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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 118


Somewhat I feel so sorry for Substitute Bride readers, I have delayed this project progress too long, I know it. I try to keep my pace to up-dating at least one chapter every week.

Chapter 118
The 15th of May

The 15th of May, this painful memory still remains and also a day that cannot be forgotten.

Forever he would not forget this day.  On this day he lost everything he had and also needed to shoulder everything. Those days two years ago, he was so cheerful and happy.  But in the end he didn’t have anything. (It all) disappeared, left to shoulder everything by himself, this thing that made him accept it alone.

Why? Why does heaven want him to experience all these things?

Did he do something wrong in his previous life?  Because of that he cannot be happy for the rest of his life?

Again stepping on this small path, Bai Yin Chen’s every foot step is so heavy while his mood is indescribable.   His heart is always so sad every time he walks closer to this place.
It makes him not know what to do!

“Big brother Bai, is this here the place that you always want to come to?”  The surroundings are wrapped by a green river and blue mountains, fragrant flowers, and grasses.  This indeed a good place. Although the surroundings are so great, Long Mo Er still does not understood why Bai Yin Chen has to choose the 15th of May to come here.  Also coming here for fresh air is weird!

She has been following Bai Yi Chen for some time. Bai Yin Chen is (now) firmly standing, pausing. Long Mo Er follows Bai Yin Chen’s eyesight.  Looking over there, she just realizes that in front of them is a grave stone.  She walks two steps closer.  On the surface of that grave stone clearly written in bright red, deeply engraved, “Beloved Wife Lin Ling Grave”.

Who was this Lin Ling?  Suddenly as if realizing the source of burden which Bai Yin Chen shoulders, the person inside was someone big brother Bai knew?

So the place that he said is important is here.

Who was this person? Big brother Bai feels sad because of this person so their relationship must be not simple!

On the surface is written beloved wife, these two words.  Could it be the person who lying inside underneath is big brother Bai’s wife?

Big brother Bai lost his most beloved person! So the person laying inside……

She never thought that big brother Bai is someone who already had a wife.  Moreover, she had not thought that big brother Bai’s wife ……… Everything in front of her eyes is too shocking for her! After calming down for some time, she finally comes to slowly react.

Finally she understands what day is the 15th of May.  No wonder big brother Bai said although he must lose his life that he still wanted to come here. Big brother Bai must love his wife so much.  What kind of love it is?

Big brother Bai’s face is covered with a mask. Moreover, this moment he is completely drowning in his own world.  The half exposed face did not let her completely guess what kind of expression that he now has.  Only the so real miserable aura that radiates from his body can be felt.

One of his hands is bracing the tombstone on top, then there is a careful gentle rubbing movement by that hand. She can sense that big brother Bai really has deep feelings toward his wife. Actually what sort of feeling is it?

Could it be that big brother Bai concealing his face is related to this Sister Lin!

But, why? Why did sister Lin die?

Is it because of sister Lin’s death that big brother Bai now uses a mask to disguise himself?

Long Mo Er cannot completely understand the feeling of being left by the person one loves the most.

She’s been separated from Ye Che this short time and feels indescribably hurt.  Because of Fei Yan, Long Mo Er chose to escape in order to protect herself.  What sort of feeling would it be, being separated by death? It absolutely must be a thousand times more painful compared to her pain!  What kind of burden is big brother Bai actually shouldering alone? What kind of obstacle did the two of them face?

Shock, pity, helplessness, regret, sympathy, hurt….

Long Mo Er really not cannot understand what kind of complicated feeling she has. She feels big brother Bai who is standing in front of her is someone strong, someone that she admires, someone who is a hundred times braver than her.

So much so that if the love story in front of her is something beautiful and great then her love toward Ye Che seems so small and unworthy to bring up at all.  As if a little coward, she will always be this coward.


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