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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 311 – 312


Chapter 311

Father’s Wife

“I still remembered not long after we got married, I had brought up the topic about divorce, but your father because of career, he didn’t want to divorce. And then after that, I had brought up few times about divorce, Your father refused. I really never thought your father would agree divorce with me because of your mother, and at same time he agreed to give up his career, gave up everything. That moment, I just realized how deep your father’s love toward your mother.”

“I hate him, I detested him, but recalled…. At the beginning of our marriage, I did also love other man, if I had your father stubbornness, perhaps now I would have been together with the man I loved.”

“Madam Song, at beginning it was because of my father career, and then he refused to divorce with you? “ actually, after listened to Sang Rou, Yao Yao little bit blamed on her father, after all during woman’s most youthful time asking her to protect his own career, waiting until career has great prospects….he going out to look for….. Other woman. Actually this really too despicable.

“Haha, this was the reason why your father didn’t divorce me. But that year my character was too spitfire, if wanted to divorce, still could do so, only because I feared to be embarrassed, also feared to be laughing stock, so that agreed not get divorce. So that, I said, if I had your father stubbornness, perhaps I would not have ended alike today.”

So that the matter…. Yao Yao understands very well Sang Rou reason, during that year once a woman was getting divorce it was equal as nothing.

“Well, didn’t my father say that he wanted to divorce with you, what’s the reason?”

“Actually this was quite strange to say, I had quarreled with your father for almost my life time, but because of this burst out, both of us even became best friend. He knew that I almost at my forty, I don’t have career, don’t have child, he asked me, actually did I still want to divorce or not, if divorce, he would agree too; if not divorce, he would take care of me at my old days.”

“I have thought, after all your father had already made this step-back, I told him, if the woman that he loves didn’t mind, I would not divorce. First, indeed I need you father to take care of me; second, just thought it as doing favor for your father, if I really divorce with your father, you father perhaps would lose everything he had.”

So that, this is the reason why father didn’t divorce with Sang Rou?

Father did this thing could be called…. Still have feeling and kindness.

Perhaps many people thought, father choosing to divorce because he had Mistress. Wrong, not divorce it really the true meaning of feeling and kindness. Because father had said, Madam Song has already at her forty, does not have child, if during that time really divorce, what to do?

But also from this, it can be seen that mother was feeling sorry toward Madam Song, so that she willingly to be Mistress.

“So how did you know about myself?”

“This was from one year before you father passed away, he was happily to show me picture, said, this is her daughter, she is already five years old, he even asked me whether you were cute or not. Not even to mention how happy he was during that time. Could it be said that your father finally had child during his old aged?”

Old aged has child?

Haha, that’s right, the picture that father showed to Madam Sang, he must be at his fifty already, right? But that time mother only twenty something.

With this gap of age it easy to make other mistaken that mom together with father because his money, but Yao Yao believes, Mother must be really love father. If really because of money, impossible for mother to take care Grandpa in such thoughtful manner after father passed away.

“Madam Sang, I have disturbed you for long time, thank you for telling me so much thing, I take my leave first.”

“Little Girl, how’s your mother recently?”

Mom… “My mom, two days ago my mom has passed away.”

When Yao Yao said this word, at sudden Madam Sang expression changed with unbelievable expression: “At least she in her forties, how could suddenly passed away? How could suddenly passed away? Your father also, his aged not yet 50 but he had left. So sudden….”

That’s right, everything just too sudden, although father death was caused by traffic accident, but that was also too sudden. “Madam Sang, Take care of yourself, if I have time, I will sure to pay a visit.”

After bid good bye to Sang Rou, Yao Yao’s heart actually fills with warm heat, it is not like she encourage third wheel to come and destruct others family. But open-minded wife alike Madam Sang, father who is too weight feeling and also kind man, mother who stubborn with her love, actually it really rare seen in the society.

But, the only regret is, Madam Sang does not together with the person she loved, perhaps if she stubborn to divorce with father at the beginning, today she must meet her true love…..

“Hello? Chen Yi, am I disturbed you?” in the street, Yao Yao is phoning Feng Chen Yi.

“No. What’s matter looking for me?”

“En, I want to ask your help to do something.”


She stopped her footstep, her moist eyes are flashing, slowly said: “Please help me to make use the media to broadcast announcement, just put Single Mother with surname Deng has left a sum amount of legacy to her only daughter who called Luo Yao Yao before her death, now, the initial estimates are at least thirty million.”

“Hah? Why must make such announcement?”

She actually does not want to make such announcement, but the problem is since she got the contact from Prosecutor Zhang, she keeps on phoning, but no matter what her phone could not reach, so that she only can do so. “Use to ‘hook the fish’!”


