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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 299

YY 1

Chapter 299

Yao Yao’s Mother Being Kidnapped

This half month, both of them are rare to meet up, but Yu Ao Tian always send her short message once at three or five days, if not ‘have slept’ it would be ‘wake up’, although it only a single word, but invincibly it has already drawn the gap line between both of them. Yao Yao is clearly can understand, so that she actually know that person who keeps on showing up on television.

“Ugh, It seems that Big Boss Yu really thoughtful.”

“Sst, Xiao Man, now he is congressman, politician, stop addressing him as Big Boss Yu.”

“Oh, oh, oh, that’s right, now he is congress man, a politician, must be careful. Say, Yao Yao, do both of your relationship aren’t completely a couple?”

Not completely a couple? This is still kind of vague way of addressing.

Yao Yao is helplessly smiled: “I just know, the current relationship between both of us are something vague within these three years, so that only can enduring until three years, perhaps, there will be a day he will have a girlfriend and then get married, when it comes both of our relationship might completely done.”

After all Yu Ao Tian has already 28 years old, perhaps marriage in his eyes are something not important.

But now his status is politician, if not get married, does not have stable family, it hard to break through.

“This is also not bad. At the beginning, Yu Ao Tian attitudes toward you were so disappointed, but later on, I think his performance is beyond the responsibility of the relationship between you.”

It can be said that Gong Xiao Man is one of the person who knew very well about their relationship progress, at the beginning she hatred Yu Ao Tian so much, felt that his attitudes were more ruthless than treating normal lover toward Yao Yao, so ruthless. But then, later and later, his attitudes toward Yao Yao is much better compare to lover, simply to say he treats her much better alike treating girlfriend. “No sweet without sweat (after the bitter comes the sweet), really make jealous….”

No sweet without sweat, Gong Xiao Man is talking about this four words. She gives faint smile, Yao Yao is lying powerless on her bed, absent minded staring at ceiling.

“Xiao Man, thing between you and Vice CEO Han…”

“Don’t mention about him!” Gong Xiao Man snapped to stop Yao Yao, expressionless she changed her position into sit: “I have decided to give up on him, even a heartless man alike Yu Ao Tian can bloom with you, simply to say Han Li Shang is one metal tree, this life time impossible to bloom flowers!”

No, Xiao Man mistaken….

Cannot to use Yu Ao Tian character to compare with Vice CEO Han, Vice CEO Han is type of cold man who is impossible to make first move, but once he makes his move, there won’t be any turning point.”

While Yu Ao Tian is different, someone clever who have good ability to understand things and also make good judgment, someone mentally deep, unstable man, really he is someone who at one moment can spoil you alike little kid, but at another moment he can heartlessly toss you and make your life severe as hell.

Actually what is called as sweet after sweat, apparently Xiao Man hasn’t…. Found it out!

“Fiuh!” Yao Yao heave a sigh, seems as someone who has thought about love lying beside Gong Xiao Man…

The weather in November, it has entered the winter, on the street there are lot of people who have changed their summer outfit to winter outfit.

Mother Luo is in hospital taking care her father in law, hurrying to go home.

‘bam’ (sound of something falling down with loud sound)

The basket that held by her hand is falling on the ground, the eggs inside are cracking mess on the ground.

Mother Luo is shocked when she sees the place in mess situation, it seems that something has happened before. When she was at hospital, her eyelids kept on twitching, constantly twitching.

“Aiya.” heave a sigh, Mother Luo bent down her body and pick up those eggs that cannot be used anymore.

At the moment when she raised, suddenly there are two men in black suit showing up in front of her:

“Madam Deng Hui Hong?”

“You…. Are?”

‘Bam’ for once again the basket filled with vegetable falling on the ground, Mother Luo is kidnapped by those two men in black suit disappeared when the sun gradually set…..

“Uh uh.” inside the dim big hall, Mother Luo is being tied on the chair, her mouth is being covered with cloth so she only let out hu uh this sound.

