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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 293

YY 3

Chapter 293

Every Woman has sexy body

“Ye, what are you guys talking?” the sexy woman completely ignored and bend down her body to Long Ye, and at same time smile politely to Yu Ao Tian.

“Nothing, where’s other?” Long Ye vaguely hugging on the woman’s waist, smile when asking.

“Soon they will come out.”

When she just spoke, Angel and Mo Xue Tong are coming out together. These two women although their body aren’t as exaggerated as Long Ye’s girlfriend but still their body are A body where protrude should be its present, the place where there’s lift it’s elevated, still hot in eyes.

“switttt….” Long Qi is making blowing sound, whispered: “Still sister Xue Tong is more beautiful.”

Although, what that Long Qi said is a fact, if gather face with body together, believe all the women in this yacht must be shown the white feather (candidly admit defeat), but older brother’s girlfriend is still dare, he even dares to say such thing, it will definitively anger some people.

“Long Qi!!” Long Ye is fiercely glaring at his younger brother, but that pair of charming eyes can’t help to look at Mo Xue Tong’s back.

She is coldly lying down at an empty beach chair, wearing her sunglasses and alone drinking her beverage.

Angel is giving deep bow to Yu Ao Tian before she sits down beside Han Li Shang.

“Why flat chest and Gong Xiao Man haven’t show up?” Long Qi is impatiently waiting for them, all the people are gathered to open the champagne.

“Oh ya, talking about Xiao Meng Li, Ao Tian you make a guess what kind of bikini she is wearing? Or high fork swimsuit?” Long Ye is so expecting what kind of bikini will be wore by this Xiao Meng Li who has 14 or 15 years old face.

“No need to guess.” Han Li Shang is expressionless pointing at two persons who are slowly walking closer, subconsciously wearing his sunglasses to cover his helpless expression.


Long Qi, Long Ye, Yu Ao Tian three of them are curiously looking over there, as seen, three of them are showing dumbstruck expression, the next moment… “Huff.” the Long’s brothers are drinking beverage, and spitting it out.

Long Ye is more exaggerating he even spitting out toward his girlfriend’s body.


“Sorry, sorry.” Long Ye is enduring his laugh, turned his head to other side, patting at Yu Ao Tian’s shoulder: “Xiao Meng Li…. Really different with everyone, hahahahahaha.”

He can clearly see that Long Ye smiles is little bit strained.

The most important, Yao Yao who has 14 or 15 years old face, now she is wearing such childish swimming suit (little girl swimsuit), and even braid her hair in two section, her looks simply alike primary student!

She is absolutely different compare to these beautiful women who ‘a body where protrude should be its present, the place where there’s lift it’s elevated’.

Even Gong Xiao Man today is wearing bikini, standing side by side with Yao Yao, she looks alike big sister who is bringing her little sister, Yao Yao is looked so naive, too naive.

“Damn!how can flat chest flat to this point? Impossible she does not know how lacking she is? At least she must use something alike bra swim suit.”

“Long Qi, you hold your tongue! This is quite good, really good, hahahahaha.” Long Ye afraid Yu Ao Tian lost face, quickly alleviate the awkward atmosphere.

Just to know, all Yu Ao Tian’s girlfriend, none of them who are not beauties. Although Yao Yao is so beautiful, but her beauty…. Really types of lolly-girl.

“What good that’s! Ao Tian standing side by side with flat chest, I can feel older brother with little sister or father with his daughter?”

“Long!!!” this time, Long Ye really doesn’t know how to alleviate the situation, because he also feel….

These two persons standing side by side, actually really not match. “Ao Tian, speak honestly, when you are with Xiao Meng Li…. Don’t you feel sense of guilty (doing crime)?”


If say not, it really impossible! Yu Ao Tian in this side really speechless, that Little Thing not only her appearance that looked alike 12 or 13 years old, even her ‘inner’ simple to say really a little girl! Impossible he does not have sense of guilty?

