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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 306

FCY kei

Chapter 306

Lullaby Her until Sleep

‘Ring ring’

Ou Yang Zi Xuan talked half way, Feng Chen Yi’s mobile phone message notification LED flashing, taking out to see, it is a short message sent by Yao Yao.

‘Chen Yi, I feel little bit uncomfortable, I take my leave first. You accompany CEO Hei and Ou Yang Zi Xuan eat, no need to look for me.’

He shut his mobile phone, Feng Chen Yi cold eyes are gleaming dangerously, coldly said: “The detail how thing happened I don’t really know. But, Yao Yao’s mom must be known something (get involved with) big matter.”
Since walking out from the restaurant, Yao Yao takes a deep breathe, until now she still cannot suppressed her grievance her sadness, in front of others, seeing others laughing happily, she really feel uncomfortable.

‘tin…tin…’ (horn sound)

 At her back there is a long wheels luxurious car. Hei Yan Long is expressionless when getting down from his car: “Miss Luo, I want to have chat with you.”

The quiet and secluded street, the sun is gradually hiding behind the mountain (sunset). Hei Yan Long and Yao Yao are walking side by side, his car and his body guards are slowly following at their back.

“CEO Hei, You stopped me, wouldn’t this your reason to walk me home right?” still walking in the street, pair of Hei Yan Long’s hand inserted into his pocket, along the way both of them are keep silent, it is Yao Yao who becomes the first person melt the atmosphere.

“I have a friend, he is always living in such well-off family, he has an easy life and everything had already provided for him, but never cherish everyone who in front of his eyes, bless in front of him. Regarding to the teaching taught by his parent he never took it as serious, even he ever thought it would be great if his parent just disappeared. Until my friend reached his 18 years old, just as he expected his parent really gone, when they went out for vacation, the airplane fell, both of them died. That moment, my friend, finally he realized, how idiot he was before!”

“He pretend to be strong, in front of other he acted didn’t care of anything; at other back, he used his tears to wash his face, praying, if father, mother can live again it would be better. But if father and mother really could live once again, what could he do? Should he back to live as wealthy second generation who alike month? Or, everyday learn nothing and keep on spending money? Thinking the way how to anger father and mother?”

“Hence, he told himself….” talked to this point, Hei Yan Long suddenly stopped his footstep, his pitch black eyes are slowly looking at Yao Yao, faintly said: “There is nothing alike change only the appearance, but better live to the fullest in this limited life, better to fulfill father and mother expectations. Because, he always believes, in heaven his father and mother are keep on watching him, Yin and Yang being separated, both of them will be happy to see the today him. This, more than enough!”

That’s right!

The death people would never come back, we just an ordinary person not a God, cannot to bring back the death to live. But although we are only an ordinary person, we can still change our current life.

The blindly strong desire of apathetic, crying until no tears, there is no way to bring back the death mother to live, if mother who has been at heaven seeing the current her, must be worried. Otherwise, better for her to live well, live to the fullest, even they have separated, Mother who has been in heaven would feel happy for her.

The wind is blowing her black hair, that empty pair of eyes finally has slightest gleam.

And in front, this violence, arrogant and eccentric man’s eyes, why there is a trace of sadness in his eyes?

Does she see wrongly? Or, does the fellow friend this man said actually himself?

“CEO Hei, today…. Thank you. I believe you, your friend’s father and mother at heaven, seeing his changes might be very happy.” walking until one of street section, Yao Yao is looking Hei Yan Long with grateful eyesight.

He coldly smiled: “Perhaps.” he is taking out his hand that inserted into his pocket, put in front of him, slowly he bends down his body.

“CEO Hei?”

“I want to express for whatever I have said to you today….my apology….” raised his body, Hei Yan Long’s head does not turn back and just get into his car, left Yao Yao in front of her door.

Haha, how can this type of arrogant man apologized to her? This is something rare. Just as expected, Feng Chen Yi has friend like this really something cannot beg but only encounter by fate.

“Ha, I know Yan Long must be apologized to you.”

Suddenly, there is familiar voice flowing from other side of street section, she turned her head, she looked at the intersection: “Chen Yi, you…..”

“You say, you were at home, So that I came to your home but the result I found you were not at home, so that I waiting you at here. What did Yan Long tell you?”

“Nothing. Oh ya, Chen Yi, I ask you, did Hei Yan Long father and mother….”

“His father and mother were passed away when he was at his 18.”
Just as expected, just now when Hei Yan Long told her about his friend’s story, it was really him. No wonder, his eyes moisten.

18 years old…. Both of father and mother passed away, Hei Yan Long must be sadder thousand times compare to her?

Moreover, he stills need to shoulder the entire Bao Lai’s group, he must get used with the politic in business world that early, deceive and blackmail each other, stills really bitter and complicated.

While her, as long as she able to find the truth regarding her mother death, the rest there won’t be any changes in her life.

By this way comparing herself, she really much better off than Hei Yan Long.

“Today Thank you, Chen Yi.”

“You have told me so many thank you today.”

“Haha. This…. You don’t need to accompany me anymore, better you go back now.” in front of her room, Yao Yao awkwardly gives her smile, her eyes are avoiding him.

“Waiting until go fall sleep, I will go!” after said, Feng Chen Yi pulling her hand and walking inside the room.

“Huh, Chen….” she wanted to refuse, but seeing that pair of Feng Chen Yi’s serious eyes looking at her, she gulped all her words.

