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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 300

Mother YY

Another series storm of this novel, it is coming over. I don’t really like the chapters but it has important information, such as The case of Hua Mei Villa, which has been looking by Yu Ao Tian for years, also this perhaps a new chapters of Yu Ao Tian – Yao Yao – Feng Chen Yi relationship and also Gong Xiao Man – Han Li Shang.
Qi Lian Ao Yun, Long Qi, Ou Yang Zi Xuan, Hei Yan Long…..

Chapter 300

Yao Yao’s Mother Being Killed

“You thought I had died?” Yu Ao Tian gives faint smile reminiscence old days, but he is using such gentle speaking tone.

But somewhat Deng Hui Hong sees killing intention inside pair of Yu Ao Tian’s eyes. She shakes her head, heave a sigh: “Perhaps this is what called as fate!”

“En, it’s fate. I really never thought Sister Hong, you can go and followed Uncle Luo, I still remember….” Yu Ao Tian’s eyes rolled: “It seems that time Uncle Luo has already had wife, am I right?”


Deng Hui Hong’s heart sink, there’s time she almost forget about this matter, but this is the truth, it is not something you say forget and then you forget it. “En, until today I am still not…. Legal wife and husband with Tian Ming.”

That time the 18 years old Deng Hui Hong just entered political circle, she was pretty and slim alike jade, there was not less politician who bowed on her feet.

But somewhat she has feeling toward Luo Tian Ming who was only a secretary. Although she knew he has already had a wife, had his own family, but she really could not control herself not to love him. At last she became his lover which there was no turning back.

Political Bureu itself is strictly place which managed the conduct of corrupt this kind of bad atmosphere, Luo Tian Ming because afraid being investigated, so that he sacrificed Deng Hui Hong to be his lover.

This is also a reason why, Deng Hui Hong let her younger brother to take all the assets which left by Luo Tian Ming such as house, she didn’t dare to fight with him, al for this as the reason. Because until today she still his lover, with what kind of status she can ask his asset and make it belong to hers?

While the Elder Luo (Luo Lao Ye) although he is Luo Tian Ming’s father, but he does not know, this what so-called as daughter in law actually being changed by his son whom actually his lover!

“Ha, I really never expected, Yao Yao could walk as the same path like me.” when Deng Hong Hui thought of the possibility Yao Yao perhaps becomes other person’s lover, she others than helpless does not know what to say anything. But, she never regretted to be Luo Tian Ming’s lover, but at same time she does not know whether Yao Yao also has a fortune alike hers!

“Sister Hong, Yao Yao does not walk at the same path as you, because I never took her as my lover!” although at the beginning he had this thought but he never really took Yao Yao or see her as his lover.

“Is it. But both of you are not match, not match at all. If I still have a chance to see Yao Yao brings her boyfriend to meet me, as long as she does bring you, although I must die, I won’t be agreed both of you together.” It isn’t because Deng Hui Hong hates Yu Ao Tian, on contrary she so affirm that Yu Ao Tian is someone so awesome, everything about him, everything, but due her point of view as elder, Yao Yao is too naive, her naive is so similar alike little child, so she does not suitable to have someone deep alike Yu Ao Tian as her boyfriend.

“Sister Hong, that is afterwards.”

“That’s right, it is afterwards matter…” Mother Luo helplessly smiles, slowly lowering her head, silent for moment, slowly standing up: “Xiao Tian, the answer that you want, I will tell you. But I want you to promise me one thing, can I?”


“Please don’t harm my father in law and Yao Yao. Can you?”

Yu Ao Tian pair of hand envelop his front, his mouth curved upward but slowly it turned to be unruly smile: “Why?”

“Xiao Tian, you must know! That matter didn’t have any relation with my father in law and also Yao Yao!!!” Deng Hui Hong flaming rushed in front of Yu Ao Tian.

Long Ye who is standing at side just want to stop, but soon being stopped by Yu Ao Tian.

She is begging by kneeling in front of Yu Ao Tian, her white pale hands are grabbing at Yu Ao Tian’s trouser: “Sister Hong begging you, begging you, let off my father in law and Yao Yao!”

“Ah, sister Hong.” Yu Ao Tian is helplessly smiles, slowly bend down, that pair bottomless eyes are showing dangerous gleam, and followed the last one question, said: “That matter, with my… Mother! And then my younger brother, what was the relationship?”


The heavy stone that pressed on Mother Luo’s heart slightly sink down, she even speechless when asked by Yu Ao Tian, anyway she feels her begging such buffoonery, doesn’t have any persuasiveness, that’s right, that matter really tangled too many people.

Since had made big mistake, and then just let it continue to be wrong.

