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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 305


Chapter 305

Heartache, Grievance, Wound being left by Family

Once Yao Yao heard this word, she even feel herself more useless and powerless, her crying sound even louder.

Feng Chen Yi give strong glared to Hei Yan Long: “Will you die if stop talking?” with his gentle eyesight he looked at Yao Yao who is crying, he is gently caressing her cheek: “There is nothing wrong with you, now you are still studying in University, aren’t you? I remembered when we were at school, you were always got scholarship, you have been working so hard already.”

“All useless! Those money only enough to support myself. My mom, there was no day she able to enjoy happy life!”

“It’s okay, days are still long, later you can give your mom unlimited happiness.” Hei Yan Long perhaps thought he was the reason why Yao Yao cried to that point, so he is trying to make up.

But by no bad intention, his words simply to say as big mistake.

“Yan Long, you shut up!”

“Hey, Feng Chen Yi, I have made step back to this point? This woman unreasonable crying, don’t you think she such annoying?” If not looking at Feng Chen Yi’s face, he perhaps so lazy to coax Yao Yao, he really does not have any patience toward women.

“Yan Long!”

“Sorry.” Yao Yao is forcibly to sniff, quickly she wipes her tears: “Chen Yi, what he said is right, tears are not useful, also little bit irritating! I, I won’t cry again.” Yao Yao wanted to investigate who killed her mother, she wanted to investigate who killed her mother and hunted down her grandpa.

“Hah.” Hei Yan Long who is standing beside smiles.

But Feng Chen Yi’s face still gloom, seeing from Hei Yan Long’s eyes, he is raging in fume, the most important that Hei Yan Long does not know actually what happened, so that he could say something that relaxing!

He better to see Yao Yao keeps crying, but don’t wish her to hold back her tears!
Feng Chen Yi is so careful when treating Yao Yao’s finger tip that wounded because of the piece of broken glass.

“Thank you.” she is forcing herself to show smiling face.

But in Feng Chen Yi’s eyes it seen as something bitter.

“Chen Yi, I feel little bit hungry, let’s we have something to eat.” Perhaps Hei Yan Long feeling little bit bored, so he gives some ideas.

Feng Chen Yi looked at his watch, perhaps it would be good for Yao Yao to change an environment: “You must not have be eaten anything, let’s go, I am going to treat both of you.”

“No need, you go with CEO Hei, I feel little bit exhausted, I want to take a rest.”

“Yao Yao….” Feng Chen Yi heave a sigh, “Yan Long, you go by yourself, I don’t feel hungry.”

“Chen Yi, you have gotten any meal since you came here during afternoon, you go with CEO Hei.”

This time if Feng Chen Yi leaves her alone, he really could not do it. “This, you accompany me to go out, although you are not eating anything, just think it as accompany me, can you?”

Yao Yao feels in difficulty creased her forehead, she only can force herself to nod, this time she really does not want to go out!

Going out from house, just realized if Hei Yan Long’s body guard are guarding at the apartment floor.

At the lowest floor even more exaggerating, there are long-wheel car parked in front of it, it is not difficult to see, Hei Yan Long is type of stylish and extravagance person, no matter his body guards, or his expensive car.

“Chen Yi, as I remember you are not blacken person, but why since you are together with this woman, you becoming blacken person?” Sitting inside car, Hei Yan Long looking at Feng Chen Yi with despise eyesight, he recalled just now he being criticized so many times by him, he feels such disgusting.

Feng Chen Yi says nothing, coldly he leans his head to car’s window.

“Does not know what Zi Xuan doing, should I call him out to have meal together with us?”

“Call him, I have something looking for him.” after Feng Chen Yi said, his cold eyes are glancing at Yao Yao who is absent-minded.

Not long after that, the car is stopped at the five star restaurant not far from Yao Yao’s house.

“You guys are so late.” Ou Yang Zi Xuan has already booked a room while waiting for them. “Ugh, Chen Yi’s ex-girlfriend also come.”

“Hello.” Yao Yao is forcing herself to smile, silently looking for a seat to sit down.

“I say, Yan Long, today you are so free, after all you even coming here during your working time?”

“Every day I do such leisure, company has so many things to settle, no matter how to settle there won’t ended, better taking a fresh air.”

“Do the employees at your company know that you are such irresponsible CEO?”

“Watch what you say. If someday you sit on my position, you will do same thing as me.”