‘Ring, ring ring….’ right after she hung up her phone call, Gong Xiao Man is calling. “Xiao Man, what happen?”

“My beloved! Have you seen…seen the news?”

“What news?”

“You hasn’t known it? You and Feng Chen Yi spending night together was photo by reporter!!!!”

With Feng Chen Yi spending night matter? No, she does not know….

Think carefully, was it the night when her mother passed away? Impossible…. How coincide! After all being photo by the media!

But, it must be because she was not too carefully. Recalled the days when she with Yu Ao Tian, as long as both of them are visiting crowded places, they would walk one at front and one at back, and also won’t do any intimate gesture in front of others.

After all, these business men are getting more focus than those super stars. Being photo by the media is something normal, she really just not too careful. “How bad the news?”

“You say whether this is bad or not, the media only used ‘ Mysterious woman’ ‘Lingering at harem place for few hours’, you make your guess, what if Yu Ao Tian seen the news, would he get explode or not?”

That’s right! Yu Ao Tian! Though she isn’t his lover anymore, but between both of them are still having verbal agreement, this matter cannot being ignore! “Xiao Man, you hung up the phone call, I, I want to make an explanation to Yu Ao Tian first.”

“En en, quickly.”

She panic hung up Gong Xiao Man phone call, and then she hurries dialing Yu Ao Tian number…..


The Continuous…..

The Grand Funeral

“Ring, ring ring….’ at the government office building.

Hearing his mobile phone ringing, Yu Ao Tian is stopped his footstep.

“Congress Yu?” few of the officials in front of him are curiously looking at him.

“All of you go first to inside meeting room, I answer my phone call first.”

“En, alright.”

The others staff that accompany him before have entered the meeting room, Yu Ao Tian is slowly answered his phone: “What’s matter, Long Ye.”

“Just now, the media company which is one of Feng’s group has made urgent announcement, the contain about the new was, a lady with surname Deng, after her death she has left a sum of legacy that estimated about 30 million to her daughter, Miss Luo, this Lady Deng and Miss Luo, they must be Deng Hui Hong and Xiao Meng Li, right?”

Yu Ao Tian does not have any interest with the news, but he is interested with…. Feng Group who is made the news broadcast!

It seems, Yao Yao is always contacting Feng Chen Yi secretly.

“Ao Tian, this is the way for Xiao Meng Li to lure her uncle, right? Damn it, that MF Deng Zu Ye also not knowing where he has gone, I had asked subordinates to look for him for day but haven’t found him out. Now what to do? If he is contacting Xiao Meng Li secretly, what to do?”

Compare to Long Ye who is more panicking, Yu Ao Tian is appeared so calm down, as if this matter completely none of his business. “The funeral day of sister Hong, do you know when the time?”

“Listened to Long Qi it seems five days later.”

“Five day later….” Yu Ao Tian is taking out an agenda from his pocket, flipping to the next five day: “I know it, after five day, you are accompanying me to go to Sister Hong funeral.”

“Ugh? I am talking with you regarding Xiao Meng Li’s uncle matter, how could you want to go to the funeral?”

“If nothing goes wrong, Deng Zu Ye will show up during that day. After all that day is one of the safest day!”

That’s right, not wrong! Perhaps Deng Zu Ye has thought that Yu Ao Tian might kill him, so that he keeps on hiding not willing to show up, but because of money he will absolutely showing up in front of crowded!

Think to this point, Long Ye highly praised: “Still you have thought for overall! But Deng Zu Ye choosing to show up on that day, we don’t have to intercept him?”

“There is me, he won’t dare to say anything. When the time is arrived you guys prepare to shoot him.”

“Ok! I understand.” speak honestly, after this brief communication, Long Ye really can’t help himself not to praise, Xiao Meng Li rival is Yu Ao Tian, perhaps someone alike him who is an ordinary person if using brain with both of them, early must be get rid thousand miles away.

“Congress Yu, the meeting is going to start.” Yu Ao Tian just hung up his phone call, his secretary has already running over.

He glances at his mobile phone, directly turn off, slowly walking inside the meeting room with his secretary….

“Hello, the phone that you dial is not active….” on the other side, Yao Yao keeps on dialing Yu Ao Tian’s phone number, but it always at inactive state.

Thinking about this man’s character who is always moody, does not know whether he pretending not to answer her call or he is really busy.

“Forget it, waiting after mother funeral just explain to him, although now explaining to him, he must be still rage in fume, also don’t care about few days more.”

Five day later….

Yao Yao is picking up the closest mourning hall from her house to set up her mother funeral ceremony, first it is cheaper, second it could easy her mom to find ‘way’ to go home.

