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C-novel : The Wolf Husband and Green Plum Wife (狼竹马与青梅妻) 11


Chapter 11

Part 1 (One)

Although An Jia Qi wish is quite simple, but once she said it out, it turned to be the potential gossip spread out through the entire of Shi Yi Xiao. While Su Zhan Mo is becoming the subject of Teachers conversation during the break time. Who ask him to be the most famous person in Shi Yi Xiao. Every time holding an examination he will get first rank, art, science competition, the mathematics Olympic competition he always get first prize, the most favorable student of every teacher, at the same time he is also a subject to be admired.

But there is something not good, Su Zhan Mo just too quiet. Other than answering the question during the class, basically he just too quiet, his quietness is beyond the normal four grade student, this is also one of matter which make Shi Yi Xiao primary school’s teacher worries. It is not easy to have topic about Su Zhan Mo, of course none of them will let it off.

Thus every time Su Zhan Mo has collected all the homework and coming to teacher office, there would be teacher who teasing him with An Jia Qi’s name.

“Zhan Mo, is class 1-2 An Jia Qi your little sister?”

Su Zhan Mo because recently keep on being asking so he is calmer, nodding his head, replied: “Yes————–”

“As heard that you like to control her when having a snack?”

“En, eating too much will cause cavities.”

“If your little sister secretly having snack, what will you say to her?”


This time Su Zhan Mo being asked really flared up, but An Jia Qi at there is so welcoming. Because, there will be beautiful older sister who come and give her snacks, they looking for her only want to know about Su Zhan Mo better.

“Qi Qi, what is your older brother like?”

“Drawing, studying, parenting me….”

“Does he have food that he likes?”

“He has, all the food that I dislike he likes it.”

“Well, what food Qi Qi dislikes?”

“Green vegetable, mushroom, tofu….”

Because of An Jia Qi ‘sold’, it makes every lunch time when Su Zhan Mo having lunch, he is surrounded by female students of his class, adding some green vegetable into his lunch. This is really making Su Zhan Mo raging in fume, he is angry to the point confiscated all An Jia Qi’s snack.

While An Jia Qi is also strictly warned to say any words about Su Zhan Mo, or else he would tell Mother An about the snacks that secretly kept by her. By this way it can dim few female students passion toward him.

Time has passed for some time, at the blink of eyes it already end of September, the school has grouped all the teachers and students to go outing to zoo in autumn, one day before the Autumn outing, Su Zhan Mo was taking An Jia Qi to go to grocery, buying few of things to eat during the Autumn outing. Since Mother An wanted to control An Jia Qi snacks intake, so that Su Zhan Mo was buying some breads and ham sausage for An Jia Qi, something snack alike jelly he won’t buy it for her. This makes An Jia Qi absolutely unhappy, she even does not expect anything from tomorrow autumn outing.

The next day, the lazy An Jia Qi is pulled by Mother An from her blanket, taking quick bath and dressed, carrying her bag is filled with bread and ham sausage standing in front of door, waiting for Su Zhan Mo so they can go to school together.

Once Su Zhan Mo going out, seeing sleepy An Jia Qi, heave a sigh, pulling her walking out from the big yard.

“Qi Qi, what was your breakfast this morning?”

This types of Jellies are one of the favorite snacks during 90's
This types of Jellies are one of the favorite snacks during 90’s

“Jellies, Little bear biscuits.”


Su Zhan Mo knew that An Jia Qi is protesting toward him because he didn’t buy her any jellies and Little Bear biscuits. Hence he compromised her by saying: “Two things choose one!”

“Really? I want jellies…. No, Little Bear Biscuits….. But I do also want to eat jellies….”

Seeing how confused and hesitate cannot to decide, Su Zhan Mo firmly said: “Little Bear Biscuit.”


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