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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 298


Chapter 298

Bao Bei, Please Accompany Me for Tonight

“Aiya, Xiao Meng Li, just by coincidence I will passing your school when driving my girlfriend, how about I help you to send your classmate.”

Yao Yao glances at Gong Xiao Man, waiting for her answer. Gong Xiao Man is nodding her head weak and following Long Ye then left.

“Get into car.”

Sitting in Yu Ao Tian’s car, she is absent-minded for whole time, her head is filled with Gong Xiao Man’s matter. For long time she realized…. “Didn’t you say to drive me home? This way, doesn’t this the way to your home?”

“My home, does it also yours?” after Yu Ao Tian said this, he smiles.


Listen to this, does not know what to do, strangely Yao Yao feels her heart warm. “I want to go to my own house.”

“Just accompany me for one night.” When Yu Ao Tian said this he is not using forcing tone, but he is so gentle, and even so calm.

She really rare to hear Yu Ao Tian talking with this kind of speaking tone, he makes her really does not know how to reject him: “I….”

“Later I will be so busy.”

Yu Ao Tian stills need to manage Berson Group, moreover secretly lead the Yu Long group, and now he also shoulder the responsible this mission as congress man, he absolutely will be busy.
So he means, will he be busy to the point both of them difficult to meet each other?

Woah! Doesn’t this is so good!

“Well, if you won’t do strange thing to me, I, today I will follow you and accompany you at your home.”

“Hah, what kind of strange thing?” Yu Ao Tian rolled his eyes, smiles when looking at her.

This brat, here he comes again! “You know it!”

“I don’t know.”

“You know it!”

“I don’t know.”

Both of them are keep bantering, without they realized the car has driven until Yu Ao Tian’s apartment.

The car is slowly stopped, waiting her to get down from the car, Yu Ao Tian has rounded her, grabbed her hand. “This present for you.” after said, he pulled the red cover which covered another car.
As seen, A range Rover car is spotted her eyes: “Give me this… As present?”

“Hm.” Yu Ao Tian smiles while taking out key from his pocket, tossed it to her hand: “This, you deserve it, later it belongs to you.”

“Deserve?” Yao Yao is curiously blinking her eyes, this car is costed about 300 millions, how can he send her this expensive car as present? “Is it a ‘good bye’ present?”

“What ‘good bye present’? Little Thing, you think too beautifully.” Yu Ao Tian is knocked her forehead with affection: “Didn’t I have tell you, although there is no contract agreement, but you must stay beside me for three years.”


She even thought this is separation gift from Yu Ao Tian for her, three years! Three years! Damn, thinking of it, feels alike type of torment.

“This car, is because you help me during the election, so that I give it to you. While your salary, it going to be counted separately!”

Listened to Yu Ao Tian, immediately her face turned to be dimmer: “Your election succeed is none of my business.” After said, she hand over back the key to Yu Ao Tian.

He had guessed this Little Thing still brood on the failure: “Silly girl, if not because of you who helped me to drag sometime during the election time, do you think no matter how many preparation I did, would it mean?”

Yu Ao Tian is a man who differ clear between reward and punishment, in his world there is not such failure should exist and being accepted. Whatever that Yao Yao did from the beginning actually were so perfect, but he realized that she didn’t think about his background this part, so that at first he took flight to Japan to make up a loophole.

This, isn’t Yao Yao fault.

If she was representing someone who does not have any mafia background, she actually does not need to consider many things, many complicated things.

But now she is Yu Ao Tian’s representative lawyer, a man who has such complicated background, so that, could not consider to the perfect, whole thing was something normal.

This is the reason why he does not want this world class lawyer talent to stay beside him, if he lets her to stay, her days will be absolutely! Absolutely bitter!

“Yu Ao Tian, you better send this car to other person.”

“Send it to other person?” Yu Ao Tian is pretending to smile, he is pointing at the car plat number: “Bao Bei, it is hanging your birthday. You ask me to send to whom?”

