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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 302

YY 2

Chapter 302

The Last Message Left By Mother

‘Mom!!! Mom! I, I am bleeding!’

‘Silly girl, this isn’t bleeding, but you are having your period. Our Yao Yao finally is a big girl. Since this day onward you are not allowed to have junk food, during the menstrual period, you must eat red dates, understand?’ when she was at her 12, it was her first time to have her menstrual period, she was shocked to the point panic, Mom was so patience to tell her what should she paying attention to, but she who didn’t obedient, still secretly eating ice cream, so that she is having dysmenorrhea as root cause.

‘Mom, I can go study to Japan as exchange student.’

‘Really? Yao Yao my treasure, you are awesome!!!’ when she was at her 13, she received a letter of acceptance from Yi Xue institution in Japan, really made her family burst of happiness.

But at night, she saw her mother secretly crying, because her mom not really wanted her treasure baby to leave from her side.

Too many, there are too many memories; too many, too many thing that she could not forget, in her memory there are so many things about her mom, the most are her mom kindness and also her affection.

Since she was 13 years old, she never spent any cent money from her home; but before she was 13 years old, everything she had, everything was depended on her mother crossing stitch handcraft for raising her.

That crossing stitch handcraft thing could earn few dollars? Mother not even slept at night, only could earn few of dollars. While because of the sleepless night, her mom is aging too much.

There is one thing, Yao Yao won’t able to forget until today, and because of this thing, she grew maturer.

She remembered when she was at her seven or less, she liked one pair of shoes, she cried wanting to buy it, mother was using two sleepless night to do cross stitch and bought her that pair of shoes.

But because that pair of shoes hurt her feet, Yao Yao bad tempered didn’t want to wear it anymore. But didn’t know….

That pair of shoes, it more than enough to feed them one family for one week. Mother didn’t blame her, but secretly took that pair of shoes to the store. But the storekeeper said because the shoes were dirty, had worn so could not do return.

Hence, Mother Luo in front of the storekeeper, carry a bucket of water, inside there clean the pair of shoes until it shine and bright.

If not because Yao Yao had seen that scenery by coincidence when she on her way home from school, perhaps she forever never known how bitter her mom; perhaps she won’t be matured!

Really does not want to recall the memory, there are too much, and more painful, she not even can accept her mom had gone, this reality.

Standing inside the small house, taking out one by one the present that gave by her mom to her, feeling sour tears are flowing down from her eyes.

“Mom, Why don’t you wait for me? Why don’t you wait for me until I really enter into society, officially earn money, repay all your kindness raising me!”

There is nothing more helpless that children cannot support their parent.

Since she was a little kid her mother always be the person who taking care of her, day by day she is expecting to have capability, let her mom to enjoy good life. But this one day, it hasn’t arrived, mother has already gone, how can she repay all her mom affection toward her?

‘Bam’ a sound, the tight closed door is being push open from outside.

Yao Yao slowly turning back, looking at the entrance…. “You?”

This person isn’t a stranger who barging inside, he is Feng Chen Yi, he is breathing roughly standing in front of the door, solemnly he looked at her. But another moment….. He dashed faster in front of her, hugging onto her tightly into his embrace!

This, perhaps like magic spell, the tears that she held back for so long, gulping too much bitterness, but at the moment she being hugged by Feng Chen Yi. The tears are bursting out from her eyes, bursting out the bitterness in her heart, burst….

“Hu!!!!!” very long hu, bringing endless bitterness. The sadness air filling inside this not too big room.

But, the most strange thing is…..

Because of his appearance, because of his embrace, after all she does not feel that helpless and lonely because of her mother leaving, that moment.

Feng Chen Yi is hugging her tightly, more and more tightly, his face show imposing expression of endless pain.

He really can’t see her in tears, he really can’t hear any grief from her, but at same time he really does not know how to help her to get rid all her bitterness, other than this embrace, other than to become first person who coming here, he really powerless…..

Does not know for how long, sun is gradually hide behind the mountain (sunset), she finally can control herself. “You, You, how can you come here?” choking sound expressed her difficulties.

“Because I know, the current you, need… Someone to accompany.” when Feng Chen Yi said this, his face is showing faint smiles.

He after all not dare to say ‘need my accompany’, since when he changed to be someone who lack of confident? But, perhaps just by this, he can slowly, getting into her heart for once again.

Half month, since the matter related to Hei Yan Long, both of them never contacting each other. He also knows that Yu Ao Tian could not come to accompany her, but actually he only looking for an excuse to meet her, face to face.

Until this thing happened!

He has thought before, although Yu Ao Tian accompany beside her, he will still coming here, because, he could not to recall what had happened two years ago for once again!

But, there is a time, Feng Chen Yi really not dare to think of, that moment for the first time when Yao Yao was looking for him asking a bank notes, every times he thought about that, he feels as if he was the person who pushed her to other man side.

So that, he swears to himself, later, no matter what, although she will be other man’s wife, mother of her children, at the most painful of her, he will be the first person who showing up in front of her!

As old folks said, love for such long time, interacting for such long time, that love can be slowly disappearing, naturally it will change to be family affection.

And at this moment, when Feng Chen Yi hugging onto her this seconds, the first thing that flowing in her mind is, so that…. In this world other than her grandpa as her family, she still have…. Feng Chen Yi a man who she loved and slowly turned become her part of family!

“My Mom….”

“I knew it.” Quickly Feng Chen Yi stopped her, he does not want to hear any news regarding her mom death from her, the woman that he ever love so deeply.