 “Cut it off, my father keeps on asking me to come and help in the company, call me off, still dare to ask me exchange position with yours?” Ou Yang Zi Xuan said until this point, helplessly heave a sigh: “If my mother’s group really needs a help, it would be better. Huh….”

Hei Yan Long and Ou Yang Zi Xuan are having good chat, very lively. Completely don’t pay attention to the tension that surrounded Feng Chen Yi and Yao Yao.

“Eat this.” Feng Chen Yi adding food to hers plate.

She is forcing herself to smile, forcibly nodding her head and eat one small mouth, but at the moment she swallow, her stomach feels so discomfort: “I, I go to rest room.”

“I accompany you.”

“No need.” after said, Yao Yao stood up and then rushed out from the private room.

“What is going on? Chen Yi, are you reconciled with your ex-girlfriend? After all why suddenly you treating her so well?” Although Ou Yang Zi Xuan does not know what is going on between Feng Chen Yi and Yao Yao, but he never seen he treating her this well.

“You still dare to say, Zi Xuan, just now when went to that woman’s house, it was more disgusting. Actually I really could not hold back anymore so that I got an idea to go out to have a meal.”

“Uh? Chen Yi, she even let you to get inside her house, it seems soon there will be something.” Ou Yang Zi Xuan showed devil smiles.

At beside Feng Chen Yi still with his cold expression: “Zi Xuan, can you use your mother connection, investigate about killer group movement recently?”

“This, can, too easy. But…” Ou Yang Zi Xuan just remembered: “You investigate about killer matter for what?”

Feng Chen Yi slowly putting down his chopstick, his cold eyes are gazing at Hei Yan Long who is still eating: “Today, Yao Yao’s mother is being…. Killed!”


When Hei Yan Long heard this news, suddenly the bowl that holding by his hand dropped down to table, he is showing such unbelievable expression on his face, he really never thought, that woman’s mother….
Standing up, Hei Yan Long turned and leaving.

“Ugh…” Ou Yang Zi Xuan dumbfounded looking at Hei Yan Long who is leaving, curiously he frowned:

“What happened to Yan Long?”

“Just now when he was at Yao Yao’s house, Yan Long has said some hurting words to Yao Yao.”

“So that was the matter. Chen Yi, you know, Yan Long’s character. Now when he found out the truth, he must be in guilty right? You don’t blame him anymore.”

“Because I know what kind of person Yan Long is, so that I am enduring for this time!” if changed it to other person who said just hurtful words, earlier Feng Chen Yi would not let that person off.

“Uh, no wonder today you are treating your ex-girlfriend this well? Actually what happened? How can your ex-girlfriend’s mother suddenly being killed…..”


17 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 305

  1. Thanks for the chapter. HYL’s reaction is so funny when he heard that YY was crying because of her mom’s death.

    1. He is feeling guilty.
      Perhaps he is little bit insensitive but, once he knows that he has been doing wrong, he would make up for it.
      another reason why I like him, He different with Feng Chen Yi and Yu Ao Tian who tend to drag matter.

  2. I never thought HYL will have that kind of a reaction when he was informed about what happened to Yao Yao’s mother. Good that he felt guilty about the hurtful words he said when he was in her house.

    Thank you for the translation. I have a curious question, I hope you can answer. Is this novel is this a 1 book novel or 2 books?

    1. It seems, I need to make little bit long explanation about this novel.
      At the beginning, I do only have two resources one is 500 ++ chapters (it divided into three books, so the first book is about 300 chapters and the second book is about 200 chapters and the third book is about 100 chapters) and the other resource is 800++ chapters (it does not divide in any section so I assume as all in one book)
      These are the online resources but for the published book, honestly I don’t have any idea because They are not sale in Indonesia.
      But as I doing this novel translation, I found out there are still some web resources of this novel which little bit different in chapters number but the contain just same.
      So, according to my resource, this novel is at second section (part II of the book), can we just assume like that? since we are going to enter new phase of Yao Yao’s life.

  3. I feel like YY’s going to find out about YAT’s involvement in this case and his connections towards the Hua Mei Villa case. Then she’ll plot her revenge by using her lawyer status and sue Berson company due to their tax fraud(?) That’s the flaw that YY mentioned in the past chapters. Hmm…I might be wrong though 😦

  4. HYL’s reaction to YY’s mom is unexpected,adorable. Guy with conscience…nice. Yeah, agreed with u, azzurro. He’s d guy for YY. Thanks

  5. hahaha feel guilty hahaha, ah when a char like him feel guilty always make me laught, why doesnt he learn to be more empathic?

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