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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 301

Yao mom's death

So this is another painful chapter, It took me sometime to translate it because after this, the tougher chapters are coming soon.
Fellow readers, just prepare your mental (加油 Jia You / Fighting)

Chapter 301

The Death of Mother made Her Suffering

“Beloved, after this period of time our school will be holding winter dance, accompany me to take part on it, okay!” does not know from where Gong Xiao Man got this information, now she is almost becoming Yao Yao’s detective.

“Forget it, Xiao Man, you know the last case just died down, at this time if I join this kind of public event not too good.” just as Yao Yao expected, rumor this kind of thing will die down as time passes, when Yu Ao Tian election ended, she back to school, everyone is gradually forgetting those shocking poster news, this matter.

At same time, when the rumor disappearing there still…. Shang Yun Yin. Hence the reason, at least she can make her guess, one or two.

“This time by joining the public event such as dancing it can prove your innocent, you think, you had disappeared for sometime not showing up your face, although no one bring this topic up, but suddenly you are coming back to school, more or less, people will still bring it up. You better to bravely showing up, happily, give those big mouths a good face, would be good.”

“Xiao Man! I really admire you, don’t you think that the excuse you give….. To forceful?”

“Hihihihihihihi, go or not?”

“Go! Go! Okay?”

“Hi hi.”

“Where to go?” at this time, Long Qi who is also at class alike little follower keeps on following at Yao Yao’s back.

Since that day, he has been arranging by Yu Ao Tian to keep on studying as student at school, so he never stepped his foot to company anymore, so that his occupation is a student now.

“Participating on our school winter dance. Are you joining or not, Long Qi?”

“If flat chest joins, I also join.”

“Are you Yao Yao follower, aren’t you? Where she goes? You are also following?” Gong Xiao Man showed such cold-shoulder expression looked at him.

Long Qi on contrary not take thing seriously, rolled his eyes: “What follower? I just asked by Yu Ao Tian to be Flat chest bodyguard so she won’t have affair.”

“Cut it off, Yao Yao be unfaithful? I see CEO Yu perhaps the one who has overstepped the bound, the change is bigger?”

“That’s I don’t know. Anyway Ao Tian this person is ‘carnivore’ perhaps during these days in political circle he had ‘holding back’ too much and be at worst.”


Wouldn’t it be better? If Yao Yao have an evidence, having an evidence that Yu Ao Tian perhaps have other woman, then both of their relationship can be ended?

“Hey, Long Qi, Long Qi, if you are finding out that Yu Ao Tian has another woman, on the very first time you must let me know, okay?”

Long Qi looked at Yao Yao with despised look: “Are you dummy? Ao Tian is my sworn brother, why must I sold him out?”

“………………….” geez, she has guessed it! At least she has seen few of Yu Ao Tian’s good buddies sworn brothers that stay beside him, perhaps if Yu Ao Tian said coal ball is white, his few good buddies because the behalf of loyalty, must say exactly same with him, it is white!

‘ring, ring, ring…’

The phone suddenly ringing.

Yao Yao looks at her display monitor, unknown number? “I accept the phone call.”

“En.” seeing Yao Yao leaving, Gong Xiao Man and Long Qi these two people are stayed quiet alone.

But seeing time, the class is going to start, but Yao Yao hasn’t come back.

Gong Xiao Man and Long Qi are exchanging glance: “Her phone call, where she is? Go, Long Qi, follow me to find her.”

“Oh….” both of them are walking out from the class.

But at another side of corner, they spotted Yao Yao’s back, squat on the floor.

That two of people are exchanging their glance once again. “Beloved, what are you doing? After receiving the phone call why don’t you heading back to class, are you having stomachache?”

But when both of them are walking beside Yao Yao, they realized….. She stirred up the body and sobbing voice.

“Yao Yao? What is going on?” Gong Xiao Man panic bend down her body, grabbed her shoulder.

She keeps on crying, crying, even she cannot speak clearly: “I, I, I, Mother, Mother, Mother…. Gone, she gone….”


As if one heavy stone pressed, Gong Xiao Man expressionless stayed.

Beside them is Long Qi who has heavy expression, in his eyes showed the surge of unease as if he has already known this moment would be coming.

Curled his hand into fist, Long Qi is disappearing from these two girls side, he goes to the place where there is no one, he made a fist and hit his hand on the wall: “Sorry….Yao Yao.”

