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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 303


Happy Weekend Everyone ^-^
I’m back a moment after few days busying with my works. I haven’t read all the comments you guys left but I had peek and replied some, sorry if I missed out any….

These few chapters little bit devastating for those who root Yu Ao Tian with Yao Yao because you guys could read on the last two or three chapters, Feng Chen Yi is coming back. And for those who fans of Feng Chen Yi, the author heart you LOLS.

Chapter 303

Yao Yao’s Grand Pa is Hunting Down

This is a short message that sent by Deng Hui Hong before she got killed.

But this lethality information is really too powerful, it also enough to prove that she is a very clever woman.

The contain of short message, there is not mentioned about Yu Ao Tian, not even a word, but ever words more enough to ‘control future result’. After all, Yao Yao is filial daughter….

When Yao Yao read the short message, have no choice but suspicious the words that her mom left behind, because during that time, the most important…..

“Due to the time when the short message being sent out, it also can be said that the message is being sent out not long before my mother death, it seems she had known about her death. But asking Grandpa to be taken to overseas…. It meant….”

“You mom must be murdered!” Feng Chen Yi is so certain when continuing Yao Yao’s words. “Right after I got the short message, immediately I made a phone call to your mother, but, the mobile phone didn’t pick up by anyone.”

“Since Mom has already made her guessed about all of these, why didn’t she directly send me the short message, telling me, actually what was going on, or perhaps…. Who killed her?” Yao Yao really does not know, after all her mother had time to send out short message, it clear enough to say what exactly happened, beside who was the killer!

“There is a possibility, the person who killed your mother is someone powerful. Your mother didn’t want you to get involved with the matter. Yao Yao, this is also my wish.” Feng Chen Yi kept back his mobile phone, his expression is gradually change to be serious, slowly he pulling her cold ice hands: “This matter, just let me to investigate it, you don’t get involved. If you must get involved, before you take any action, you must let me know!”

If can, Feng Chen Yi really does not want her to read this short message, but he understands very well Yao Yao’s character, if not using this thing to turn her focus, she will continue to be sad.

Yao Yao is type of girl who dealing thing hard with hard, in order to find the killer who killed her mother, she will be living stronger than currently.

“En, I understand. Thank you, Chen Yi. Where is grandpa?”

“I have arranged your grandpa to go to New Zealand, waiting until he arrived at New Zealand, I will transfer him to other country. Now he must have been in Airport.”

Feng Chen Yi really arranging everything very well, using New Zealand as transit, and then transferring grandpa to other country, by this way it is guaranteeing completely success. She really does not know how to thank this man….

“Oh yeah!! You, how you said to my grandpa?”

“I told your grandpa, his sickness is getting worse so that he must take medication in overseas in order to be better.”

Good, Feng Chen Yi didn’t tell Grandpa about mother’s matter. But…. “Did my grandpa really listen to you?”

“You must be more understand about your grandpa compare to me, how could he deliberately promise me to go overseas?”

That’s right! Grandpa is absolutely stubborn, he must be more willingly to wait until die rather than go overseas to get medication, he most afraid to take flight.

“Ahem…” Feng Chen Yi looked absolutely awkward, helplessly said: “Acting alike spoiled child.”


Acting…. Alike spoiled child? Acting alike a spoiled child! Feng Chen Yi….. Acting spoiled? Simply to say she is not daring to think about it, the scenery when Feng Chen Yi acted alike spoiled child in front of grandpa.

But it can be said that Grandpa must be liked Feng Chen Yi very much, or else how could he being persuaded with this such thing?

“Yao Yao, you rest assured, I had doctor and also nurse who getting along with your Grandpa, inside the plane there is also emergency equipment. So that, you don’t need to worry about your grandpa.”

Haha, Feng Chen Yi had thought for everything, what’s more she needs to be worry about? But, this debt, she really does not know how to repay it to him!

‘Let void about yesterday, now you are in front of my eyes….’

This ring tone? Didn’t she have change the mobile phone ring tone? Why still this ring tone? When Yao Yao wanted to take out her mobile phone, she realized it is Feng Chen Yi’s mobile phone that actually ringing.

So that, he always using this ring tone.

‘Give you this mobile phone, but the ring tone shouldn’t change!’ that was the first time when Yao Yao gave Feng Chen Yi new mobile phone, she didn’t only give him a new mobile phone, but she also forced him not to change the mobile phone ring tone.

‘Why can change it? It is such awful song.’

‘This is my favorite! So that, you are not allowed to change it! If you change it, I will kill you!’

‘You this woman!’ Feng Chen Yi just helplessly accepting to use this ring tone, and he has been using it until now….

But she now she has changed her mobile phone ring tone.

“What? No matter how much it take the cost, must be protecting Elder Luo safe and soundly until the airport!”

‘Thump’ when listened to Feng Chen Yi stern commanding, Yao Yao paused for moment and she can feel heavy atmosphere suppressing on her: “What is going on?”

“When sending your Grandpa to airport, encounter with some attackers.”