“Did Xiao Man tell you?”

“No. It was police who looked for me.”

“Police…. Looking for you?” Yao Yao frowning, slowly she breaks free pair of her hand from Feng Chen Yi’s embrace: “Why police looking for you?”

“Because I was the latest person who had interaction via mobile phone with your mother.”

“You…. The latest, had phoned call with my mother?”

Feng Chen Yi has thought to let her mood stable and then telling her about this matter, since she has suspicious, so he better….

From his pocket he takes out his mobile phone, showing her the short message: “This is a message that left by your mother for me before she being murdered.”

After Yao Yao heard it, at sudden her face changed, hurry she takes the mobile phone from Feng Chen Yi…..

‘Chen Yi, Aunty has something impertinent to ask from you. Aunty knew, perhaps this kind of asking is little bit bold for you. But just thought Aunty as someone shameless, using your love toward Yao Yao, but Aunty really does not know whom to ask for help.

Aunty hopes, you, now, immediately, using all your utmost to take my father in law and Yao Yao to go to overseas, somewhere a safe place, don’t ask me about the reason. Just thought it as something that Aunty owed you, on the next life Aunty will be worked for you alike horse and cow.

There is word, perhaps I could not tell Yao Yao, as they said kids feeling shouldn’t being interfered by mother, but, Yao Yao is too naive, I really afraid that Yao Yao would be lost herself of the illusion when dealing with feeling.

Chen Yi, if you are really love Yao Yao, don’t ever give up on her, okay? I really hope, hoping that you can be together with Yao Yao, perhaps in the future there will be a man who more suitable for Yao Yao, but compare to now, Aunty just acknowledge you!!!

If, both of you can get married, just think as Aunty may rest in peace!’


29 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 302

  1. Luckily her mom did not accused YAT behind her death. She only wished to have FCY to be her husband. Now, what she is gong to do now, YAT is not even their for her, is she going back to FYC?
    Thanks for the update have a blessed evening and nice weekend. Happy 4th of July….

    1. There is no reason for her mother to do so.
      Trying to put myself on Deng Hui Hong’s shoes, perhaps I would do same thing. Yu Ao Tian just someone too dangerous because he is not only a boss from underworld but businessman and even politician, such big and strong. It would be easy for Yu Ao Tian to break Yao Yao but if she with Feng Chen Yi, perhaps life could be easier and simpler. since Feng Chen Yi is only business man.

      1. Here comes FCY again…. I was on vacation and was not reading for a while and wen iam back FCY welcomes me.. Lol..
        Btw Azzurro I saw a password protection for CEOs pregnant wife. How can I read it? Please do reply.

  2. Even if I know YAT killed her mom and is a bad man for YY i just can’t , I can’t root for FCY . I hope YY won’t be swayed by this message even if I know that her mother just want YY to be happy . I want YAT to come back fast .

  3. Thanking you for your later update. I am a bit tired of this yo-yo’s relationships. We all know this is going to be a happy ending story between YAT n YY but her previous boyfriend kept turning up in front of her. YY still cares a lot for FCY n yet does not want to have any relationships with him n still she keep going back to him again n again then leave him again.

    The remaining chapters of this story, is it going to be back and forth between FCY n YY….n constantly fighting between YAT n YY??…n then some other insignificant male species keep coming to sniff on YY again n again….I wonder where is this story going to????!!!!!

    1. On the surface, the story perhaps alike any typical domineering man who later falls in love with naive cute innocent girl, but somewhat, the author really worked hard to make many twists for the story.
      Speak honestly, I really want to skip these chapters because as you mentioned, we are going back to YAT and YY yoyo relationship and also FCY coming to disturb.
      I, myself really not understand why the author keeps on repeating this kind of plot.
      But, these chapters really important for YAT, YY, HSL, GXM, LQ, QLAY, and all characters……..

  4. Thanks for the update. Surprised to see FCY. No matter what he did previously , eg, being unfaithful to YY, he turns up when she needed him the most. That in itself says a lot about how he feels.

  5. Azurro, thanks a lot for updating every day.
    Just to ask you, is YY first time with YAT or other guys? If other than YAT, I think I ll drop the novel coz the first time I read the mannhwa, I ll already rooting for YY and YAT.

    1. I think FCU is YY’s first boyfriend but it was clearly stated that her first kiss was YAT and that all those Pervy stuffs done to her was with YAT and that she’s still a virgin

  6. This is the first time since I’ve been reading this novel that I’m starting to wonder if FCY is in fact better for YY but being a devoted fan of YAT ofc I’m going back to his ship lol thanks for the update 😘😘

    1. From the beginning, I never doubted to ship Yu Ao Tian with Yao Yao until I spotted Hei Yan Long. Feng Chen Yi never being option. Well, perhaps he seems to be better man compare to Yu Ao Tian but it only on the surface.
      He is as cunning as Yu Ao Tian but he is the worst (sorry for FCY’s fan). He used to promise many beautiful thing to Yao Yao but at last he also the person who hurt her the most. While Yu Ao Tian indeed rotten bastard, he never covered himself in front of Yao Yao, he won’t say ‘I love you’ to Yao Yao but, his action already tell everything. He won’t promise anything to her, won’t give her any expectation, but he will do his best for her.

  7. FCY wow…her mother really doesn’t want to make her and YAT to be together. And knowing YY she might agree to it since she is naïve and it is the last wish of her mother. Damn. Anyway where YAT??????😭 Btw Thanks for the update!!😆

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