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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 308


Chapter 308

The Impulsive Kiss

And then the next moment, the Dean and the few of board directors together with Yao Yao are taking Yu Ao Tian and other few of officials touring at First University—–to do inspection, taking a look.

The whole process, Yao Yao and Yu Ao Tian keep a distance of themselves with sort of stranger distance, this perhaps is the first time both of them meet after the election.

“Alright, Student Luo Yao Yao, today you have worked hard.” seeing it almost dinner time, the Dean is taking a lead to end the inspection.

“En, Well I take my leave first.” She smiles, politely giving a respect bowing to each and every official: “All official, good bye.”

Haha, she knows, once Yu Ao Tian is taking path in political circle, it means both of their relationship actually has already near the end.

The today politic isn’t something alike Palace politic, what wives and concubines, Magnificent clothes delicious food (splendid life), but the today politician are those image of the government.

Although now she and Yu Ao Tian are normal couple, at political and government side both of them won’t allow Yu Ao Tian to date university student, moreover she just 19 years old.

So that, during Yu Ao Tian election process, no matter what Yao Yao must help him, because she wants to end their relationship soon, does not want to owe him any debt. Although, she has made vital mistake, but inside her heart there stills any deep debt.

On the way she backs to dorm, Yao Yao is showing helpless smile on her face.

Staring at stars, staring at the moon, finally the have reached the point she had looked forward for it before, but the past memories and laughter aren’t something easy to forget, when meeting once again as stranger, really cannot get used on it.

“Fiuh, actually this also…. Uh!” When Yao Yao is using her key to open her dorm room, that moment, there is one cold big hand suddenly covering her mouth, and then pushing her inside the room.


This smell….

Although she cannot see the person who covered her mouth, but from the smell that spread from the body, it is special made cologne, this person must be Yu Ao Tian!

‘Bam’ a sound, the room door is shut. Inside the room is dark.

Not yet turn on the light, Yu Ao Tian has already turned her body, pair of lips with domineering aura pressed down.

“Uh.” Yao Yao is completely does not think of it, Yu Ao Tian can suddenly kiss her, her brain is on blank state. Tightly pressing on her lips, his tongue even prying to get inside her mouth.

“Bao Bei, open your mouth!!” that is type of order that not easy to refuse and also mixed up with rushed breathing.

Although still in the darkness, she stills can feel, this moment Yu Ao Tian is so impulsive, or else how can his breathing this rough.

But she….

Actually today she does not want to play this vague game!

“Yu… Uh…” when she wants to open her mouth, Yu Ao Tian hurries covered her lips.

His skillful and also domineering tongue keeps on intertwined with her small tongue.

The tall body is suddenly pressed her body onto the cold-iced wall, followed by his big hand that stroking inch by inch her clothes.


She still hasn’t accepted her mother passed away yesterday, and now today she is playing vague with this man, she cannot accept it! “Uh uh!!” using her strength to protest Yu Ao Tian teasing.

He can feel that, the way of Little Thing protest is so different than usual, perhaps there is little bit anger.

“Bao Bei, I have told them that I go to restroom for while, taking this opportunity to look for you, do you really want to treat me this way?”

“You taking an opportunity to come, I really thank you, but your coming at here looking for me, is this what you want to do with me?”

“This thing? Ha, are you such missed me?” Yu Ao Tian coldly loosen up her body, ‘pa’ a sound, turn on the light inside the room.

At instant the darkness replace by the light, Yao Yao from this man’s eyes can see cold gleam, it can be seen, Yu Ao Tian must be angry.

Indeed, since the day she became his lover, until today both of them are still keeping this vague relationship, while he never forced her to progress until the last stage. This is one of her most grateful to Yu Ao Tian!

Perhaps, because Yao Yao still cannot accept her mother death, so that she throwing a tantrum. “Sorry, today I don’t want….” said, she is expressionless sitting on her bed.

Yu Ao Tian coldly glance at her. Another second, as heard, ‘bam’ a sound, the door has shut, when she raised her head, Yu Ao Tian has already left.


Still thought after went through many things, both of them can have normal interaction.