Not long after that, there is footstep sound.

Inside the big hall the subordinate bow down with respect: “Big Boss Yu.”

“All leave.” said Long Ye who is coming together and stay beside Yu Ao Tian.
Inside the big hall those little scoundrels—– other than darkness the big hall is filled with strange atmosphere.

“Aunty, it hard for you.” Yu Ao Tian is walking in front of Deng Hui Hong, he uncovered the cloth on her mouth.

“You….” Mother Luo is dumbstruck staring at that extremely good looking face, the incomparable devil charm from this man, her eyes beaming: “Yu Ao Tian.”

“Haha, never thought we just met one time on hospital before, you still can recognize me.”

Mother Luo keeps silent, although she cannot recognize the look of this man, but she won’t be able to forget a pair of bottomless eyes of this man, the eyes which has countless stories, that pair of eyes are really scary, it able to make one’s self could not forget at one glance.

“Aunty, today my purpose to invite you coming here, I believe you have already guessed it, right?” Expressionlessly Yu Ao Tian asked.

Mother Luo is silent for while, slowly raise her head, facing and looking at that eyes which intimidate her: “Does it about the fire happened in Hua Mei Villa, that matter? My younger brother had ever asked it from me? And also that Miss Mo Xue Tong, she isn’t your girlfriend and furthermore she wasn’t the person who helped by Luo Tian Ming, right?”

“Hahahaha, Sister Hong, you really smart.” Yu Ao Tian gives faint smiles, bend down in front of her, carefully untied the rope that tied her body.

“Sister…Hong?” Mother Luo open wide her eyes, deathly staring at his face.

Not long after that, the rope that tied her is untied, Yu Ao Tian silent for moment, slowly pulled mother Luo’s hand that wrinkle: “After years of severe tests, and also living in tormenting, you are really aged so much. When I was at hospital meeting you, I didn’t recognized you not even a bit. But, I won’t be able to forget, 20 years ago, you were one of the most beautiful woman in politic circle.”

When Deng Hui Hong listened it, gradually her body is trembling, her old eyes are keep on looking ups and down on Yu Ao Tian, one second, two seconds, three seconds…. “Xiao…. Xiao Tian! You…. Are Xiao Tian?”

Yu Ao Tian titled his head, giving a charming smile: “It’s me, Sister Hong.”

“How, how can be like this, I have thought you had…. Had….” Suddenly mother Luo chest feels stuffy, she hard to breathe.

Recalled the memory of 20 years ago, the domestic demand for workers is not so high. When Deng Hui Hong 16 years old she has joined work force, at 18 years old she entered political circle.

Also at the big Yard of political Bureu, first time she met Yu Ao Tian!

During that time he was 7, it also his the first step entered primary school as little boy. Although that time he also had such astonished good looking, but that pair of eyes still clear, compare to today this pair of eyes seems to be filled with countless stories, deep to the point bottomless, this pair of completely different eyes.

This perhaps what called as after years of severe tests.

The today she is only 40 years old, but wind and frost (hardships of a journey or of one’s life), worries, and also the suffering of the trip, from her face she looked at someone who near to her 50 included her experienced toward hardship if life.


12 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 299

  1. Wow this is such a shocker…YaoYao’s mom used to be a part of the political circle and now this? Ah I’m dying to know the whole big secret about Ao Tian and Yao Yao…I hope this doesn’t destroy their relationship. And woooot one more chapt. And it’s gonna be 300 chapters!! Thank you for all the hard work Azurro!!😊

  2. Ahh Cliffhanger!!? Guess this author will take her previous time explaining what actually happened 20 years ago

  3. YAT trying to find out about the fire 13yrs ago, who killed YY’s father and YY’s scars in her neck and also YAT parents was killed and their house was on fire. YY father was the right hand man or secretary of the prime minister at the time. Thanks Azurro for the update have a blessed day.

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