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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 310

YY 12

Chapter 310

Mother is Father’s Mistress

“Zhang….Prosecutor Zhang, about me…. Me….” Yao Yao does not know how to say anything.

Fortunately very fast prosecutor Zhang understood her meaning: “Lawyer Luo, in your relationship column, you are register under your father’s name.”

Actually what all thing happened? If mother is father’s mistress, logically it said that father would not dare to register her under his name, right?

“Prosecutor Zhang, can you give me my father’s legal wife contact? And also, the contact of Deng Zu Ye.”

“Due to the procedure this is against the rule, but if the person is you, it is not a problem!”

This is one of the best part to be world class lawyer, go to anywhere always have green light. Very fast prosecutor Zhang has done checking about Luo Tian Ming’s legal wife contact and also her uncle contact and given it to her.

Although she knows her purpose and her mission is investigating the killer who murdered her mother, but beforewards, she really wants to clear up (understand) the relationship between her father and her mother.

According to the contact which is given, Yao Yao is coming to the relatively old-ancient building, this old-ancient building perhaps have few decades history, although it’s old, but during that time this building could be said as type of wealthy people’s houses.

‘Knock knock knock’

The door is opened, the person who opened the door is a woman who at her forties: “Miss, may I help you?”

“Hello, I am looking for Madam Sang Rou, you….”

“Oh, I am the maid who working with Madam, please come with me.”

Under the guidance of the maid, Yao Yao is walking inside this old-ancient building heading to the second floor, a gray haired old lady is sitting on the chair while reading a book, although the years have obscured her original beauty, but looking at her facial features, this old lady must be someone beautiful when she was at her youth.

“Madam, this Miss is looking for you.”

“Oh?” Sang Rou smiles graciously, slowly looking at Yao Yao: “There has been quite long time no one coming to pay visit, little girl, why are you looking for me?”

“Madam…. Sang, Madam Sang, I am… I am a reporter from Legal Times, this is almost Grand Celebration of an important election for the politician, our news paper headquarter asked me to do an interview with relatives who used to work for the government.” For this old lady who live peacefully, she is showing her respect, although she does not know what kind of animosity among the previous generation. But she does not want to directly expose herself, hence hurt this old Madam.

“Oh? Are you coming to do interview?” Sang Rou looking ups and downs, measuring Yao Yao, her face is showing up generous smile.

“Yes… Yes. Your husband…. Luo Tian Ming?”

“That’s right, haha.” the old lady is pointing at the long sofa: “Little Girl, you have a seat while interviewing me.”

“Oh, alright.” Yao Yao is pulling the sofa, wanting to get closer with this old Madam.

“Tian Ming is my husband, he really kind man, career-minded person, also was someone progressing, he was ever worked as secretary for our Vice Prime Minister.”

Vice Minister? Father ever worked as Zeng Kai Rui’s secretary?

This name, Yao Yao had heard it hundred thousand times, but all were coming from Yu Ao Tian’s mouth.
She knew that her father was working in political circle, she also knew that her father was having prestigious occupation as High level secretary, but never thought….

Father was Zeng Kai Rui’s secretary!

Mother never brought up the topic before! Moreover her memory that lost before she was 6, whenever mother brought about father, she would have a look being hurt, so she also not dared to ask.

“You…. Are sure that…. Dad…. Your husband ever worked as Vice Prime Minister Zeng’s secretary?”

“Of course.”

Does not know why, when the old Madam gave her such affirmed answered, Yao Yao can feel her heart uneasy. “Ha, and how about your relationship with your husband? Where your children?”

“The relationship between Tian Ming and me,,,, always alike best friend, perhaps! Perhaps only a friend, we don’t have any child.”

“Friend? This really…. Strange relationship. But your husband had daughter, do you know this matter?”

“I knew it. I knew.” Sang Rou nodding her head, she putting down the book slowly on the tea table, smiles at Yao Yao: “Little Girl, you are Tian Ming’s daughter right?”


Ugh, does her disguise as reporter not that good? Or… Did she say something wrong, how could at one moment the old Madam could find her out? Yao Yao awkwardly give her smiles.

Sang Rou helplessly shaking her head: “You this little girl, are you still wanting to lie to elder? Haha, Tian Ming had passed away for many years, how could there still a reporter who coming here to do interview? Said, Little Girl, what do you want to know?”

