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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 292


Chapter 292

The Congressman Yu Ao Tian

He really know Yu Ao Tian very well, and he also met him for couple times. One who walks in black path, one who walks in white path, as head of police officer Hattori Jiro, impossible for him not understand Yu Ao Tian?

Speak little bit blunt, when he was in Japan, Yu Ao Tian was almost being caught by Hattori Jiro. So that there still a revenge between them.

“Mr. Hattori, this time you suddenly visiting China, moreover you were secretively meeting China Government officer. You think after you go back to your country, could it be Mr. Yamagucchi thought you…. Selling out your country?”

Just as information, today the relationship between China and Japan are quite tensed, this time Hattori Jiro coming to China might absolutely telling the Japanese side, he as someone who has high position but coming to China secretly, although he could go back, but he won’t have any good ending!

“Yu Ao Tian, thank you for your consideration. I have my own way to explain the matter!” after said, Hattori Jiro and Secretary Fu leaving the Parliament with darken face.


From far far away looking at Yu Ao Tian who face is hanging with subtle smile, Yao Yao who keeps on silent for this time, slowly walking in front of him: “Why Mr. Yamagucchi wanted to help you?”

“No matter in which country’s the person who hold high position must be built their own party (group) in private. Hattori Jiro is confidant of Japan Deputy Vice Minister, while me during in Japan, just by coincided, I was confidant of Mr. Yamagucchi Taizo. Very early he really wanted to get rid this Hattori. Hence, I just told him, once Hattori pointed his finger on me, going to reveal my past, then once he came back to Japan, Yamagucchi Taizo could excuse to the Japanese Government to catch Hattori because sold out country secret. So that, based on my relationship with Yamagucchi, in order to gain advantage, he helped me, this is something sensible.”

This mater sound such simple, doesn’t it all about the internal government fight, Yamagucchi Taizo must protect his own confidant, and on other side he also wanted to get rid rival’s confidant too.

But…. The reality actually are far complicated! Now Yao Yao is quite happy, that time she listened to her mother’s words once she choosing to get involved into politic this path, or else because of the internal fight, she perhaps has beaten till hers bones are broken.

Important to say, based on Yu Ao Tian complexity, walking in politic and government path must be as smooth and flat alike white clouds!

“Oh yeah, since you are Mr.Yamagucchi’s confidant, why didn’t you choose Japanese government, isn’t it more handy to be there?” by this way, Yu Ao Tian does not need to come to China with Businessman status, and at same time no need to waste much time, doesn’t this is much better?

“I don’t like Japan, this is my reason, can it be?” after said, Yu Ao Tian is holding her hand and walking out from the Parliament House.

But she clearly can feel it, this is only an excuse that given by Yu Ao Tian to stop her from keep asking.

Hence the reason why he must come to China and join the political, this is not really the point she wanted to ask, because she just randomly gives him question when asked him.

“Ao Tian, how’s things?” walking out from the Parliament House, Long Qi and others who are guarding the door hurried dashed in front.

He silent for moment, faintly smile.

Paused, Long Qi and the others are showing their excitement smiles: “So Good! Too great! Very good!”

“Ao Tian, Congratulation!” Han Li Shang is tightly hugging Yu Ao Tian, that cold eyes is clearly have tears.

It can be felt that, all of them are so touched, so happy. But…. From the moment the election result was announced, Yao Yao is so obvious can feel Yu Ao Tian flat emotion, even until now he stills so.

Compare to Long Ye excitement, Han Li Shang tearing eyes, he as if an outsider, only giving a faint smile, there is no such happiness expression!

“Xiao Meng Li, this time you are contributing much, come, let me give you a hug!” after said, Long Ye without waiting for Yao Yao to react, pair of his hand hugging onto her waist, and then raises her up.

Ugh…. This is such? She paused, this gesture gives a feeling she is so embarrassed, after all she isn’t a little girl, being hugged like this actually too embarrassed. The most important is….. “Haha, Long Ye Ge Ge, actually this time Yu Ao Tian succeed, this is really nothing related to me, still because of my appeared careless mistake, which resulted… Yu Ao Tian election almost failed….” talked to this point, Yao Yao is feeling guilty lowering her head.