He murmured with regret, he really does not know the lie he had made up until today whether has helped Yao Yao or not, or he has harmed Yao Yao. If due to her cleverness, perhaps…. She would be able to stop everything that happened now, wouldn’t her?

For the moment Mother Luo’s body is in Funeral Home, the police found the body at the seashore, there was a bullet shoot into Mother Luo’s heart, killed at one attack, while all the things on her body disappeared. The police affirmed she is murdered.

“Yao Yao, I accompany you to eat something.” at the entrance of funeral home, Gong Xiao Man sees Yao Yao’s face is white pale, simply to say it ache her heart to the point she does not know what to say.

Just now was identified the body, she clearly could see there still tear trace in Yao Yao’s eyes, perhaps, Yao Yao holding back her tears and perhaps she does not want to let her mother who has already in heaven to see her grief right this moment.

“Xiao Man, you go by yourself. I think…. I want to… Go home to have rest a moment, okay?” actually she has pair of bright big eyes, but at this moment her eyes looked empty, speak frankly it little bit scare people.

Gong Xiao Man pouted her mouth: “Well… I go to accompany you. Okay! You go home.”

“En. Today, thank you, Xiao Man.” Yao Yao is forcing herself to give a smile.

Gong Xiao Man who sees it feeling her heart aching more, she frowned: “I take my leave! Something happen! Remember to make phone call to me.”

“En.” slowly nodding her head, her eyes are looking at Gong Xiao Man’s back, her forcibly smile gradually disappeared from her face.

Mom has gone, Mom has left, What to do with grandpa? How to let grandpa know about this matter?
Cover it up for whole day, say her mother is sick, but this matter couldn’t being covered to one month right? When the time arrived, grandpa who is aged, found out the news, could his body hold on?

She does not want to think about, she has been losing mother who important for her, and soon will going to lose her grandpa.

“Fiuh…” taking a deep breathe, she hailed a taxi, back to the house, it has been turned to be cold home.

‘Bao Bei, let mom take a look, is the hair-clip beautiful?’

‘It is so beautiful, thank you, Mom.’ at her 6th everything was completely was her new memory started, this mother who looked alike stranger for her, first time gave her one beautiful hair-clip, until today she stills have it.

‘Yao Yao, go to school, must study diligently, do you know? When time arrived mom will be giving you big apple as reward!’

‘En, Mom, Yao Yao wants to eat big apple, so that I will study hard!’ at her 7th, it was her first time got big apple from her mom as her reward, but the muddle head her, she left the big apple until it was rotten and then being thrown because she didn’t want to eat it, at last she cried telling her mom that the apple had died! Mother was so patience said, Apple could not die, but it has been gone to another world, living a new life.


17 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 301

  1. She may RIP. Poor YY sad..sad. What will happen to YAT and YY relationship when she find out that YAT killed her mom. Or YY find out her true identity, and also so called mom is not her bio mother. Sad sad.. Thanks Azurro for your hard work. Have a blessed evening.

  2. 300 chapters already and I still can’t imagine these two together as a couple. This is getting worse and worse. Maybe I should take a break and come back again when I’m mentally prepared 😥😥😥

    Thanks for the treats!

  3. 70% of the story is done and still bond between YY and YAT has no progress and the little bit of development in their relationship we get to read in the past few chapters …seems even that will fade away cause of YY moms incident . …..I was really hoping that at the end I’ll get to see YAT and YY getting married and having kids something as such ..but sadly I don’t see it coming anymore

      1. Omg….. That’s like the best thing ever …thank you so much for the spoiler a Lil glimpse of the climax ^^

  4. Awww…those words about the apple😭😭😭😭 Yao Yao hang in there!! We all know she’s smart but gosh…I wonder whats gonna happen once she learned about YAT? And where the hell is he now?

  5. I hope, YY will be a less naive one, from this moment (Although I can guess, there is almost zero chance for that. Because it is part of the story.)

    I also hope, that, this will bring cold heart YY to the surface.

  6. Thanks azurro😘😘😔😔 I guess there’s no avoiding these hard times ugh I wonder where Xiao man went? Did she go to call YAT to comfort YY? I wonder when YY will find out who killed her mom

  7. I’m crying so much right now. I wonder what will happen next…Thank you so much for uploading!!!
    *tears continue to roll down*

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