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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 295


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Chapter 295

The Vagueness of Two People are going High

Slowly, his white big hand is sliding down.

“Don’t!” she can feel dangerous, quickly she clamped both of her leg tight.

But the man stills able to get into-between the gap, very quick he instigate cloth, his fingertips lightly stroking the woman’s sleek and soft.

Ups and downs, it gives teasing temptation.

“Beg, I begging you. Stop it…” Yao Yao is showing up her begging expression, both of them have been for some while not doing this such intimate things, for this meanwhile she indeed is having comfortable life, there no such pressure, but today for once again she feels that strange sense of suffocation, she feels something weird inside her heart.

“Want me to stop?” Yu Ao Tian is smiling sinister raised his head.

Seeing a glimpse of hope, quickly she nodding her head.

“Well, did you remember two year ago when you were begging me?”

Two year ago? How begging him? Didn’t that time also like now, the way of begging?

“Bao Bei, if you call right, I will let you dress yourself.”

Addressing him a right way….

How she called him two years ago? Big Boss Yu? No, not right, it seemed not this kind of addressing, so how to call him?

Yao Yao is trying her utmost to recall, in her mind it seems has so many things, she feels in difficultly bites her lips: “2… Two years ago, I was 17 years old! But, but now I am 19 years old.” after she remembered the way she addressed him two years ago, she feels so embarrassing.

“Bao Bei, but you don’t forget, I am also older by two years too.”

That’s right! She is 19 years old, Yu Ao Tian also 28 years old, it seems both of them still have that difference age gap. After she thought about this, she is embarrassed pouted her mouth, murmured: “Big… Big brother, begging you to let me off.”


Two years ago he felt this kind of addressing was sweet to death, but now seeing her like this calling him, simple to say it gives a heavier the sense guilty of him (as if doing crime to little girl)!

“Can I dressed?”

“Do as you please.” Yu Ao Tian is restraining himself to press down the lower abdomen.

Yao Yao gets up, Yu Ao Tian is slowly moving down.

When she had just sorted out her swimsuit, feeling the lower part of the swimsuit is picked up to side.

“What are you doing?” Yao Yao is tensed open wide her eyes.

Yu Ao Tian is smiling alike sinister, slowly lower down his head….

“En ng….” a strong sense of excitement, compare to just now temptation is so difference, it feels as if there’s something in the body keeps moving, and the body lower part has sensed stronger limp and numb feeling.

“Yu, Yu Ao Tian, you…. You are not… Keeping your words. Don’t, don’t….. I begging you, don’t lick anymore!” she is using her strength to push his head away, her face is showing panic and also fear expression.

The feeling that felt by the body cannot lie, she really afraid to show her uncontrolled self.

“Bao Bei, only by this short time, your lower is already wet. No matter how, it stills cannot suck-dry, what should to do?” Yu Ao Tian is pretending to sigh, his tip of tongue is brushing that attractive slit, one of his fingers is slowly getting inside: “Come, let me check it, check on it, does inside really that wet!”

“Ah ng… Don’t, too deep, finger stops moving. Don’t!” She really going to lost herself. That sensitive body keeps on teasing by this rotten man, how can she hold it?

”Bao Bei, come, continue calling me.”

“Don’t!” she does not want to be taken advantage by this man’s idea!

“Don’t?” Yu Ao Tian smiles devilish, his finger is probing deeper and stir for a bit.

“Uh!!! Ng ng… You…. Big, Big Brother.” The naive Yao Yao, she thought by compromised with Yu Ao Tian this man can stop his hand.

But who knows, this is not more alike playing with** fire.

Today, this man has been addicted to the excitement of this kind of teasing-crime. His bottomless eyes are sweeping at the swimsuit which she wore, the picture of the crime scene for once again showing up in front of his eyes.

Just as expected, she wearing this childish swimming suit, moreover keeps calling him big brother, resulting all the things that he’s doing right now, simply to say this is provoking his masculine** nature.

“Bao Bei, why are you calling me?” after said, for once again he moving his finger.

“Uh.” Yao Yao covered her mouth, so that she won’t let out any embarrassed voice, “Big, Big brother, you, you, let me off, okay?”

“How you want me to let you off? Bao Bei, if you are not said it clearer, I don’t know what to do.”

Does this rotten bastard pretending to be dummy? is he really not understand what she is talking? Yao Yao suspicious at this moment thinking, murmured: “Please take out your hand, fingers take… It out.”

“Oh.” Yu Ao Tian is leisurely raised one of his hand, slowly moving his finger.

At one glance, simply to say she wanted to cry: “You! You are rotten bastard!”

“Bao Bei, you are not saying it clearer.” Yu Ao Tian curved upward, slowly said: “You must say, Big Brother, begging you, please take out your hand’s fingers from my inside.”

This kind of words once it heard…. Such fervent! She can’t say it, really cannot say it out!

“Not say?” seeing Yao Yao not open her mouth for some time, Yu Ao Tian deep eyes flashed, raise her pair of leg up, his tongue tip is teasing hers**.

“Ah en….” Strong sense of electrical across her lower body, her small hands are grabbing quilt.
But this hasn’t ended, that bad tongue is moving and teasing, it stimulate the most sensitive areas of her body.

“Don’t!!! Don’t be like this!!” Yao Yao is shaking her head crazily: I said, I said….” step by step she is getting into the trap of the devil: “Big, Big brother, begging you, please… The finger that trust into my inside… Please let it out…”

Does not know whether because of this type of dirty words provocation or because the man has very good skill. Without waiting for Yao Yao to finish her words, she can feel her lower abdomen tensed, a heat suddenly spewing out. “Ah….” her whole body as if floating clouds, her body fell on the bed.

“Bao Bei, today your reaction is so fierce, see, you made the quilt wet.” Yu Ao Tian raised and changed into sitting position, seeing inhale mouthful of air, Yao Yao who let out rough breathe, he smiles.

“You, you are rotten bastard!!” she hates, she embarrassed glared at him, her eyes is filled with averse feeling.

Every time he always teased her to the lame condition; every time she feels embarrassed because of him.

She really cannot bear this kind of shame, but at same time it gives a feeling hard to forget.

“Little Thing, if you are keeping on scolding me, it won’t be that easy to stop!”

Ugh…. She covered her mouth, her eyes are gradually looking at the man’s lower part. That beach pant is slightly elevated. It is proven the man is **.

It has been long time, she does not being forced by him to do that, does she?

Can this being said he is taking a step back?

Toward men, Yao Yao really does not have so many understanding, and also she really does not know how strong this kind of desire for men. But, due to Feng Chen Yi cheating, Yu Ao Tian who keeps on changing girl friends, without realized it, this is a prove men also have longing for this kind of thing.

Does Yu Ao Tian now?

Forget it, actually she should secretly happy about it, because until now both of them don’t have a real relationship. Really should not provoking this man, if he is having bad mood, she will completely out of luck.


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