Think to this point, Mother Luo powerless loosen her grab toward Yu Ao Tian’s trouser.

“But Sister Hong, you rest assured. I won’t harm Yao Yao. If want to say, the person who has the most ‘no relation’ with this matter must be her, really is Yao Yao.”

Deng Hui Hong open wide her eyes, the next second, she helplessly smiles: “You… Have found out?”

“En! When I saw the photo of you and uncle Luo, I have made my guess.”

“Haha….” Yu Ao Tian is too clever! He has strong observation capability! Deng Hui Hong is more affirm, Yao Yao absolutely shouldn’t stay together with this type of man who able to control everything.

“Sister Hong, before you answer me the question, I still have another personal question, want to ask you.”


Yu Ao Tian silent for while, slowly said: “How the scar on Yao Yao’s left shoulder happened, you must know about it right?”


Deng Hui Hong is careful trying to recall her memory, after while, she helplessly shaking her head: “I am sorry, Xiao Tian, I also don’t know. That time, when I got the phone call, they said Luo Tian Ming and Yao Yao were having car crashed, when I arrived at hospital, Doctor told me that Luo Tian Ming had gone, while Yao Yao was in emergency. But doctor said, Yao Yao in critical-stated was not caused by the car accident, but because the left shoulder scar, so that, I also don’t know how that scar happened.”

After heard from Mother Luo who trying to recall her memory, Yu Ao Tian is taking deep breathe, the expectation expression at sudden disappeared from his face.

Mother Luo raised her body, her mouth curved upward and show faint smiles: “Xiao Tian, thus the matter about Hua Mei Villa, both of Luo Tian Ming and I,we were took a part, I am sorry….” before she finished her words, she slowly close pair of her eyes.

Awaiting, she must have her ending.

Tian Ming.,…

I have said before, my feeling has been a very good. Just alike the moment when you left me, I had this kind of feeling before.

You knew, those years when we were still together, the things that you most said to me was sorry, must give me a legal status.

But I never expected about that so-called legal status.

So what, if I able to be your legal wife?

I had gotten all your love it was more than enough, actually you never did any mistake toward me, I also didn’t have any complain to stay beside you.

Heh, but there was one thing, which made me hate you most!

I don’t understand, not understand, why before you gone you left father in law and Yao Yao in my care.

That time when I heard about your death, the first thing that flashed in my mind was together leaving this world with you. But because our father and Yao Yao, I just can live bitterly in this world, having a taste of the days, living without you.

And then now…..

Finally I can left, finally I can go to heaven to accompany you. But sorry, I cannot keep my promise, cannot keep on taking care our father.

Tian Ming, please you waiting me at heaven, will you?

13 years of lone, missing finally will be ended. Deng Hui Hong makes this 13 years of suffering into a dying whisper. She really not fear of death, perhaps this dying moment is something she has awaited for such long time, too long to end.

There is time, love, that is, if you leave, I will only leave the body.

‘Bam’ a deafening sound comes from dim big hall, will it to be the ending or the beginning of the hatred, this, still mystery…..


22 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 300

  1. ugh! so YY is adopted? the history of YY is still a mystery.. dont tell me she is somewhat related to YAT? oh no 😱😱😱 thanks azzuro for the update. it becomes a daily habit. hayyy.. because of this turn out of events, i take a guess FCY will be the best guy for YY..

  2. Wow we are now in chapter 300, this is such a very addicting series. Another mystery unraveled, so she’s not YY’s mom real mom after all. It’s sad to know that YY’s dad was also one of those corrupt one and one of those responsible of the fire. As I read your message at the beginning…uggh so the YAT, Yao and Feng Chen Yi isn’t over yet? Yao Yao would be devastated if she found out YAT killed her even tho she’s not her biological mom and this might cause her a separation with YAT hence the comeback of FCY?
    Thanks Azurro, you worked hard …to bring us this wonderful story for us to enjoy🙂🙂

  3. Oh no ..could it be that YAt and YY are somehow half siblings? If that’s the case then FCY will enter the limelight of their complicated love triangle again…. So much more mystery to be revealed CNT wait…. Thanks for the hard work

  4. Ughh so many mysteries😖😖😖 need to solve them soon nd thanks for all ur hard work😘😘 can you please tell me how many chapters this series has?

  5. Whoa her mom died…but I’m kinda confused…is YaoYao adopted or not? I mean at first I thought she’s really he daughter cause she’s really trying hard to protect her but then she said those words like “he left me father in law and Yao Yao under my care” so ugh…this is frustrating…I really thought we’ll all get to know the reason behind YaoYao’s scar and her amazing adept abilities with guns😭😭 between THANKS for the update!! Wooohooo 300 chapters!!

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