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C-novel : The Wolf Husband and Green Plum Wife (狼竹马与青梅妻) 11.2


Chapter 11

Part 2 (Two)

During that time, the first grade little kid is so Innocent, cannot compare but can jealous.

Xiao Hu is the one who come from rich family in their class, he always takes out something that no one of their class student ever seen before, let them to jealous him.

“This is the toy that brought by my Grandpa from US, this is called as Ninja Turtle.”

“Woah—— can I play with it for moment?” An Jia Qi always so corporate with Xiao Hu, as long as he takes out new toys, she will be looked so jealous.

“Alright, I will let you play for moment.” Xiao Hu likes to play with An Jia Qi, so that he will be so generous toward her.

At this time, someone who named Du Yue Chun unhappily takes out a toy from his pocket, and said: “This is ultraman Ace which brought by my father from Japan.”

After said this, an instant it attracts all the kids who see it with jealous eyesight, included Xiao Hu.

During that time, in school was famous with Altman, seven altman, ultraman ace, ultraman taylor and etc. Even Su Zhan Mo after he done with his homework he would be going to accompany An Ji Qi to watch it on Television.

The thing in Du Yue Chun’s hand, an instantaneous become strong attraction, it even let every little kids to start talking about the cartoon, the females are talking about Sailormoon while the little boys are talking about Ultraman, slam dunk, Saint Seiya this type of cartoon.

But An Jia Qi this kid, not picky, whatever the cartoon she watched it, so that she joining two groups, when she with the boys she would talk about ultraman, when she with the girls she would discuss about Sailormoon, whatever she is played with two groups. This is also a reason why Teacher Xiao Wang chose her to become a class leader.

An Jia Qi because on her first day had good fated with Teacher Xiao Wang, being chosen as class leader, because she is being chosen to be class leader, it makes Mother An happy for such long time, even Su Zhan Mo also feels very happy for her and bought her small bag of Mylikes chocolates to reward her.

Not long after that, the big bus is stopped in front of zoo entrance. During that time there was not much space for transportation to park, so that big and long transportation most of time stop at road side. An Jia Qi gets down from the bus together with the group of Teacher Xiao Wang. During that time Xiao Hu is so short, queue in first row, so that An Jia Qi needs to pull his hand, taking a lead to all the classmates together enter the zoo.

By coincidence, they are passing 4-1 student, which is Su Zhan Mo’s class. An Jia Qi is especially excited waving her hands from her group to Su Zhan Mo, she makes Su Zhan Mo frowned, showing a serious face.

Zoo first stop: Panda’s cage. A silly appearance of Panda bear are attracting those first year little buns (refer to An Jia Qi and her classmate) eyesight, especially kids alike Xiao Hu and Du Yu Chun who are coming from welfare family, children who often coming to the zoo, they even have a sense of superiority, billowy talking about the animals in the zoo.

“Qi Qi, let me tell you, the most interesting place in the zoo is monkey cave, even can feed them with banana.”

“Really?” An Jia Qi eyes are beaming bright, excited asked. Because today she is bringing banana with her, it is given by Su Zhan Mo this morning.

“Of course, moreover Sun Wu Kong is also a monkey. Later on we will looking for Sun Wu Kong.”

Although the expectation is beautiful but the reality is wicked cruel. School because of considering students safety, the students under four grade cannot go to monkey cave, only let them to observe those animals which cage in glasses. This makes An Jia Qi and Xiao Hu are extremely unhappy.

Lunch break, Teacher Xiao Wang brings class 1-2 students to a shady lane. This place have so many grasses and stone stools for the little students to have lunch.

Xiao Hu is taking out big cloth, spread it all on surface, those little fellows who used to play with Xiao Hu, that classmates are coming over by bringing their snacks and foods put it down on the cloth surface, sitting together to have meal.

Du Yue Chun also takes big cloth alike Xiao Hu’s cloth, spread on the grasses surface, calling his good fellow classmates to come over.

An Jia Qi because helping Teacher Xiao Wang to do something, so that she is coming little bit late.

When she is walking over to Xiao Hu’s place, she heard Du Yue Chun called: “Class leader, over here.”

An Jia Qi is taking a glance of Du Yue Chun’s hand that holding prawn cracker, gulping down her saliva, but still shaking her head, said: “I go to Xiao Hu’s place. Teacher had ever said to protect grasses.”

After Xiao Hu heard, he raises his hand gesturing he won over Du Yue Chun, warmly he gives a place for An Jia Qi to sit.

Du Yue Chun’s face is darker, he likes An Jia Qi. The first reason because An Jia Qi is cute, and second because An Jia Qi’s character such easy going, not like other female students who like to cry. But at same time thing that make him dissatisfy is An Jia Qi likes to play with Shen Zong Tao.


5 thoughts on “C-novel : The Wolf Husband and Green Plum Wife (狼竹马与青梅妻) 11.2

  1. so we found out who will be the love rivals of mo mo ge ge. i think AJQ only a little bun i don’t know she attracts so many little wolves. they even compete each other

  2. How cute, little rival competition for AJQ

    Mo Mo Ge Ge trained AJQ well, still maintained her standards and not give in to food

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