……………….really it is hanging the number of her birthday, but as she can recall this kind of birthday number plat must get from auction, isn’t it? “Did it get from an auction?”

Ha, it seems that this Little Thing stayed with Feng Chen Yi did learn not less thing. “That’s right. Get from auction.”

“How… Much money did you spend for it?”

If he told her, this number is costed almost one villa, she will refuse to have this car, won’t her?

“Not much. Little Thing, I feel sleepy, let we take rest.”

“Oh…” Yao Yao is feeling difficulty to see the key on her hands, she feels the key is so heavy.

Back to house, both of them are simply really go to bed and sleep.

There is such thing as interaction, also there is no such ‘something shouldn’t happen’ this thing, this night, both of them are appeared alike husband and wife who are each showed respect and affection for the other, although both of them are sleeping on the same big bed but there is no such intimate gesture.
Yao Yao is sleeping so soundly, this is also one of the most steady and secure feeling, does not know why, since she ended her contract as Yu Ao Tian’s lover, this is can be said as her first time sleeping together with Yu Ao Tian on same bed.

At beginning, there will be something knot in her heart, but Yu Ao Tian indeed so well-behaved so she rest assured.

While he….

This type of mighty man, from the beginning felt annoy this strange way of sleeping from this Little Thing, slowly he is getting used with her gritting teeth, her restless, until, he has already gotten used to have her beside him.

Hence, as long as this Little Thing sleeps beside him, he can sleep soundly, he can have one good, steady and secure sleep, still it is really strange feeling…..

Half month later.

‘Today, the parliament house is chosen Mr. Yu Ao Tian to be the representative congress man to speak the sympathy toward the fire victims.’

‘Three days ago, the parliament congress man Mr. Yu Ao Tian was attending the negotiations with EU border, the main topic was orientated about the current Financial situation.’

‘The Yugoslavia President is visiting our country this morning, The Parliament House is in charge, the Yugoslavia president is keep on praising the congressmen, that showing China as great country.’

Yu Ao Tian has been congress man for more than half month, every day if not accommodate foreign guests, he will responsible for the media or visit overseas, simply to say he is awfully busy.

As long as Yao Yao turned on Television she would be able to spot Yu Ao Tian.

The two years ago of cold and charming underworld big boss who ever shown in front of her; two years later the domineering and also forceful man who barging into her life, now his progressing to be someone kindly in the Television, filled with dignity aura, this image, speak honestly, she really cannot make herself to get used of him.

Perhaps, because the distance between she with this man is getting further and further, the gap between both of them aren’t as simple as more than one world.

“My beloved, every day he is so busy, what both of you use in order to communicate each other?” Gong Xiao Man is curiously asked Yao Yao who stayed at the dorm.

‘Ding’ the mobile phone notification showing up a message.

She opened her message, it is only a simple two words ‘have slept’. Close her mobile phone, shaking it off in front of Gong Xiao Man: “Well, sometimes using short message.”


12 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 298

  1. Thanks for posting this chapter. Glad to know that they are getting comfortable with each other. Behave like an old couple too. Hope that despite his busy schedule, they don’t drift apart.

  2. I smell a storm … I don t know why . it s just too peacefull . My brain cannot comprehend this calm atmosphere :)). Thank you for your hard work :*

  3. Gaaah~ Azurro thank you so much for this chapter~ kyaaa my YY and YAT gauge is all filled up. I was just about to sleep and then just as I was refreshing the page this chapter appeared~Yay😊 And that was soooooo sweet of Ao Tian…sleeping together like that and sending messages even though it’s short…thinking back a few hundreds of chapters ago and now the author and the people around them describe him a someone cold and heartless…seeing him this sweet and kind to Yao Yao…this just shows how much he cares and has fallen in love with her😆💕

  4. please let this peace remain until the end of ramadhan or if you want to give us the storm just make sure it’s ended before ied’ oul fitri. i want to have a peace mind because i’m having my final thesis defence after ramadhan

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