But…. Because of that, he is simply loves her, spoil her. Perhaps this is a common thing for an ordinary big man, facing with this little girl, no matter how heartless and cold-blood a man there will still endurance!

“Yao Yao, you are really, everyone is wearing bikini, it only you who is wearing childish swimsuit, really embarrassing!” Gong Xiao Man is pulling her hand, softly complaining.

“You, you know that I just back to China, I hasn’t had chance to go swimming, so that in my home there is only this swimming suit that bought when I was 12 years old.”

“Ah??? Aren’t you growing since you were 12 until now???”

“…………………” cold sweat, it seems, thing really like this!

Finally everyone is gathered, everyone is surrounded a long table that has put at there beforehand, Han Li Shang and the Long’s brothers everyone of them is holding one bottle of champagne, using strength to shake it, “1! 2! 3!”


The cap opening sound crisp and loud, the fragrant of the champagne overflow from the bottle neck. The Long’s Brothers using their thumb to stop up at the champagne’s bottle, from the bottle the champagne splashing every where.


The Long Brothers are splashing the champagne to the women, all of them are screaming surprised.

Long Ye’s girlfriend is even exaggerating looking everywhere to hide, everyone is playing awfully.

Long Qi only targeting Yao Yao, no matter where she hides, he will be coming over her. That champagne is spraying all over her body even to her face.

“Hey!!! Long Qi, why don’t you targeting other people?” Yao Yao is unhappily pouted her mouth, representing her protest.

“Since you are good to be target, of course targeting you.” after said, he for once again using his strength shaking the champagne, and using his strength to spray it to her face.

At this time, Yu Ao Tian is walking over, alike kid being hugged, he hugging Yao Yao into his embrace, glared at Long Qi, his expression as if telling, spray if you dare.

Who knows….

Today Long Qi not even giving Yu Ao Tian face,directly he spraying the champagne to Yu Ao Tian’s face.

‘Huh.’ sound, has already sprayed into his face.

“Hahahahahahaha.” Yao Yao is laughing crazily by covering her mouth.

Yu Ao Tian really wants to know, whether this Little Thing is dumb or not? Because of whom he makes himself got sprayed? “Long Qi, I see you this little brat today seem you bore to live!!” he puts down Yao Yao on the surface, quickly he dash to Long Qi.

“Ao Tian, Ao Tian, be careful with your image, now you are congressman.” Long Qi is catching Yu Ao Tian.

He immediately changed his playful expression, it is not because he care too much about his congressman image, but the important there are Long Ye’s girlfriend and Gong Xiao Man, these outsiders, he indeed does not want to reveal too much his personal thingy.

There is no way, for while he better enduring Long Qi.

“Come, let’s we together celebrate Ao Tian political path ‘won’t be back’.”

“Ao Tian, congratulation.”

“Congratulation, Chairman Yu.”


“Congratulation.” everyone is giving blessing words to Yu Ao Tian.

Everyone is raising high their hand that holding the glass with champagne. “Come! Cheers.”

‘bang’ sounded, the champagne let out crisp and loud voice. Herald, from now on Yu Ao Tian in the political career is officially set sail.


12 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 293

  1. Simply adored this chapter lol 😂😂 nd love how YAT did say YY was an outsider 😍😍 thanks for the update 😘😘

  2. Waaaah~ thanks you so much for the update!! But seriously the little girl in a swimsuit shocked made me burst into laughter 😂😂😂 oh god like why why is she wearing that 😭 In the manhua she doesn’t really look like a flat chest but why? 😭 Anyway it was so funny that Ao Tian got sprayed by the champagne. Nice one Lon Qi…and I do hope there’s more coming for this pool-yacht party

  3. I can’t believe YY is wearing this type of swimsuit, lol I’m laughing out loud….thumps up for LQ for intentionally sprayed YAT face…they are having fun…thanks fir the update. Have a blessed day

  4. Thanks for the chapter. Such a funny chapter. YY sure puts all expectations wrong. LQ teasing YAT if he feels guily doing the crime.

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