As long as today he randomly asking her…. ‘What’s matter with you?’

She could feel have know this man for such long time, this man perhaps far from her image about cold blood man, fickle.

At least she might think him as someone who can considerate about someone, or not that impatient toward woman.

But now, she only refused his kiss, he didn’t ask but only slam the door and then left. At the moment when she heard the sound of closed door, she can feel her heart already cold…..

Yao Yao isn’t type of girl who have many begging, she also not over-confident woman (too proud with herself in controlling ‘love’ in this case), since she knows Yu Ao Tian that moment, she never begging him, to treat herself very good.

But after her mom death, for Yao Yao it is big hit, moreover Feng Chen Yi companion, his gentle accompanying her, but this way if compare both of them, Yu Ao Tian performance today actually is so worst.


Yu Ao Tian, a man with this type of character, he does not like to put his concerns on his lips, he does not like to put his thought on his lips, for him, the best way to express his passion and his longing toward her is by kissed her.

But Yao Yao is choosing heartlessly to refuse him, and she response him with cold attitude.
As for domineering man alike Yu Ao Tian this must be not a small wound for him!

“Congress Yu, tonight we….”

“I feel little bit uncomfortable, I go back first for taking a rest.” Since leaving from Yao Yao’s place, Yu Ao Tian’s face is expressionless when refusing The Dean invitation, the driver and and the secretary are accompanying him left and get into the car.

Slowly the car is moving, he staring out through the glass window that gradually leaving school, slowly he curled his hand into fist.

Heaven knows, these days how busy he was, if he didn’t make any excuse to make inspection to First university, how could he come here, perhaps more than months he won’t be able to see that Little Thing.

Who knows, he has planned so well in order to meet her, but those hard work exchanged with that Little Thing coldness? Damn it!

Yu Ao Tian is fiercely gritting his teeth, but not long after that, he takes his mobile phone and dial Long Qi’s number. After all, more or less he stills can read Yao Yao’s moods.

“Long Qi, she, what happen to her recently?” now, the secretary and assistant that stay beside Yu Ao Tian’s side, all of them are government’s men, they are placed in order to spy him, when he and Han Li Shang them having a phone call, when talking he must be extremely careful.

“Don’t you know anything?”

Listened to the powerless Long Qi when speaking on the phone, Yu Ao Tian unhappily creasing his forehead: “These days quite busy, if you are also don’t know impossible I know what happen to her?”

“Ng, Her mother is murdered, didn’t you do it?”


16 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 308

  1. Thank god it wasn’t him who murdered her. Somone is trying to implicate him tho. I think it was FYC. Would explain the mothers last text if it was all put together by him. He implicates YAT and gets YY in the deal seems like he has enough to gain from it. Also he knew about it insanely fast. He also jumped straight to protecting the grandfather extremely fast. Why has there been no attempt on YY? why isn’t he giving her guards as well? Maybe because he knows she is not in danger?

    1. FCY loves YY more than anyone here. He more than anyone knows how important her mom is to YY. He would never intentionally hurt YY in any way or form. He would rather give up his life than hurt YY.

  2. If YAT did not killed her mom,maybe the Prime Minister, if not who else then. Those who wants to silenced her, so that YAT not able to found out, the answer he is looking for. I hope YAT will understand Why YY is not receptive to his advances. He missed her so much that he find ways to see her by inspecting the Uni. What a moved YAT. Thanks for your hard work, and have a blessed day.

  3. What can FCY gain from murdering YY’s mom n implicated YAT? Once YY find out that FCY is behind the murder she definitely will not forgive him n will not want to do anything with him. He gain nothing by doing this. I agree he learnt it quick about the murder.

    I suspect it would b done by the politic counterpart who does not want YAT to be in politic in the first place. Y murdered YY’s mom if the opposition of government ppl does not want YAT to find out about the arson?!

  4. Thanks for this chapter. At least we know YAT wasn’t involved in her mother’s death. I am surprised YAT didn’t keep tabs on YY.

  5. Oh my gosh ! At first i thought that YAT is heartless forcing his kiss but he didn t know ! That explains everything .
    On the other hand lol . Even LQ suspected YAT

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