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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 296

Picture credit to it's owner
Picture credit to it’s owner

I still going to update A Naive Short-temper Girl on daily base but I only post one chapter per day, I think this is the best way I could do. Moreover after Fasting Month ended, I will be on my holiday so, I might be off about three or four weeks. and also in order to keep up with my schedule that I had planned before hand ^-^
Just ensure to check your e-mail notification for the newest chapter XD

Chapter 296

Long Qi **

“Long Qi, have you found Ao Tian, them?” inside the yacht cabin, Long Ye is patting his younger brother’s shoulder.

He is slight absent-minded: “No, haven’t found.” nervously he shaking his head, and then he rushed to toilet.

‘thump, thump’ his heart is skipping beat hardly, Long Qi handsome white face is blushed red, pair of his clear eyes are filled with strong of man’s**.

“Hu… Hu…” constantly he lets out rough breathing, his burning hot body is leaning on the wood door, wanting to cool down, but his ears is constantly echoing the scene that he heard just now in the cabin rest room area.

‘Big, Big brother, begging you, please… The finger that trust into my inside… Please let it out…’

He was asked by his older brother to look for Yu Ao Tian, but by coincidental he saw the vague scene of Yu Ao Tian and Yao Yao.

Yao Yao was showing that kind of expression, and also her tempting voice, again and again it pound his senses.

“Damn!” Long Qi stunned feeling his lower abdomen tensed, something is lifting up from his beach pant.

Faster he open the water tap, constantly he watering himself with cold water, from head to his body, he expecting himself to quickly forgetting all the scenery that he had seen before.

‘knock knock knock’

“Long Qi, are you okay? Are you having seasick?”

“I, I am okay.” he stopped the water, take deep breathe, pretending as if nothing happen, open the rest room door: “My stomachache…” without he realized his eyes are looking at Yao Yao who is standing at Long Ye’s back, his white face for once again blushing red.

“I have found Ao Tian, come, let’s we go to deck.”

“En, Oh…” Long Qi is gulping down his saliva nodding his head, walking to the last row. But his eyes not daring to look at Yao Yao.

“Hey, big uncle, why don’t you go swimming? Won’t it because your body is not good, so that you are not daring to take off your cloth and go swimming, right?” when everyone is playing in the pool, Gong Xiao Man is walking to the ship’s bow, looking for Han Li Shang.

He is sitting at the most edge of the yacht bow, casually glanced at Gong Xiao Man, continuing with his coldness eyes looking at the vast blue sea.

Gong Xiao Man eyes rolled: “Big uncle, let’s play together.” she stretching out her hand and pulling Han Li Shang’s arm.

His sharp eyes are glancing at her hand that grabbed his arm, not long after that, his cold handsome face showed strange smile: “Alright.”

“Come, come, let’s us play volley ball together.” when Long Ye’s girlfriend said this, Gong Xiao Man and Han Li Shang go to the pool side,

At this moment, Long Ye and others also come and join to pool side.

“Okay!” Gong Xiao Man is raising her hand as the signal she agreed, pose one beautiful pose, jumping into the pool. “Big uncle, let’s together.”

Han Li Shang who is standing at the edge silent for moment, slowly takes off his cloth.

The body has perfect muscles, it so similar with the body builder show which shown in front of Gong Xiao Man’s eyes, she really regret toward herself that thought Big Uncle does not have any good body shape so that he reluctant to go for swimming.

Strong sturdy pecloralis muscles, perfect abdomen muscles, adding with his cold handsome face, simply to say it is too perfect to be picky.

Gong Xiao Man is dumbfounded gulping down her saliva, if here doesn’t have anyone, she really wants immediately jump onto big uncle!

“Hey, big uncle, you have such great body, how you practice it?” Gong Xiao Man is swimming to the pool edge, curiously asked.

Han Li Shang faintly smiles, his pair of cold eyes are slowly looking at somewhere not far: “Angel, together.”

“Oh.” Angel from the lying beach chair stands up, smiles in front of Han Li Shang.

When she is going to get into the pool, Han Li Shang is carefully supporting her arms: “Be careful, cold water.”


“Ugh.” from beside Gong Xiao Man who sees the scenery feeling there is little bit odd, how can someone cold alike this man can be so warm toward the woman who called Angel, do both of them are closest friend?

“Xiao Meng Li, come, together.” suddenly Long Ye diving into the water, waving his hand to Yao Yao who stand at the pool edge.

Quickly she shaking her head: “No, No.” hurry she stepped back few steps, but who knows her foot slipped, she almost falls into the pool: “Ah!”

Luckily at this time, Long Qi who is the closest toward her, one of his hand grabbed her arm.

“Thank You.” Yao Yao smiles sweetly.

But who knows….

‘Big, big brother, begging you…’ that scenery flowing inside Long Qi’s brain, his heart is ‘thump thump

thump’ skip beat.

Another moment….

He loosens his hand.

‘bam’ a sound, Yao Yao falls down into the pool. Fortunately the water not too deep, just fortunately not pass her neck. “Long Qi, you are really not a human!”

He is suppressing the tense inside his heart, smiles devilishly, said: “Sorry, my hand slip.”

“You!!!” Yao Yao paused for moment because she is raging in fume.

At this moment, as seen Yu Ao Tian is rushed at Long Qi’s back, without waiting him to react, Yu Ao Tian’s kicked him….

Heartlessly he kicked him to the pool.