Just alike this domineering man, today he could do this actually something seldom. Or else Hei Yan Long and Ou Yang Zi Xuan impossible looked so surprise.

If she keep on refusing, this domineering man will going to explode, right?

Lying on the bed, Feng Chen Yi helps to cover her with quilt, and then he moved the chair to bedside, sitting down and reading book.

Inside the room it is so quiet, perhaps if there is a needle fall down the sound will clear, in order to avoid awkwardness, Yao Yao does not dare to open her eyes to see what Feng Chen Yi doing, only asking herself to fall sleep, faster fall asleep.

The feeling being inside one room with Ex-boyfriend, really…. Really awkward. But…. Because there is Feng Chen Yi companion, this cold night changed warmer…..

Gradually, Yao Yao breathing changes to be rough. Feng Chen Yi closes the book in his hand, his deep eyes are slowly looking at her small face…..

This moment, Feng Chen Yi can feel the gap between them are so far; although the physical distant is not more than one meter, but heart as if as far as sky and ground.

She cries, he only can use his hugging to comfort her, cannot do anything; she hurt, he only can secretly sitting beside her at here accompanying her, there is nothing he can do for her.

Actually what should he do in order to exchange with this woman’s heart, the woman he loves deeply? To be able love this woman openly without any consideration to think about?

It is obvious this love ever on his hand, but now it is extremely more difficult than before……

“Good Night, Yao Yao….” murmured, the ice cold lips landed on her forehead.


23 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 306

  1. Hahaha, Azurro you want me to root on HYL?
    so who will root on FCY? lol
    well, he is a gentleman with kiddo character.. clean than FCY and YAT!
    More cute than both of them
    More responsible than both of them
    but again… who will root on FCY?!

    Happy Idul Fitri Azurro! you celebrate it right?

    and Thanks for the chapie \ ^0^ /

  2. Tq Azzuro. Updated chapter today.
    Will YAT come back on the next chapter?
    Happy holiday. Eid this year is not joyful as before. Im not well.

  3. I cannot understand what is YY doing … I mean , i know that losing someone is very very hard because i experienced this myself not long ago but that s not reason to go back at your ex .

    If she keep on refusing, this domineering man will going to explode, right?

    So what ? Man …
    Sorry it s just that i don t like girls who cannot decide . I thought that YY decided to be only friends with FCY . Falling asleep in the same bed with your ex is kinda … Awkard and weird .
    Lol Maybe it s because i root for YAT so i cannot accept this kind of behavior …

    1. FYC did not sleep in the same bed with YY he was their only until she fall asleep. FCY was their as a friend to console her and help to arranged things that needed.

      1. Thanks Amy for the explanation.
        Yao Yao stopped to refuse Feng Chen Yi because she understands his nature moreover after she heard how he introduced herself to Hei Yan Long as friend. She really treats him as friend alike Long Qi, Gong Xiao Man or any others friend.

      2. Still . Maybe i am a little close minded . let s just imagine YAT coming at YY s house and finding her with her ex :
        YY : ‘Oh , Ao Tian … Nothing to see here . Just me and my friend who happens to be my ex . nothing strange about that .He just helps me fall asleep because i don t have a girl friend (GXM) that can do this for me , nope , the only person in the whole world that is able to console me is my ex bf . ‘

        YAT :’ That s right YY . I m sure that i can have 100 % trust in him now that FCY himself has said that he is just a friend . It s ok . I will not be jealous or angry nope . All I see is just a pair of good good friends . ‘

        Lol , that s just how i view things .
        Also tnx azurro for translating this .
        Ps: i love the picture ~ takishima kei

  4. Thanking you Azurro for another translated chapter. I agree too. Once broken then broken, seeing one another does not helped one another. Lying or sleeping on the same bed or not…YY, you can be so forceful with YAT but when it come to FCY…you, YY really disappointed me.

    Well, I known a girl once…who spent more times with her ex-bf while her current boyfriend only live one town away from her. She said it so many times that her current bf understood n known that she still sees her ex…how would not that justified a two way relationships instead of, love triangle…n let everyone believes that she is the innocent one??!!…that is what I don’t understand YY??!!

    1. Exactly, nope they didn’t sleep in the same bed, but still too close as friends. YY has a girlfriend who can be her, where is she? Why she won’t show up every time YY is in need of friends instead of these guys who are somewhat interested on her. I just noticed even from the previous ocasion when YY is in trouble, she’s only show up when stuff calm down.

  5. YY is pissing me off. She has half the world’s stunningly handsome and rich men chasing her and she can’t make a chiice. She is also very easy to manipulate. We are going on 300 chapters in and I feel like we are right where we started.

  6. Thanks Azurro for the update. I’m glad FYC is their for YY on when she needed someone to console her and hardest time of her life. Have a blessed evening.

  7. Thanks for the chapter. Though FCY lost YY but the way he is there for her now really redeem him in my eyes. YY is lucky to have him around. HYL is another sweet character despite everything he said that made YY sad. She’s lucky to have these 2 men.

  8. I do not understand why to critisize YY on the situation. Her mother wrote last message to FCY asking to help YY and grandfather and so on. YY knows on that and is also in terriable emotional turmoil. She takes thehelp and accordingly

  9. I sense wimrhibg odd here actually, Where ia YAT? he should be there consoled YY. Even if he’s the one who killed YYS’s mother, shouldn’t he was there pretending to be care abt YY?!

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