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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 294


Everyone can guess the contain of this chapter. So, for those who waiting for steamy scene, enjoy your reading LOLS.

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Chapter 294

The Vague Atmosphere inside the Yacht Cabin

“Bao Bei, with your appearance, you think how many scolding I need to shoulder in the future?” when everyone is playing happily, Yu Ao Tian is slowly walking closer to Yao Yao’s side, smiles sinister while spoke.

She dumbfounded, blinking her eyes few times: “What’s matter with my appearance? What?”

Yu Ao Tian’s eyes are looking her from head to toe, really more he sees her more he feels she is so much looking alike primary school student, he even not really know with kind of attitude he must deal with her.

“Huh.” he is taking deep breathe, pretending to be bitter said: “You say, if there is media that photo us together, the headline will be the Parliament congress member without consider about morality act indecently toward little girl, what it will do?”

Speak honestly, this is such serious problem for politician, maybe one day this topic will ruin Yu Ao Tian politic career.

“Aiya, doesn’t this is so simple? You can find a girlfriend.” once Yao Yao spoke, suddenly the atmosphere change to be dimmed.

Since the day Yu Ao Tian being elected, she isn’t his representative lawyer anymore; if he really looking for girlfriend, they will be more stranger than now, they will not have any relation.

This, it seems something that Yao Yao has been looking forward for such long time, but when she said it out, she can feel her heart is such uncomfortable.

“Ha.” Yu Ao Tian is smiling devilish, it seems that she not really clearly about the relationship between both of them! Thinking carefully, he takes the opportunity when no one focus on them, he takes Yao Yao quickly inside the yacht cabin.

“Hey, Yu Ao Tian, why you take me here?” the second floor of cabin, the rest area. Inside not only has comfortable sofa, and also soft bed, there is also transparent glass at the below which able to see the fish diving in water.

“Humph, you are such heartless Little Thing, I want you to know, knowing the words just now spoken by you actually provoking me!” after said, he pushing down Yao Yao on the bed, his sexy lips are brushing on her lips.

“En uh…” her eyes opened widen, she is little bit not understanding what Yu Ao Tian mean by saying this such thing, her words provoking him? Asking him to find girlfriend, how could that provoking him?

That skillful tongue is entering her little mouth, strongly intertwined with her tongue.

Yao Yao cannot bear this type of kissing, want to refuse, but her mouth is tightly sealed, so she cannot say anything.

Gradually, at the beginning inside the cabin is muffled but because of this kiss it even more suffocating.

Cannot to breathe, it will going to die, really unbearable!! “Huhuhuhuhu” pair of her hand hitting on his chest.

By this time Yu Ao Tian still reluctantly to let her go.

“Huhuhuhu…” Yao Yao is constantly letting out rough breathes, she even thought she going to die, her moist eyes are glaring fiercely toward him.

Damn! Yu Ao Tian eyes sharply looked at her: “Don’t look at me with that kind of eyesight!” or else he really would have sense of guilty, Heaven knows that the appearance of Yao Yao now, she is really looks alike little girl that being bullied? How can he keep on continuing?

“I don’t like to be like this!” she dislikes, she dislikes it not even a bit, staying beside Yu Ao Tian there is no special feeling, but once there is something intimate interaction, she really feels uncomfortable.

“Dislike?” Yu Ao Tian is smiling devilish, his bottomless eyes are slowly glance over: “Bao Bei, you dislike it but why this place ‘stand up’?”

Yao Yao is looking at her chest area, vaguely there are two small things obviously bulge. How, how can this happen? Hurried she cover her chest area with pair of her hand: “I, I….” huhuhuhu…. This is so embarrassing to death, it even bulge out!

“You are really, the swimsuit not even have bra pad?” luckily her situation only happened inside the cabin. If her situation being seen by many men, Yu Ao Tian’s face might be deathly lost because of her.

“This swimsuit bought when I was 12 years old, it absolutely does not have any bra pad!!”


Does this little brat stop growing since she was at 12 years old? Yu Ao Tian feels this little thing perhaps wrongly when reported her age! “Come, Bao Bei, let me check on it, okay.”

“I don’t want!!”

“You not let me to check on it, if you going out like this you will going to be laughed by them.”

This right too, Yao Yao loosen her hands that protecting her chest area.

Yu Ao Tian is pretending to seriously checking, but the other moment, his mouth is curved upward, smiles alike sinister….

Darn it!

Yu Ao Tian this rotten bastard! Waiting she comes to react actually she has been falling into his trap, so if she thinking to stop, everything is too late.

He lower his head, open his mouth, he has already accurate finding her sensitive area on her swimsuit.

“Uh, Yu Ao Tian, you…. You are rotten bastard!!” Yao Yao is pissed off while keep on push away forehead that close to her chest, constantly she keeps on scolding and cursing him.

“Bao Bei, just as expected your little mouth really so provoking!” he narrowed his eyes, his big hand is kneading her breast, and once again he lower his head.

“Uh ng…” something alike electric-current flowing to her body, her soft body is shaking from time to time and it comes to series of thriller (feel excited at sudden).

Now she really regretful to scold this rotten bastard man, but if she does not scold and curse him, will he stop?

“Bao Bei, take look at yourself, you are really hot.” Yu Ao Tian really satisfied with her reaction.

Yao Yao quickly lowering her head, immediately her little face is showing embarrassed expression: “You are too much! Yu Ao Tian!!!”

She is someone who having 14 or 15 years baby face, moreover today she is wearing childish swimsuit, obviously so child-alike. But the bulge thing in her chest really flirting, and with her child-look alike the scenery of doing crime pop out.

Even Yu Ao Tian, a man who does not have any likeness for ** but after seeing this kind of scenes he impulsively wants to make his move, if this being seen by such fervent** big uncle, perhaps today she won’t be easy to escape.

It seems Long Ye has mistaken one thing, even getting along with Yao Yao this type of Lolly there will give some guilty feeling but, if really will get stuck with it, although there will give some guilty feeling at same time it also provoking!

Gradually, Yu Ao Tian bottomless eyesight suddenly flashed that kind of** beam, his sinister smiles, suddenly he takes off Yao Yao’s swim suit.

“Hey! You!!!”

If, just now whatever Yu Ao Tian did actually a kind of teasing her, but this moment….

‘thump, thump’ a sense of tension filled the air, when just wanted to cover her naked body….

For once again, Yu Ao Tian is faster ahead, he lower his head and using his tongue to touch her sensitive part.

“Ah ng….” the movement is becoming tense but also giving a thrill sense, she is enduring herself by bite

hard her lips: “Don’t, Don’t like this.” using her strength to stop him.

Tepidness big hand is touching her sensitive part, his fingers are rubbing at her nipple.

“Ngng.” The hot burn Yao Yao’s face has already blushed red, that tense body gradually weaken.

14 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 294

  1. Azurro, I know you are not comfortable translating this scene but I would like to THANK YOU for making an effort of doing a good job. Well done, girlie..:D

  2. Every time they have intimate moments they never did all the way. In YAT’s lifestyle, he’s been thru a lot of women: girlfriends and others. It’s really impressive how he can control it with YY….most especially now that he said no more other women.

  3. I believe YAT will never go all the way and only will tease here as long as YY is still not mentally ready. Thank for the update. Now I need a cold shower…..

      1. That’s what I like about YAT ……but I wonder whether YY will ever let herself realize her feelings for YAT

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