Cold sweat…. Just as expected ginger must be old one that hot. “Madam Sang, actually, actually I just found out that you are my father’s legal wife.”

“Very normal, in this world there is no parent who willing to let their children know that they are someone’s Mistress.” this words said by Sang Rou quite piercing to ears.

But from her generous expression, it seems she does not have an evil purpose.

Moreover, this words are indeed logical, that time, Yao Yao ever thought, if there is a day her relationship and Yu Ao Tian ended, although she has married and had her own children, she also would not tell her children if she ever became someone’s lover.

“You, have you known about my mother?”

“En, I have known it for long time, it was your mother who avoiding me. Actually she didn’t need to do so, I don’t care not even little bit between her relationship with Tian Ming….”

Listen to the story which backwards almost 40 years ago.

That time Luo Tian Ming and Sang Rou were at same age, they were so young, 20 years old, they were soldier at same army, and both of them were introduced through the matchmaker and shortly both of them just ended to stay together.

But after they stayed together, two of them realized they weren’t match, so that everyday both of them always quarrel.

About Sang Rou, at the beginning she had boyfriend that she dated for 3 years, but because the other party didn’t have good health, so that she forced to separate from her boyfriend.

But after she married Luo Tian Ming, she realized her ex-boyfriend was better, while Luo Tian Ming was not treating her well.

But, because both of them were coming from soldier background in order to do divorce process was more difficult than reaching a sky, in addition that time was semi-feudal era, divorce was something not good.

So that Luo Tian Ming and Sang Rou were spending days like that. Both of them were even had thought that, if they had child perhaps their relationship would be better.

Who knows, no one knows whom between two of them who could have child, so waiting for long time there was still no child.

Every day quarreling, troubles kept coming, then, because of arguing and quarrel, this two persons had spent such days for twenty years.

Until when 18 years old Deng Hui Hong appeared, Luo Tian Ming has already at his forty!

As a woman, Sang Rou’s instinct could feel that her husband cheated on her, but because there was no love between her and her husband, but the forty years old Sang Rou didn’t young anymore, absolutely she could not gulp this anger, so they were quarreling fiercer than before, even pointing out who was the third wheel.

Just like this, the fight were even getting fiercer, until Sang Rou found out who was the third wheel, she was checking out so many data.

Toward the Deng Hui Hong who came from ordinary family, and Sang Rou who comes from extraordinary family, if wanted to kill her, simply to say as easy as step on an ant.

After Luo Tian Ming knew, he was begging Sang Rou to let off Deng Hui Hong, he even said, whatever she wanted, he would fulfill, money, house, everything, as long as she didn’t harm Deng Hui Hong, everything he would do. Even divorce!


19 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 310

    1. I don’t understand y u said YAT is pathetic since we still do not exactly know what actually happened in the house where YAT n his younger brother who lived in was burnt down n YY’s dad had his hand in it. In what way is YAT pathetic just because he tried to find out what actually happened in his past?? If it is for you in YAT’s position when he was only a little boy seeing his house being burnt down. Wouldn’t u want to find out too suspecting it was an arson??

      Since YAT did not murder YY’s mom n FCY got the information about YY’s mom got murdered so quickly. Just because YAT kidnapped YY’s mom he automatically became a murderer n FCY is the innocent one? Also FCY lied to YY’s mom n grandpa before that he is YY’s current boyfriend when he went to visit YY’s grandpa. FCY can be very much being a murderer himself. At this moment, YY should not go with any of the men disregard whether it is YAT, FCY, or the other blowfly…

  1. wow 22 years age difference…DHH is pretty loyal considered being a third wheel taking care of LTM’s father and Yao Yao during her youthful age

  2. She is mistress daughter. I hope Sang Rou will tell her about her past growing up as a kid. How her father died, and who killed him? Thanks for the update.

    1. You are welcomed ^-^
      So far, we finally found out Deng Hui Hong is Luo Tian Ming’s mistress, Sang Rou is Luo Tian Ming’s legal wife and Yao Yao either daughter of Deng Hui Hong or Sang Rou but somewhat she is related to Luo Tian Ming because she is registered on Luo Tian Ming’s family as his daughter.

      1. It was my vague answer LOLS
        Yao Yao could be adopted daughter
        Yao Yao could be another woman’s daughter with Luo Tian Ming
        Yao Yao could be……

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