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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 297


I just feel Gong Xiao Man so brave, fighting for her feeling and love.

Chapter 297

Everyone Moods Changed

“I go to find something to eat.” very obvious, Yu Ao Tian is trying to avoid the topic, when he is standing up.

Mo Xue Tong grabbed his arm: “Ao Tian, you…”

“Xue Tong!” that bottomless eyes are sweeping at Mo Xue Tong’s hand which grabbed his arm.

She is using her strength to bite hard her lips, shook off….

“Hey, Yao Yao, you see.” inside the swimming pool, Gong Xiao Man pointed at Yu Ao Tian and Mo Xue Tong who are not far from them.


“Don’t you find both of them little bit odd?”

“What is odd from both of them? Both of them are best friend.” Yao Yao does not think so she only gives her smiles, she also raised her hand to climb up from pool.

“So they are best friend…” That’s right! Gong Xiao Man is turned her head to look inside the pool, it seems not long ago Han Li Shang and Angel still inside the pool but at sudden both of them are disappearing together. Hurried she chasing: “ Yao Yao, Yao Yao.”

“What’s matter Xiao Man?”

“Come.” she pulled Yao Yao to sit, curiously asked: “Do you know what is the relationship between Big uncle with the woman who called Angel?”

“Ugh.” their relationship? “Speak frankly both of them are… Boss and subordinate relationship?” in Yu Long group Han Li Shang is the leader of killer group, while Angel is killer, perhaps this kind of relationship can be called as boss and subordinate, right?

“Oh, so that the case.”

“So what, Xiao Man?”

“No, nothing….” Gong Xiao Man without she realized are looking at the other side of the yacht.

As seen, Han Li Shang is leaning on the yacht, Angel is slowly walking in his front. And then, Han Li Shang pair of hand is enveloped onto Angel’s waist, his lips slowly….

“Xiao Man? Xiao Man, what are you seeing?” Yao Yao is following Gong Xiao Man vision line, at same time she sees: “Oh.” when she saw that scenery, she cannot help to spread cold air: “So CEO Han is dating with Sister Angel.”

Gong Xiao Man eyes brows at sudden wrinkle to make one line, without waiting for Yao Yao to react, she dashed in front of them. “Since when both of you start it?”

Heard this kind of questioning intonation, Han Li Shang stopped to kiss, Angel is curiously looked at Gong Xiao Man, and then looked at Han Li Shang: “Why she asked this way?”

“Haha, I also don’t know.” Han Li Shang changed his coldness to warm gentle when talking to Angel with smile.

“I ask you, since when both of you starting?” once again Gong Xiao Man asked with high tone, all the people who are not far from pool looked at them.

“Xiao Man?” Yao Yao never seen the bolt (extremely furious raging to the extreme) Gong Xiao Man, in her eyes, Gong Xiao Man is someone who has so many mischievous ideas and sometimes can be little bit muddle-head big sister, but why now?”

“Say!” Gong Xiao Man is curled her hand into tight fist, angrily roared.

Han Li Shang gloomy frowned, coldly said: “What do you want me to say? There is nothing that I should report to you?”

“Right! That’s right, you are indeed no need to report anything to me, it just me who is acting alike lowly slut! All are my own wishful thinking. But since you have already had girlfriend why didn’t you tell me?”

Yao Yao who is standing beside can feel something from her words, does Gong Xiao Man and Vice CEO Han?

“Haven’t you known it now?”

Yes, she knew it, but if from beginning she knew it, she didn’t need to use so many feeling toward this cold man, her feeling won’t fall deep!

“Late!! Now it is too late!” Gong Xiao Man curled tight her hand into fist, fiercely glared at Angel: “I tell you, since this time, I want to fight with you for this man!” after she said, she dashed as if an arrow, gently kissed on Han Li Shang’s lips.

The cold pair of eyes immediately changed into blank, believe that Han Li Shang also by himself won’t ever expected this little girl after all can say something alike this?

“Oh.” Yao Yao who standing not far let out cold breathe, she, she is too admire Gong Xiao Man.
The sudden kiss ended, Gong Xiao Man coldly looked at Han Li Shang, and also Angel, turned back, there is no turning back.

Fight for a man? Ah, with what she will fight?

After all she does not have good body shape alike Angel, she also not as beauty as hers, the most important thing is, that Big Uncle is always acting cold when facing her, this, she has already lost. Thinking to this point, her tears flowing down wet Gong Xiao Man’s cheek….

“Xiao Man! Xiao Man….” Yao Yao hurried chasing behind of Gong Xiao Man to accompany her.