Just as expected! It seems this is serious matter! The death of mom, Grandpa being attacked? Actually who the people, dare to do this kind of thing on day time? Aren’t mother and grandpa only ordinary citizens? Actually which powerful people they had provoked?

“Yao Yao, you rest assured, the people that I asked to protect and send your grandpa to the airport, all of them are those body guard who are being strictly trained by Feng’s family, your grandpa must be arrived safe and soundly to the destination, believe on me!” Feng Chen Yi is so certain when said.

She is nervous curled up her hand into fist, now, she only can wait patiently to hear her grandpa news….

The small room is filled with cold and silent. Yao Yao is sitting on sofa, there is no any expression on her face. While Feng Chen Yi is constantly walking to and fro, waiting for his subordinate to make report.

‘Let void…..’

The mobile phone just ring, hurry Feng Chen Yi accept the phone call: “Hello?”

“General Manager Feng, Elder Luo has safe and soundly get into plane.”

He can feel the heavy feeling of him falling down to ground, just now he still afraid, if something bad happened to Elder Luo, after all today Yao Yao has been losing one of her most important family, if now she also losing…..

Ha, he really cannot bear to see the woman that he loves so much in great pain.

He signed to Yao Yao ‘OK’ hand gesture.

Yao Yao heave a sigh, her whole body is almost slump on the sofa………

“Know who are the people attacking Elder Luo?”

“General Manager Feng, the attacker skill are so clean, neatly, moreover the shooting skill are professional, they must be  have professional killer background.”

“According to you guys capability, what is your guessing about the killer?” alike Feng’s household which has high status, all the body guard they used must be come from professional killer group, so that, all the body guard that stay beside Feng Chen Yi are those high skill professional killer.


25 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 303

  1. Why would YAT do this? 😥 He already knew that Mother Luo was connected to the case somehow but she’s important to YY. The Luo family didn’t even get in the way of YAT plans. YAT’s thinking is a little weird how could you do this to YY 😥 Thank you for the translation! I need to prepare my heart for the next sad chapter 😀

    1. Do you really think YAT killed YY’s mother?
      At the beginning Yu Ao Tian looking for Yao Yao’s mother because he needed to ask her something related to Hua Mei Villa case. Other than that, he wanted to know about the scar on Yao Yao’s left shoulder.

    1. Me too….
      I felt chocking when I translated the previous chapters and then the others chapters which going to be up date soon….
      The novel is going to be darker, the truth may not completely reveal.
      Weirdly, I feel like I could not stop even I want to skip T^T

  2. I don’t know if i have to be sad or happy…
    I am sad because of YY,
    but I am happy for FCY hohohoho !! (ekhh… egkh! i mean i am happy because you finished your work azurro!!)

    thank you for the chapie! \ ^0^ /

      1. I am natural azurro.. lol
        i am happy when YY and YAT
        i am happy when YY and FCY
        i just need the chance for FCY
        i just need to show that FCY is change
        and I never dare to match second male lead with first female lead, because it is frustrating,
        if i do, i will stop read the story /-0-\

      2. Perhaps because the Author also ‘natural’ so the author created second chance for Feng Chen Yi, after all the males character cannot be any worst than any others =.=”
        Can I call this as fair play between YAT and FCy?

      3. I hope so…
        hence YY won’t go to and fro with both of them..
        yes, if it is me, i will not chose both of them, cause the mistakes they did will leave a black hole in my memories, cant be restored…
        haaahhhh why in the world YY so forgiveness?

  3. Thanks for the update. I hope you don’t over work yourself with your busy schedule. Happy 😉 weekend Azurro.

  4. Tq again Azurro4cielo. I’m a bit relieved that YAT is still going to be with YY even though there are so many hurdles.
    I am following also the manhua even do not understand mandarin. Wish to put some pictures of YAT and YY here.

  5. Thank you for the chapter Azzuro! Can you please tell me the chapter that this storm ends, my heart can’t take the suspense and I think I want to pile the chapters up though it hurts not to know what is happening…..

    1. I can’t tell you the precise detail. This storm indeed will end when we are heading new phase of Yao Yao’s life.
      Although these coming chapters might getting darker but it worth to read without skip it.
      It’s okay if you wanted to pile the chapters up but my suggestion, you take your time to read it because if you rushing the chapters, you may miss some information for other further reading. This is also my reason why I decided to translate this project chapter by chapter without summarized it, though this project takes up my time the most due to it’s sum of chapters (800++)

      1. Thank you for the reply! I guess I just have to take my axe and rage at the trees for the angst (maybe?) reading that may be ahead. Let the storm begin! 😂😭

  6. Thanks Azurro for the hint on YY’s new phase in life. Can’t wait for my questions to be answered. Now that you mentioned there’s 800+ chapters.

  7. Thanks for all ur hard work azurro!! Nd I must say even tho I ship YY wid YAT I’m glad FCY is there to look out for YY when YAT can’t nd I hope everything will b alright soon nd somehow i don’t want to believe that YAT killed YY’s mother 😭

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