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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 304


Chapter 304

Hei Yan Long Coming messed up Everything

“General Manager Feng, if they are those who coming from killer group, at one glance we must be able to identified it. But from their skill, they must be ‘personal’ or ‘mafia’ the professional killer who are being trained.”

“Alright, I understood.” Feng Chen Yi hung up the phone call, if the killer are coming from personal or mafia group, Personal is quite large but if mafia….. Having Ou Yang Zi Xuan is more simple!

“What kind of people who are attacking Grandpa?”

“Killer. And about the background, I still need to go and ask Zi Xuan, see whether he knows it or not.”

“Asked him?”

“Haha, Xi Zuan’s Mother is Chinese first rank Mafia group Big Boss from Xuan Wu group, so that, regarding to the underworld matter, still needs his help.”

Recalling the memory, Ou Yang Zi Xuan’s father is a businessman who having rank fifth in China, Ou Yang Group chairman, never thought that, after all his mother is big boss of first rank mafia in China?

If including Bai Lai group’s Hei Yan Long…..

Feng Chen Yi’s friends indeed are…. Awesome!

Wait! If talking about underworld matter, just go to find Yu Ao Tian will it more helpful?

Forget it, now Yu Ao Tian must be extremely busy, she has already owed Feng Chen Yi this ‘debt’, if dragging Yu Ao Tian, this ‘debt’ perhaps won’t be able repay until this life time ended!

‘Let void yesterday, now you….’

‘Thump’ once listened to Feng Chen Yi’s mobile phone ringing, Yao Yao’s eyes is cover with mist, nervous and feels intense.

“It’s Yan Long, you don’t need to be so tense.” Feng Chen Yi comforted Yao Yao by patting gently her shoulders, turned, accept the phone call: “What’s matter?”

“Just now I was coming to your company, looking for you, your secretary said that you have gone out, where are you?”

“Now I am with….” paused for moment: “With a friend, what’s?”


Haha, finally she and he can be friend, right? Yao Yao really happy to hear the way Feng Chen Yi introduce herself.

But, she does not even see, the bitter expression that shown by Feng Chen Yi’s face. Just now he almost to say together with girlfriend.

“WEll, right now I look for you.”

“Do you have thing to settle?” seeing Feng Chen Yi hung up the phone call, she slowly opened her mouth asked.

“Yan Long has something to look for me, I have sent him your house address. You should not mind, right?”

“Haha.” she showed her forcing smile, powerless shaking her head: “Recently I have watched news, your company had gotten so many projects, you must be so busy right?”

“Still okay, not that busy.” he speaking while walking closer to the sofa where Yao Yao sat on, sitting beside her.

The conversation stopped, the inner room is deathly silent to the point scared people, both of them are so awkward sitting at same room.

Feng Chen Yi is glancing Yao Yao for a moment, hand that inserted to his pocket slowly taking out, he extending his hand to Yao Yao’s cold hand.

When he wanting to pull Yao Yao’s hand, immediately he drawn back.

After all before there is nothing to talk between boy and girl friend, just alike now both of them are sitting quietly, this is really awkward.

But Yao Yao’s mother just passed away, he does not want because of his ‘greedy’, he even more hurting her….

‘knock knock knock’

There is knocking door sound in the middle of silent room, Yao Yao and Feng Chen Yi are exchanging glances.

“Perhaps Yan Long, I go to open the door.” he standing up and open the door.

“I say, good brother, what kind of house your friend living in? After all living in such poor area? Refugee camp?” Hei Yan Long is showing such criticize expression when he is standing in front of the door, from time to time he is using his hand, alike fan as if get rid the dusty air.

“Yan Long, you shut up!” Feng Chen Yi roared, hurry signaling Hei Yan Long with his eyes.

“Ugh.” perhaps Hei Yan Long feels something, moving a step enter the inner room, when he takes a look….

“Sorry, my house address is little bit desolate, and also little bit small. You don’t take in heart.” Yao Yao is standing up, forcibly to give a smile, but pair of her empty eyes are keep on staring to the floor.

“Don’t you together with your friend? So that, the person is your EX-girlfriend!” Talked to this point, Hei Yan Long is giving strange laugh, one of his hand dragged to Feng Chen Yi’s shoulder, whispered: “Not interrupt both of you right?”

“Sst.” Feng Chen Yi coldly creased his forehead. “Yan Long, why are you looking for me?”