Angel heave a sigh: “Mr. Han?”

Han Li Shang using his hand to stop her, forcing to give a smile: “Angel, today really thank you.”

“No, it seems that I am not help much.”

“Haha, you have helped me.”

“Li Shang, you brat is quite heartless too.” at beside who keeps to be observant, Long Ye is slowly walking closer to his side, touched his shoulder.

“Mr. Long (older), Mr. Han, I take my leave.”

“En.” Long Ye sees Angel who is disappearing, smiles devilishly: “I have thought, why today you are suddenly asking Angel to come with you, it seems that you are asking her to shoo away your admires, actually that little girl is not bad, her looks also not bad, her body also not bad, the most important she is serious about you. Why don’t you consider her for a bit?”

Ha, but with Gong Xiao Man’s age she is enough to stop Han Li Shang footstep. After all, both of them have 11 years age gap! He is enough to be called as her uncle. “Long Ye, it you have time to say me, don’t you also do something so similar like I do?”

“What do you want to say?” suddenly Long Ye changed to be cold.

“What I am going to say? Ha, you are constantly in front of Xue Tong keeps on changing girlfriend, for what, you know by yourself.”

“I take my leave first.” Long Ye changed his expression to little bit tender, stand and disappearing in front of Han Li Shang….

The whole afternoon, the atmosphere on the yacht is quite strange from that morning, it filled with heavy atmosphere.

Until the yacht docked, everyone seems to have carry their own feeling.

The way Long Qi looked at Yao Yao is different; Long Ye attitude toward Mo Xue Tong also weird; between Mo Xue Tong and Yu Ao Tian; Han Li Shang and Gong Xiao Man.

Perhaps the only person who is still normal might be Yao Yao? But seeing her best friend hurt, her mood also ruin bad.

“Bao Bei, I drive you home.” when get down from yacht, Yu Ao Tian is taking his sport car near the seaboard.

“No.” she waving her hands, she looked at Gong Xiao Man who beside her: “Today I want to go back to school accompany Xiao Man.”

“No need, Yao Yao. I want to be alone by myself.”

“Xiao Man?”

“I really want to be alone.” Gong Xiao Man lowers her head speaking with sad tone.

She really very rare to spot Xiao Man to be this dispirited, it seems that Gong Xiao Man really likes, she might like Vice CEO Han right? But, does Xiao Man know Vice CEO background?

Actually, said that she and Yu Ao Tian are two people who come from different world; while Gong Xiao Man and Vice CEO Han don’t they are two different people too?

“Well, Xiao Man, I send you to school.”


12 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 297

  1. GXM is very daring to fight for his love, you go girl. Is that HLS taking GXM to school. I hope they will progress their relationship. I hope YAT and YY will define their relationship too. YAT should clear up his relationship with MXTthat they are just friend nothing else. LY should stop using other girls so that MXT will like him and be serious in pursuing her love and affection. Thanks AZurro for the upload and have a blessed evening.

  2. Azurro thank you for the update!!🤗 But omg that last part could it be that Xiao Man also has some yakuza kind off a background? And kyaaaa~ I’m so excited for how things will develop but still I find what Li Han Shang did to her was mean!! Tsk!!😤

  3. I think HLS like GXM but dare not admit his feeling but he so much already admitted his liking to GXM by saying their age different is 11 years apart n he feel like an uncle to her but his feeling does said so though. Just like in few other chapters before when GXM blocked YY being hurt by LMT’s with hot water. Didn’t HLS came over to GXM with worry in his face that already say HLS like GXM but…

    Y this men worries so much about age different. It is only 10 or 11 years different yet they worry so much.

    Thanking you Azurro for another translated chapter. I hope you taking good care of yourself with busy work life n translation.

  4. GXM 😢😢 thanks so much for your update! the manga is still on that part after the giving the money back for the taxi.. awts! still they have not yet discuss about YY with gun issue to YAT.. and i also hope LY and MXT would spark.. somewhat i wish LQ and GXM love arc but seems impossible. hahaha.

  5. Thanks for posting the chapter despite the heavy workload you have. Have to admire GXM who is brave enough to admit her feelings. Hope YAT and YY will work theirs too.

  6. lol guys,r u forgot about long qi?I really hope he won’t fall for yy..he is kind but I’m afraid he’ll get hurt

  7. Thank you so much for the translation. I was really scared that you might not be able to do translation due to your busy schedule.. But I’m so glad you still try to do a daily translation for us. Thank you 😀

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