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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 309

Chapter 309

Searching the Reason Why Mother Murdered

‘Her mother is murdered, didn’t you do it?’

Long Qi’s words keeps on echoing at his ears, at sudden when he heard this, he felt his head is going to explode!

‘Ring…ring….’ immediately right after hung up Long Qi phone call, Long Ye is calling him.


“Ao Tian, can I have word with you now?”

“You say, I listen.”

“Yesterday, last night Long Qi told me that, Xiao Meng Li’s mother murdered, right after I got the news, the first thing that I did, immediately I went to Police Station to check, the time of Xiao Meng Li’s mother death, with you….”

“Stopped the car!” When Long Ye has spoken half, All of Yu Ao Tian attention is at the piece of news which displayed on electronic big screen.

The car is stopped at the street side, staring through the glass window, his eyes keep on looking at the electronic big screen.

‘Last night, there was a reporter who got picture of the Feng’s Group second young master with mysterious girl came out from poor apartment building, after that both of them were heading to five stars restaurant to have dinner, after had dinner, for once again both of them got back to that poor apartment building, after few hours later, Feng’s group second young master hurried going out from that mysterious girl’s place.’

The electronic screen keeps on emphasizing regarding about mysterious girl whom together with the Feng’s group second young master, at one glance Yu Ao Tian has seen who that person is, moreover, the poor apartment that being emphasized, Yu Ao Tian knows whose house it belongs to!

Hah, for half month both of them are not seeing each other, when both of them are met, she even use such cold attitude treated him, is because…. For this time, she is always with Feng Chen Yi?

“Hello? Ao Tian, are you still listening?” It is Long Ye from the other side of phone, waiting for sometime there is no response of Yu Ao Tian, he even more panic calling him.

He drawn back his bleak eyesight, coldly said: “Say!”

“Do you need me to explain to Xiao Meng Li, you think?”

“It does not need now. Thing has be at this point now.”

“But, due to Xiao Meng Li’s IQ, soon or later she will look for her uncle, right? When time…”

“So just take step ahead before her!” Coldly Yu Ao Tian cut off Long Ye’s phone call, the next moment, his bottomless eyes dimmed: “If after she investigate it was me who did it, just let her thought like that. Long Ye, this matter, you don’t need to interfere!!”


Hung up the phone call, Yu Ao Tian for once again stares at that electronic big screen that displaying Feng Chen Yi and Yao Yao’s picture, slowly, he tighten his fist until his vein shown, his eyes gleaming dangerous. “Start the car!” he said coldly.

The car is moving and gradually disappearing from the electronic big monitor.

But, the two persons which shown at the big electronic screen are piercing on his eyes, or precisely, it piercing into his heart…..

First night back to her dorm, Yao Yao even had passed it with nightmare.

She dreamt has afflicted with her grandpa that torment with sickness, in her dream she seen her mother bitter expression before she died, dreaming about her father who has already at heaven, and then dreamt many things after she was at 6 years.

“Sst…. Headache.” it only six o’clock in the morning, she cannot sleep back. In her brain there are many memories regarding her childhood, flowing inside her little head.

Father, mother…. Now only left her grandpa, the only family she has, she hopes everything that arranged by Feng Chen Yi would be going smooth.

Actually who murdered her mother, and even hunted down her Grandpa? She believes that good persons like her mother and grandpa would not do crime, moreover for this time grandpa always at hospital, and how could mother has thought to crash with others?

Robbery is absolutely not possible; revengeful murder? Seems less likely. Those men why they wanted to kill mom?

‘Uncle, are you coming from Italy.’

‘Ha, Yao Yao has grown this big already. I still have thing to do, I take my leave first. Sis, if you know something you must quickly inform me, if not….. You will make all us get killed!’

‘If not…. You make us get killed!’

‘Get killed!’

Her brain suddenly recalled the memories, in hospital, the words before uncle leaving.

“Uncle knows it!! Uncle must know what is gong on! Or else impossible for him to say that kind of words.

“And also…. And also, that day, two mysterious persons who were coming to Uncle’s place, actually who were they?

Suddenly Yao Yao’s face turned to be dim, rolled her body get down from bed, dressed, directly leaving a school, hailed car and heading to uncle’s house. But for very long time, the abandoned villa had no one open the door.

Waiting for whole afternoon, she hasn’t seen her uncle not even a shadow.

What to do? Regarding someone like her uncle, she does not know anything about him, but deep in memory, he types of person, after her father passed away, he took all her father assets and disappeared without any news.