“Oh, nothing. I just looking for you to going out and play.” After said, Hei Yan Long is walking to the sofa, pointed at the sofa.

Yao Yao is nodding her head as signal you can have a seat.

Hei Yan Long patting twice the sofa and then he sits down. Pair of his hand is inserted into his pocket, as if a Big Boss he crossed his leg: “Woman, is your house this small? Simply to say it as big as my toilet at home.”


“Chen Yi, you are really, she at least is your Ex-girlfriend, you change another house for her. CEO Yu also, how can he let his own lover to live in such place? Ha, really stingy.” Hei Yan Long shrugging his shoulder, does not know his words without he realized actually had stepped on few mines.

Perhaps because Yao Yao is having bad mood, so that she does not listen to whatever he said. “Sorry.” by nodding her head as her apologized gesture.

“Eh?” Hei Yan Long creasing his forehead, his deep pair of black eyes are keep on looking at her, today this woman seems to be different compare to last two times he met before?

“Yan Long! Today I don’t have any mood to play with you, if you don’t have any serious matter, you go back first.” Feng Chen Yi coldly said, his hand is already curled make into fist.

If he does not know Hei Yan Long character very well, perhaps one punch has been sending out for him!

“What is going on?” this time Hei Yan Long just realized something off.

“See, hahaha, looking both of you have been here for some time, I haven’t served any drink. Let me go inside and bring out.” Yao Yao pick up the electric pot from the tea table and then pouring the water.

The water has already over filled the tea cup, but she still pouring.

Hei Yan Long tilted his head and confused looking at Feng Chen Yi, raise his hand and pointing at Yao Yao who at his in front.

Feng Chen Yi frowned, shaking his head, signaling him don’t say anything. “Haha, Yao Yao, don’t busy yourself, we drink we pour by ourselves.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay. It my job, my job.” she served the glasses on the table, bringing one in front of Hei Yan Long: “Drink the water.”

He deep black eyes are blinking, slowly extending his hand.

But without waiting him to take the glass, her hand has already loosen up, ‘bam’ one sound, the glass has hit on the floor and make crisp and loud sound inside the silent room.

“I am sorry, sorry.” Yao Yao circle until right in front of Hei Yan Long and picking up the pieces of broken glass.

“Yao Yao, don’t do anything more.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay, I must I must.”

“Yao Yao?”

“Hu……….” the piece of broken glass injured Yao Yao’s finger tip, she humped once, the fusion of blood and water form into beautiful flower pattern.

“Yao Yao! Are you okay.” Feng Chen Yi quickly dashed beside her, nervously pulled her hand.

“Hu…. It because I am such useless, so that my mother lived in such place.” tears, immediately wet her eyes.

At beside Hei Yan Long who sees this scenery, shocked to dumbstruck: “This is none of my business right? I just said the reality, the truth, this place is quite small.”

17 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 304

  1. Thanks. HYL is totally clueless on the situation. Rubs in and makes YY feels worse. No wonder FCY asked him to leave before he creates more problem with his mouth.

  2. I start to see why you ship HYL with YY :))) he s adorable . But i am also sad for YY . HYL and his big mouth

    1. It is normal to feel sad because losing of someone closest in your life. Moreover in this case Yao Yao lost Deng Hui Hong, someone so-called as mother.
      While Hei Yan Long…. check by yourself ^-^

  3. Where is YAT,HLS,LY,LQ,and MXT when YY needed them? Did they intentionally abandon her or pretending not to care, or so that YY will not suspect YAT? Why are they trying to kill her grandpa too? Thanks for the update have a blessed evening. Happy 4th July and be safe, God Bless.

  4. lol,after the last scene with hyl bringing flower I am really waiting when he’s gonna show up n finally..huhu,I really like that kind of man but mybe not in real life lol

  5. HYL is adorable, FCY is caring…these 2 guys are more suitable for naive YY cos YAT is too dark. Thanks. Can’t wait till tomorrow.

  6. What chapter is this in the second book of 纯情丫头火辣辣? Because in other sites the Chinese version of chapter 304 is different. Sorry to bother hehe

    1. I just followed the resource chapters.
      My reading chapter and yours might different perhaps due to the different resources. I stick on 500++ chapters…..
      Anyway the contain is still same ^-^

  7. Tq Azurro once again. I want YAT to appear, clear all the mess. I don’t care about the other men. Only YAT can fix all these things. Pls Azurro…I need him for YY.

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