.”

“Fortunately you had made the preparation. But from this case, Zeng Kai Rui must be guessed about who you are, right?” Said Han Li Shang codly.

As seen, Yu Ao Tian handsome face showing cunning smiles: “I have entered political circle, certainly going to confront him head to head, this time he wanted to stop me, everything… Just too late!”

If Yu Ao Tian does not enter political circle, perhaps Zeng Kai Rui can incite the entire politician to be his enemy. But once he entered the political circle, once he is being selected into a position as one of the ‘Party’ which able to go against Zeng Kai Rui, so do not need to stick with Deputy of Prime Minister?

“Oh yeah, how about Xiao Meng Li’s mother?”

After heard Long Ye, Long Qi who is silent for this time creased his forehead, clenching his hand into fist.

“Just wait, wait for little bit.” This is not for first time Yu Ao Tian delaying this matter, Long Ye and Han Li Shang had said about this matter few times before, but he kept on saying to wait this matter and delayed it until now.

“Ao Tian, if…. You have considered something, just let me to go for it.” within this few days, everyone has witnessed something between Yu Ao Tian and Yao Yao, although they are believing that Yu Ao Tian isn’t type of person who can be controlled by feeling, but they are also afraid this time he would change the past ruthless.

“Haha, Li Shang, you must be mistaken on something, I don’t have anything to consider. It only this few days there was lot of things happened and need to be settled so that it delayed. My problem, I must settle it by myself!” after said, inside the deep pair bottomless Yu Ao Tian’s eyes, his eyes gleaming with dangerous flash….

That same afternoon, the Parliament House had announced the election result, when the news about Yu Ao Tian being selected as the congress member broadcast to the entire city, the stocks of Berson Group has increased for hundred points. It seems this time election, not only let Yu Ao Tian to gain this share as congress member, but it even to bring back all the Berson loses. This, perhaps, is called as the benefit by engage into political.

The next day.

“Woah…. This is my first time…. To see such luxurious private yacht!!” at seaside, Gong Xiao Man is opened wide her mouth, pointed at the Yacht that parked in seashore.
This luxurious private yacht can fit at least 300 people, inside, there is swimming pool, ball room, and also room to take a rest, it is akin to small luxury cruise.

She and Yao Yao are exciting looked at the yacht, looking to the vast blue sea, infatuated and take deep breathe: “Comfortable! This time really sprinkle by your fortune, Yao Yao.”

“Haha, it should be me who thank you because accompanying me come here.” she just does not know this time celebration will be at yacht, it seems there won’t be any swimsuit party? It was Long Ye who scared her.

“Every beautiful women, there is a place to change the clothes, you guys hurry changed into swimsuit.” Long Ye who is arranging this celebration commanding everyone.

All of them are heading to the changing place.

“Hey, Yao Yao, other than Mo Xue Tong, who are the rest?” at one corner, Gong Xiao Man is pointing at few women who are at same changing room, titled her head.

“Ugh… That one is the head housekeeper at Yu Ao Tian’s villa, her name is Angel.”

“Woah, even the head of housekeeper is really beautiful.”

“Hahaha….” actually sister Angel is only using the status as head of housekeeper to conceal her real identity as killer. Yao Yao awkwardly smiles, while her eyes looked at the other person who is stranger to her: “And about that woman, I also don’t know.”

“Ssst…. Counting at us, the total women are five, they are four men, you say how come there left one? Oh there also some staffs.”

“……………….” cold sweat, what does Gong Xiao Man think of? “Xiao Man, this is only ordinary gathering, you don’t think too much, okay?”

“Hihihihi. Do you know, my beloved, this is one of my likeness.” Gong Xiao Man is smiling devilish, she really can’t wait to hurry change her clothes with swimsuit…..

Luxury yacht, at the bow of yacht, four beach chairs are arranged side by side, four men are lying on the top leisurely, and leisurely looking at the vast sea.

The sun is shining on their body, the formation is more charming scenery than the sea, moreover the four men appearances are too brightly for eyes.

“Ah, it really has been long time.” Long Ye pair of hand put at back to support his head, his head facing to the blue bright sky.

“Thinking carefully, this yacht since we bought it, this is still our first time to use it, isn’t it?” This private yacht priced about 9 billions, it was bought by them after they acquired Berson and generate first revenue. But because all of them are too busy with working, this yacht has been idled for long time.

“Oh yeah, Li Shang, why are you bringing Angel to come here?” Long Ye changed his position into sitting, curiously looking at Han Li Shang.

“Nothing. Just want to call her coming here.” said Han Li Shang coldly, he takes a sip of beverage that put beside him.

“Older brother, you still say Li Shang, the woman that you call here, who is she?”

“You say whom?”

No need to ask, it must be Long Ye new girlfriend.

Long Ye once again changed his position into lying position, his eyes staring at Yu Ao Tian who keeps silent for this time.

He is using sunglasses, not moving lying there.

Long Ye curiously frowning: “Ao Tian? Ao Tian?”

“En?” Yu Ao Tian moved his head looked at him.

“Oh, nothing, I thought you are sleeping.”

“I am sleeping.” Yu Ao Tian is taking off his sunglasses, bitterly rubbing his temples: “Last night I had drinking until 3, now being shaken by the yacht, I almost want to throw out.” After said, he takes cold beverage, gulping mouthful, and finished it with two times big gulps.

“Cold sweat, those group of politician old men really awesome, everyday they don’t have thing to do so go to drink, fortunately you have good tolerance with liquor, or else you must be drunken to death by them.”

“Ye!” suddenly, there is a woman voice.

Long Ye takes a look, as seen, this woman has sexy body shape, her body is wearing plain blue bikini and slowly walking toward them.

She is appearing in front of them taking off her outer, her action almost choking Long Qi: “ke ke (cough voice). Fuck, her boobs!”

“Long Qi, you are really useless!” coldly Yu Ao Tian glance at him.

As his biological brother he also despised him with smile: “Having you as my younger brother is such embarrassing, your older brother if want to have girlfriend must be this type.” after said, his use pair of his hand to shape the body, this gesture.

Long Qi is fiercely gritting his teeth, these two of men are bullying him because he does not have any girlfriend? Not to mention Long Ye’s girlfriend must have be someone who has sexy body, Yu Ao Tian’s girlfriend also those who have good body too? It seems that later on he must find the S shape girl to be his girlfriend?


6 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 292

  1. HLS is such a chicken poop..he is so scare to be alone with GXM, HLS ended up inviting Angel to attend the party. I wonder what will GXM do, be jealous or play the same game as HLS with other men on board…wait…there are no other men except YAT, LY n LQ…shucks..

  2. if long qi is wrong. i don’t think that YAT girlfriend has the S shape body, she just look like a small s shape body, not the S shape (i’m referring to YY here) unless YAT decided too bring another girl. but i don’t tink so, because he said that he will commit to only have YY as girlfriend and if he got another one they will separate soon as possible

  3. What are they going to do about YY mothers matter that they had postponed it? Angel was invited by HLS to be their body guard and used her to be his shield. I hope GXM will dare to tease HLS. I really missed their enter action. I hope YY and YAT will have time to each other and progress more to their relationship, or will define their relationship. Thanks fir the update and have a blessed day.

  4. Thanks. Time for r & r. HLS is so scared of GXM that he is bringing Angel? Wow. GXM is awesome. Wonder how GXM will attack HLS.

  5. Thanks for the chapter!! I’m seriously scared to learn about Yao Yao especially since the whole chapter where she used a gun and killed someone like a pro…

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