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C-novel: The CEO’s Pregnant Wife (总裁的孕妻) 2.5


Chapter 2

Part 5 (Five)

A scooter motorbike, with ‘leisure’ speed moving slowly in the street.

A bright moon hanging in the sky, the faint of moonlight and transparent street lights combined together.

Fang Yi Ran lifts her head up, looking at the big half moon, it is going to be full moon, and this time full moon, does not know whether…..

In her mind, can’t help herself not to think of a beautiful face. Foresee, that face if one day growing up and become an adult, it will be absolutely become the cause of disaster*.

Basically, she also being able to born one ‘the cause of disaster”, it makes everyone surrounding her would not be surprised, moreover her gossiper best friend Xu Yi Xia, after she born her son for a month, ckckckck said: “Yi Ran, you say your son appearance, can it be said as genetic mutation?”

Of course, her answer, she gave to Yi Xia was by kicking her out from her patient room.

Only she knew by herself, her son appearance, is perfectly similar to his father, that seductive beautiful man, that man who she didn’t know not even name but also surname.

That night, after she together with him for one night, the next morning when she woke up, he still slept so soundly, while her, she looked alike the failure solder and panicking escape from battle field.

After she thought it carefully, during that time why didn’t she beat him hard, actually it was the biggest inexpedient.

And the most inexpedient, it was—–she got pregnant!

Only by at one night, only at one time, she even won over the ‘first prize’, this sort of fortune, actually gave her feeling as if being impulsive to hit her head to wall.

But, after all it is a life, the thing in this world, the only life that has blood related with her.

Perhaps because of her motherhood nature showed up, or perhaps because she is an orphan, too longing for someone who called as family, so that, finally she born her son, this child is belonging to her.

Fang Yi Ran is lowering her head to see at her watch in her wrist, time has showed nine o’clock. After finished this last one fast food ordered, she is expecting to quickly going home, accompany her son to play monopoly games.

The head lamp of vehicle twist, Fang Yi Ran who has familiarized with the path turned into an alley, she going home from this alley, without any hesitation this is the fastest way to go home.

The alley is dark, compare to the normal days it smelt more damp, before it was having heavy rain before, wash out and clean the ground, there is still a drop of water dripping from the eaves, constantly dripping, let out tik tak, tik tak sounds.

Heart skip beats, strangely beating fast, her six sense alarmed her, in this alley perhaps is going to be happened something.

From the other end of alley something is getting closer, Fang Yi Ran is slowing her pace.
Moonlight, it shines half.

As if the light and darkness have divided into two worlds, makes the alley as if divided into two areas.

Ka (noise made in coughing or vomiting)

A crisp sound issued from the other end of alley.

Fang Yi Ran silently stopped her scooter, her eyes are staring nervously to the front.

In the half of the light, a middle age man is kneeling on the ground, few of men wearing black suit are surrounding him, there is a cipher suitcase on the ground, while the middle age man’s left hand is in unnatural state of twisting to the side of the body.

Very obviously, her arm has already broken.

“Who are you guys? What do you want, police is often patrol in here, if all of you are looking for money, my ATM card still has money, I can give it all to you.” Wen Hao Ren is enduring the pain cried, while the other one hand that not hurt, after all still wanted to take the ciphers suitcase that still on the ground. Those money, he has used so many efforts to have it, no matter what he could not give it up.


One foot is stomped at his hand, the shoe even used more strength to stomp at it, Wen Hao Ren who feels hurt is howling in pain.

“Ask for money? All of us good brothers indeed asking for money, but we are not daring to ask it from Manager Wen.” Said one of the men.

“Who are you guys, how can you know that my surname is Wen?” Wen Hao Ren shivering.

“Is it such weird if we know that your surname is Wen? We are also knowing that, inside the ciphers suitcase, there is ten thousand US dollars, one person taking this much of money, don’t you feel it such heavy?”

His face does not show begging expression like just now, Wen Hao Ren is staring sharply a man who is talking, “How can you guys know these things? Who is asking you guys? If you guys dare to touch me, it is best to weight you guys whether you have this ability or not!”

After said, at sudden one of his hand twisted, twisted and pressed down right hand. Although his left hand is already broken, and his body is such flexible, his right hand is grabbed the suitcase, and even dash to the other end of alley.

This, when he has dashed to the other end of alley, but suddenly his footsteps stopped, from that narrow alley, the car that he most familiarized has stopped.

Black Cadillac!

Wen Hao Ren’s eyes are glared big, his body cannot control to keep trembling, how can, ‘he’ also coming here?

He had thought that about the secret data leaked had already known by ‘he’ before!

Car’s door, slowly open.

Someone who wear black leather shoes is stepping down from the car’s door, gradually, that tall and slender body is caught by Wen Hao Ren’s eyes.

Wen Hao Ren is breathing more roughly, until that unspeakable perfect face is completely shown under the moonlight, a big bead of sweat, finally falling from his forehead.

The person who is leisurely stood beside the car door, the man with faint smiles looked at him, that man is the current Master of Jun’s household——Jun Si Que!

*] 祸 Hou 水 Shui 级 Ji : the cause of disaster, it also can mean the beauties that able to attract / are the source of disaster for someone or something.


29 thoughts on “C-novel: The CEO’s Pregnant Wife (总裁的孕妻) 2.5

  1. Oh my, Fang Yi Ran got pregnant after that one night…are they going to meet up in that alley? Am wondering if he will remember her because I think he thought he was only dreaming at that time. One week to wait for the next chapter…it’s too hard to wait:(
    Thank you Thunder and Azurro for the update.

  2. Interesting read,they are meeting soon and she actually got pregnant their first night together, I did not see that coming at all. Thank for translating

  3. Thanks for the chapter. I got more questions now. Are they going to meet in the alley? Poor girl. Had to bring up a child by herself.

  4. I’m kinda confuse coz the prologue show that FYR got pregnant with JSQ but at this chapter it’s said that FYR already born her child. That’s mean she got pregnant with 2nd child ?

    1. I think you mistaken something.
      The pregnant woman in the prologue isn’t Fang Yi Ran, but she is Jun Si Que’s mother.
      The man who Jun Si Que’s parent mentioned on the prologue was Jun Yi Sheng, Jun Si Que’s uncle who also suffered same weird-thing alike what happen to Jun Si Que

    1. Hi Teresa,
      Thunder and I decided to postpone and go hiatus for The CEO’s pregnant Wife project due to piracy problems and until we have best solution for the troubles and problems we and other translators facing.
      But, don’t worry, I will still doing daily post. make sure you have followed my blog so you will get notified every time new post published ^-^

  5. Hello.. i’m always waiting for the new chapter every week n so sad when u say u go hiatus for awhile😦 (((not i blame u or anything))) n then suddenly i saw new chapter in Nu when i check is just three paraghraf but still so just that after awhile turn to protected file n i can not open it at all (since i dunno the password😭) may u kindly tell can i read it please????? Since i’m very curious how they meet..😢 thank u very much…
    Ps.i try every 30 min. Without succes since u just post the new one

  6. Thanks for the translation! I tried to read chapter 3, but it was restricted? Can I have the password pls? Thanks!

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