“Ao Tian, you???” Long Qi is using not understanding eyesight looking at Yu Ao Tian who is standing at the pool edge.

He titled his head, smiles devilish: “Sorry, my foot slip.”

“Hahahahahaha.” Yao Yao who standing at side laughing happily.

Long Qi gritting his teeth glared at her: “You dare to laugh! You dare to laugh!” constantly he hit the water to her face.

“Xiao Man! Xiao Man! Help me!”

“Coming!” Gong Xiao Man is hurrying swimming from not far, grouped with Yao Yao to attack Long Qi.

At once, this celebration party that held for Yu Ao Tian has reached it highest point.

“Why don’t play together with them?” when all the people are playing volley ball, Yu Ao Tian is sitting beside Mo Xue Tong.

She coldly glanced at the pool side which has high atmosphere, helplessly smiled: “Too childish, you know, I don’t like it.”

“Ah, Xue Tong, there is time you need to rest yourself little bit. Perhaps, this will be the most relax time that I have.” After said, Yu Ao Tian lying his body on that chair, as if intoxicated looking at the blue sky.

Politic this path, how hard it will be he knows it so clearly; it started since he was 16 years old had his first battle, becoming Japanese mafia; at 26 he fought the second battle, to be businessman; now when he at his 28, this is his third battle in his life, and at the same time this is the most important battle for him, perhaps there will be no more relax days in the future like today.

“Ao Tian, when will you break up with that little girl?”

“En?” pair of Yu Ao Tian’s eyes are glancing at Mo Xue Tong.

“Nothing, I just curious, randomly asking.”

“Xue Tong, you better to take care your own matter!” Yu Ao Tian used heavy speaking tone, his eyes are looking at someone who are in swimming pool: “Impossible for you don’t know the reason why Long Ye keeps on changing his girlfriend one with another one?”

“I know. But, there is none of my business? It is him who is not enough mature.” Mo Xue Tong smiles, but another moment, his face cold: “But Ao Tian it also not like you don’t know… The reason why I never wanted to find any boyfriend?”


30 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 296

  1. Thanking you very much for your effort and hard work. Don’t overwork yourself, Azurro. One chapter a day is a whole lot better than not at all.

    Don’t tell me MXT more than like YAT? Hiyo!!!….why so many women who falls for YAT who only have eyes n heart for a little girl like YY leh..?? MXT is asking for her heart to be broken…when she has someone like LY loves her yet she goes and find herself to fall in love with her boss cum good friend.

    1. You are so sweet Julie ^-^

      Yu Ao Tian is alike fire / light that keeps attracting moths, while all the women are alike moths, although they know they will get hurt or die because the fire but they still coming near.
      There must be many reasons of why, they like him. Money, looks, status, power….
      But I think either Mo Xue Tong or Yao Yao, both of them must be seen others quality of Yu Ao Tian.

  2. Now I’m so curious why MXT does not want a BF. Aaaaahhhhh….. ;( Is it her back ground or working for YAT(a wild guess)? Thanks for the update.

    1. If Mo Xue Tong becomes Yao Yao rival, this scenery just reminded me with Shan Shan – Feng Teng – Li Shu relationships (Boss and Me – Gu Man’s novel)
      Of course Yao Yao won’t be such naive alike Shan Shan LOLS

      1. I don’t think Mo Xue Tong match to Yu Ao Tian, both of their personality just too similar.
        Mo Xue Tong just fit better with Long Ye, a man with sunshine aura. If she with Long Ye, she won’t be that gloomy….

  3. The reason why MXT never find a boyfriend because she like YAT. Why MXT ask YAT when to break up with YY? LQ had witness YAT and YY intimate moments. Thanks Azurru for the update have blessed evening and good luck tour endeavors.

    1. Every woman that dating or dated Yu Ao Tian, all of them had exp date which means, Yu Ao Tian won’t keep any long term relationship except the woman (his first love if I am not mistaken) that he ever dated before when he was young.

  4. Oh no….could it be that even MXT loves Ao Tain? Arghhh I feel for YY poor thing

    Nevertheless t.y Azurro even with your busy schedule at least we readers will get to read one chapter per day ^^

  5. Don’t tell me mxt likes YAT?!!! I was afraid of this happening 😭😭 please don’t I hope it’s another reason ughhhh

  6. First of all thanks for the update!! But!!! Argh…I like MXT cause I thought her relationship with YAT is purely out of respect, subordinates or something like family but nooooo!!😭😭😭😭 and damn this is official a possible love triangle btw YY, YAT and Long Qi now that’s kinda exciting😂😂😂

      1. Oh yeah~ I totally forgot about Chen Yi😅 It’s because he hasn’t appeared since the whole thing about YY being a lover was revealed to him and the YAT and YY moments are just too sweet lol~ but I think Xia Ren Liang has a girlfriend…that is if I remember it correctly🤔

  7. *whoa* I did have the hunch, the ever loyal female side kick did have vested interest😂

    YY stay strong and fighting!

    Thanks so much dear, All the Best😘

  8. Azurro, thanks for giving us the daily dose of exciting chapter to help us keep our fever. Appreciate. U r d best.

  9. *Sighs*~~ I really wish that there’s an event soon that shows how strong YY is compared to the other events. I think that will make MXT give up on YAT because YY is worthy to become his girlfriend. MXT does have some feelings for him but YAT might choose one of them soon. Thank you for the translation!! 😀

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