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C-novel: The CEO’s Pregnant Wife (总裁的孕妻) 2.4


Chapter 2

Part 4 (Four)

After ten minutes later, from the bed surface, it flows woman voice as if a pig being slaughters sounds………
“Hurt, it is so painful! Please, can you gentle little bit when XX?”
“You… You… Are too not professional, your service is too bad, it pain me to death! Still daring to barge that you guys services are the best!”
“Hey, don’t, one time is more than enough, I don’t want anymore…. I have said don’t want anymore, call your manager, I want to sue, I want to make report to Customer Association, there is none a business like yours….”
Dream, when will wake me up?
When wake up from dream.
Will there be no trace?
Or perhaps after all everything would have be left something, even some….
Ming Yi, you should know, in this world there is a man, because of you, pain to death, because of you, lonely for entire life, because of you, ending his life.
The moment of death, when will it be coming? Or perhaps, before death, he must live with this pain and emptiness.
That moment of warmness, where is it coming from? Even the torturing pain is disappearing bit by bit. Is it because the hurt too painful? So that he could have such illusions?
That kind of satisfied feeling, could he feel it again? No matter how many women he looking for….
Six years later……
On the European dark color bed, two naked bodies are twisted together, the lean slim man’s body is pressing the delicate woman’s body. The droplets of sweat fall, the man rough breathing, the woman moaning sounds, it makes as if pair of real image.
“Ah….. Si Que, give… Give me…. I begging you, give me….” Tao Yun Ke’s fingers embedded into Jun Si Que’s back which left few of trace marks, red lips, murmured not clearly words.
Shoulder short hair cut of black hair, because of the sweat most of it sticking into the man’s neck, some of it, hanging on the air near to the man’s face. Over and over the body moving, but the man does not have any intention to let go.
“Si Que….Si Que….” Tao Yun Ke is constantly calling the other party’s name, half close pair of eyes wallowing looking at that face which making love, and still that face is so calm.
Why, how come he stills calm? Even his breathing slightly unsteady, even he sweating, but his eyes, unexpected billows, as if there is no difference when they are doing that matters with signing a document.
That  well polished nail fingers are slowly moving from the other party back to his broad shoulders, she could not resist her nails, not to stroke (caress) that face, she does not know the real face of him.
Her fingers are shivering crawled up, nails, seems want to touch his face, that beautiful seductive cold face suddenly turned to other side, his cold eyesight, it makes Tao Yun Ke shivering.
What did just now she want to do, after all she wanted…….
Being beside this man, naturally she understands, he never allowed anyone to touch his face, that face which able to amazed others.
He is the master of Jun’s household, in this generation of Jun’s, he is the most gorgeous one. This is mysterious household, they have status, money, power, but the most surprising people is, in this household, every generation, there will be come out extraordinary person. This person, no matter the appearance or the talent, all are perfect to the point shocking others.
Jun Si Que suddenly make a spasmodic jerk, finally he released his own desire.
Heart, it stills feeling an empty. This kind of emptiness is such scary, and also cannot use other things to fill it.
Moving his body, he does not say anything and then walking toward bathroom, let the clear water to wash the sticky feeling of his body.
Cannot be satisfied!
No matter how many times he had made love with others women, he could not feel it, cannot be satisfied.
Perhaps, that is something alike basic motion, it is completely nothing with his body.
Waiting until Jun En Que walking to bathroom, Tao Yun Ke has already dressed up, sitting at the bedside, hand over him a document, “If, this is Wen Hao’s personal account for one year it keeps get few amount of money.”
Jun Si Que takes it, flipping it for moment, raised his brows, “It seems, for those data, he gave small offer.”
“Since you had already known Wen Hao Ren leaked the company’s secret, why are you continuing to let him stay at company?” Tao Yun Ke questioned.
“Or else, it will be such boring, right?” Jun Si Que’s back is leaning on the window, lifting his hand and gently stroking his black hair in his forehead, “Sometimes seeing the mouse restless, it also can be one interesting game.”
This man, she really not understands him!
Tao Yun Ke is little bit surprised looking at her in front Jun Si Que smiles faintly. It is obviously gorgeous and also elegant smile, but at same time it gives feeling alike demon, undulate a bit of bloody atmosphere.
Perhaps now, she feels pity for the dummy who leaked out Jun’s group data with money as exchanged, if that person immediately escaping go abroad, perhaps still be able to live, or not, the terrifying this only……..
Living as if dying!


23 thoughts on “C-novel: The CEO’s Pregnant Wife (总裁的孕妻) 2.4

    1. Fang Yi Ran left Jun Si Que the next morning after they had slept together.
      While Jun Si Que because of the pain he had felt, he not realized about Fang Yi Ran. He just thought he felt sleep caused by the pain.
      Until six years later….

      1. Thank you Azurro, I have to wait for a week for the next chapter, it’s painful to wait,lol. My poor heart can’t handle YY and YAT story for now so I’d been skipping reading it:(

  1. i’m guessing FYR has escaped after the deed and that “host” person can never find another person that gives the same satisfying as FYR did?

    1. The time is jumped, When Fang Yi Ran met Jun Si Que, she was only student. After their first night, Fang Yi Ran had escaped on the next morning so that, Jun Si Que didn’t know about Fang Yi Ran. And then both of them never met until six years later.

  2. Ohoho… Ive another gem to read again. I just hope this will be translated continuously. Tnx for the translator

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