Now how she contacts this uncle?

She standing in front of the villa by showing her difficulties expression.

Go and look for Yu Ao Tian? If now she looking for Yu Ao Tian with his current status, if he wanted to investigate and search all information regarding of her uncle this is such easy. But yesterday, the thing that happened between them, moreover now he is such busy, after all she has decided not to disturb him, and also there is no reason to make him to get involved in this matter.

“Ss… Perhaps…. There stills a way to find uncle!” thinking to this point, at sudden Yao Yao’s face is showing such strange smiles.

“Lawyer Luo, hello. Because the person you wanted to bring a suit against is Australian citizenship, in addition the plaintiff has died, so that you need to show a more favorable evidence, to prove, Mr. Deng Zu Ye misappropriation of yours mother’s possession.” The thing that thought by Yao Yao, actually to use her Lawyer status to sue her own uncle who misappropriation her family assets 13 years ago.

First her uncle loves money so much, he will absolutely come to join the court; second if the suing is not success, she still can check her uncle’s data.

“Prosecutor Zhang, 13 years ago that villa was bought and registered with Luo Tian Ming’s name, if there is no mishap, until today it stills not yet changed the ownership name. Thus with my mother Deng Hui Hong’s status as legal wife, although she has passed away, it should be entitled to the identity of the first heir, doesn’t this not enough to use as strong evidence?”

Yao Yao who has the world class lawyer status, most of the court prosecutor are treating her well.

After listened to Yao Yao reason, helplessly Prosecutor Zhang gives her a smile: “Lawyer Luo, that villa indeed registered with Luo Tian Ming’s name, but…. Your mother, wasn’t his….legal wife.”

“What?” Mother wasn’t father’s legal wife?

“Lawyer Luo, you take a look at this.” after said, that Prosecutor Zhang shown Yao Yao pieces of document copy.

She hurries take a look….

In her father’s spouse column there isn’t her mother’s name?

So who is her mother? Did she her father’s lover?

My Comment:
Finally Yao Yao found out one truth about her mother. Deng Hui Hong isn’t legal wife of Luo Tian Ming, but she has made her guess, her mother might her father’s lover.
The others truth will be revealed one by one, darker and more thrilling……
From my translation source, we are almost at the end of book two, only left few chapters before we starting the third book.


14 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 309

  1. Thanks. Looks like the next volume or arc will be finding YY’s background. Looks like YAT misunderstood YY again.

  2. As smart as YAT with IQ over 200+, he surely get jealous n jumped to wrong conclusion very quickly instead of sitting down n try to figure out why FCY n YY were together.

  3. Thank you for the update. Another miss understanding. I hope YY find her real identity she may not be the daughter of her mom. But a daughter of the first wife. I hope she will get the property of his father estate.Why would YAT wants YY to be miss understood him that he killed her mom?

    1. I think he spared her and let her go and then somone iether an enemy or a close friend betrayed him and killed her so that he would be implicated in her murder. If it was fyc it would force YY into his arms. If it was anyone else it’s a good way to get Yat out of the picture. It may be one of Yat inner circle betraying him. This is so exciting! !! I think Yat is going to have some rough days ahead.

  4. Thank you Azzuro for your updates, you don’t know how happy I was when I found your translations, I’m just so happy I get to read it every day.. please don’t drop this manhua coz I’ll be sad hehe

    *So.. my thoughts about the latest update*

    I don’t think it is Yu Ao Tian who killed her mom.. and according to the latest chapter it’s not him..

    So my guess is Yu Ao Tian’s mortal enemies from the government (vice prime minister Zeng Kai Rui) murdered  Yao Yao’s mom and is also trying to kill her grandpa..

    I also suspect Li Mei Yun’s dad since he found out that Ao Tian broke up with his daughter because of Yao Yao and bad things happened to her, but this is the least possible scenario..  I still suspect vice prime minister more. He’s still #1 on my list 😛 😆

    Gosh there are just too many people to suspect, but as long as it’s not Yu Ao Tian then all is good hehe.

    On the other hand, I can’t wait for further chapters about Yao Yao’s past, my guess is she comes from a royal family.. is she a princess? Oh my gosh I just she is.. that’d would a major twist if that happens lol 😅

    There are just too much events and questions in this story and I hope to find the answers soon hehe ^_^

  5. It’s frustrating how they keep on misunderstanding each other!! And is YAT really the one who killed YY’s mother? Kuuuuh🤔 And yay~ book 3 thanks for all the hard work Azurro!!😊

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