Zhang Xuan Rui and An Xin Ya in Prince of Wolf AKA 狼王子

prince of wolf SETTV

It has been little bit while, I haven’t ranted or rumbled about dramas that I have done watching or currently watching. Refresh Man ended two weeks ago and replace with 狼王子 (Lang Wang Zi) Prince of Wolf.
Speak frankly, I would not watch Refresh Man if I did not too biased with the cast since the plot just so-so. Again, Arron Yan (Yan Ya Lun) more or less only take stereotypical role and I don’t even see any challenging acting. Joanne Tseng and Jack Lee are not bad even I felt they role perhaps is little bit more challenging than Arron.

Why I get interested with Prince of Wolf (狼王子)?
Very simple, the title and Siberian Husky which caught my eyes. It is not a secret that I love dog so much, no matter the pure breed or mongrel, I just love this loyal animal. Moreover, I like Husky or Alaskan Malamute which look so similar with wolf though Husky or Alaskan Malamute are softer compare to their fierce look LOLS.

And then, Amber An (An Xin Ya). I quite like her after she played in Apple in your eyes / Mei Mei with Blue Lan (Lan Zheng Long). Although I didn’t satisfy with the ending. Last, I like the plot concept about Modern-Tarzan and the newbie, Dereck Zhang (Zhang Xuan Rui)

So far it has already released two episodes and I still like it.
I am considering to do the Mini Recap since it filmed beautifully, and have you watched it? I want to hear from you guys what do you think about the drama?


16 thoughts on “Zhang Xuan Rui and An Xin Ya in Prince of Wolf AKA 狼王子

  1. No, I had not watch this yet but I did watch the trailer and liked it. It seems interesting. Thanks for the reminder and I now I need to watch the first two ep.

  2. I’m a dog owner (German Shepherds rock!) so I watched the first episode. I was explaining the plot to my husband and daughter over dinner and I struggled to explain how a) the boy managed to be lost and b) why he watched all those people come and go but didn’t leave and c) who cut his hair and d) who groomed those “wolves?”
    It was filmed beautifully, though, and I can overlook the plot holes for the pretty.

  3. It is beautifully shot and the lead is adorable. I was ready to throw things in reaction to Mimi’s passiveness during the fight with her neighbors in episode two, but I am enjoying it enough to give her a second chance.

      1. I loved that show too! I was watching 5 Children on the weekend, but I haven’t been too engaged in the new weekend dramas yet. Maybe it’s a sign from the Reading Gods that I need to find a good book!
        -On another note, thanks SO much for your translations!

      2. I have to wait for Dramafever to translate it, and they are only showing it M-F 😞. The drama’s much better than the movie! I guess I can wait a few more hours for the next installment. Lol!

      3. Yes.
        Personally I prefer the drama to movie.
        Yang Yang is fit better to portray Xiao Nai than Jing Bo Ran. While Zheng Shuang acting is progress well.
        Jing Bo Ran and Angelababy had the chemistry but somewhat I don’t feel they were playing as Bei Wei Wei and Xiao Nai , these characters.

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