Long Ye at moment dumbfounded, slowly put Yao Yao back to the ground, his face curiously looked at Yu Ao Tian: “What is going on?”

“Get into car later we will have talked about it.”


In front of the metal fence, there are many reporters awaiting. Waiting Yu Ao Tian and others walking out from the inner metal fence, the reporters are surrounded as if bees….

“Mr. Yu, how’s the election result? If it failed, will Berson Group stocks keep on going down?”

“Mr. Yu, are you ever thinking to take over the CEO position in Berson again?”

Facing with the reporters who are continuing give questions, Long Ye who knows well about this and can manage with ease, talking on behalf of Yu Ao Tian: “Haha, Media fellows, if you guys want to know the result of the election, still better to check out the news that Parliament House going to announce. Thus, for now our Chairman really can’t say anything so far.”

Taking a chance when Long Ye drawing the media attention, Yu Ao Tian movement is so fast he pulled Yao Yao quickly to get into car which parked on road side.

Not long after that, Long Ye also free himself and gets into the car.

“Ao Tian, where are we going to celebrate?” Han Li Shang has epoch-making idea to go for Happy moment, it hard to see but today he just too happy, so happy!

“Rest assured, the celebration place, Ao Tian has given an order to me.” Said Long Ye, he smiles secretive toward Yu Ao Tian.

“Bao Bei, tonight you…”

“I want to go to my home.”

“Humph.” Yu Ao Tian gives cold humphed, but this is also good, tonight he and those few government officials will ‘drink to the fullest’.

Not long after that, the car is taking lead to send Yao Yao home, “I take my leave first. Good bye everyone.” she waving her hands and then get down from the car.

Suddenly Yu Ao Tian grabbed her wrist: “Tomorrow at 7 morning, I will going to pick you up, remember, take swimming suit.”

“Ah?” Going to swim? “I cannot swim, I won’t go.”

“You must come!”

“That’s right, Xiao Meng Li, I have prepared this especially to celebrate Ao Tian succeed in election, in advance there is swimsuit party.”

So this is a party for celebrating Yu Ao Tian? But swimsuit party? When heard it feels alike porno. “I, can I call Xiao Man to join?”

“Cannot!!!” without waiting Yu Ao Tian replied, Han Li Shang who is sitting inside the car is impulsively spoke.

“Ugh….” Yao Yao dumbfounded, why the reaction of Vice CEO Han such strong?

“Can, you can call anyone to come.”


Yu Ao Tian is stopped Han Li Shang to speak, smile devilishly: “You go home.”

“Oh, Good bye.” Yao Yao is happily waving her hand, turned her body and walking toward her own house.

It can be felt, Han Li Shang’s face showing such annoyance, he really is, so afraid to meet Gong Xiao Man that little girl!


12 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 292

  1. the uncle- little girl relationship in novel always looking good and romantic. why in the real life especially in asia this relationship considered taboo. the gap only 10-15 years tough

  2. Lol han li Shang’s reaction was so funny 😂😂 can’t wait to see what happens when Xiao man come😈 thanks for the update 😘😘

  3. Thanks for the update. Ha ha HLS’ s reaction is priceless. For a man who is not afraid of anything, GXM strikes fear into him. Hopefully there will be lovey dovey time for YAT and YY.

  4. I can’t believed HLS is afraid of GXM lol…He is afraid that he can’t resist her charm and will fall for GXM. I hope YAT and YY will progress more of their relationship. Thanks Azurro and have a blessed evening.

    1. Han Li Shang is fear of Gong Xiao Man stubbornness and at same time he does not have way to deal with her.
      He has fallen for her but he just does not want to admit it.
      Have good sleep to you ^-^
      Ps: Here is afternoon at my place 🙂

  5. Finally we ll have a HLS x GXM moment . i waited so much for this 🙂 GXM is so funny and the best friend YY could have

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