Small size mourning hall, at least it only can accommodate about 20 persons, the deceased’s photo is facing to the entrance, Yao Yao is kneeling down in front of brazier (fire pot) used for burning paper money for her mother.

Two of fellow classmates who arrived at advance come to comfort and patting her shoulder: “Yao Yao, Jie Ai (restrain one’s grief)” and then sit down at an empty seat.

“Yao Yao, have you inform the others?” similar alike filial daughter status, kneeling down beside Yao Yao is Gong Xiao Man curiously asked.

“No, I did tell Chen Yi.” she told Feng Chen Yi because she needs Feng Chen Yi to help her to catch her uncle.

“Even Yu Ao Tian you didn’t tell him?”


“…………………….” today is the day to send Aunty, Gong Xiao Man does not want to speak much regarding others topic, but this hall only filled with small group of few people, in addition there is no others visitor, it was little bit sad for Mother Luo to go like this.

But, it is also cannot blame on Yao Yao, she just come back not long ago, no relatives, also does not have any siblings, absolutely it become alike now.

This is the miserable to be single child, when the beloved family member gone, they will feel bitter by themselves and alone.

“There is guest!!” suddenly, the person who is responsible for the funeral ceremony (MC for the funeral) speaking in high tone.

Yao Yao and Gong Xiao Man expressionless looking at the funeral big hall entrance.

As seen, Long Qi and Nan Lu are entering with black clothes, they are bowing three times with respect toward the picture, and then walking in front of Yao Yao: “Our deep condolences!”

According to the tradition, Yao Yao and Gong Xiao Man must kowtow three times. “Thank You.”

These two person are sitting on the left side of the funeral hall.

“There is guest!”

And the following, Qi Lian Ao Yun and Gu Xiao Ming, the Vice President showing up, bowing three times with respect, walking in front Yao Yao: “My deep condolences.”

“Thank You.”

These few people were informed by Gong Xiao Man, and about Vice President Gu Xiao Ming must be brought by Qi Lian Ao Yun.

“There is guess!”

Soon after, Feng Chen Yi, Hei Yan Long, Ou Yang Zi Xuan and Feng Ke Xin also coming, each of them are showing different expression, bowing three times respect to the picture, comforting Yao Yao few words and then they are sitting on the right side of the funeral hall.

Before, the hall was empty but now suddenly crowded, although in here there are many faces that Gong Xiao Man does not know, but at least when sending off Mother Luo it won’t be so lonely.

“There is guest arrived!”

The master of ceremony voice down, Gong Xiao Man subconsciousness looking at the entrance: “Mom?”

As seen, a woman who dressed in black Marten coat, wearing a black hat and coming with younger handsome man slowly walked in.

This beautiful woman is Gong Xiao Man’s mother.

“Aunty, hello.” during in Japan, Yao Yao had ever met Gong Xiao Man’s mother for few times, the first impression that gave by this woman when Yao Yao met her was stylish, passionate, and also capable and experienced. Just alike today. No matter she is, she always becomes the subject of attention.

“Yao Yao, my deep condolences.” Gong Xiao Man’s mother is comforting Yao Yao.

“Mom, why are you coming here?”

”You told me that Yao Yao’s mother passed away, of course I must come here to give my praying.”

Gong Xiao Man really never thought her mother would be coming, but who is the man coming with mom?

“Who is he?”

“Later I will introduce him to you.” after said, Gong Xiao Man’s mother is bringing that man to find empty seat to sit down.

“There is guest arrived.”

This time the person who is coming to offer praying someone that Yao Yao never thought before….. Wang Han!

This is a man who looked alike father for her, he uses a gentleman’s smile, an elegant aura, most of time he always show her as if common father care and love: “Regional Director Wang, how can you come?”

Chapter 312

The Elites Gathered

“I heard from Vice CEO Long. My deep condolences, Yao Yao.” Wang Han gives her a faint of smile, he extends his hand and stroking her hair and then looking for an empty seat.

“Yao Yao, just now who is that man?”

“There is guest arrived!” before Gong Xiao Man finished her words, the Master of Ceremony for once again said with loud voice.

“How can there still other guest coming?” as seen the funeral hall that only can accommodate 20 persons seems not fit anymore, perhaps if there few people keeps coming there won’t be any seat left?

This time, the person who is walking inside the funeral hall not any stranger, they are Yu Ao Tian and Long Ye!

Beyond doubt, their arrival pushed the quiet funeral into the***

Sitting on the left side is Hei Yan Long, Ou Yang Zi Xuan who are whispering each other: “This woman hasn’t she broke up with Yu Ao Tian?”

Feng Chen Yi with his cold expression swept on Yu Ao Tian who is walking in, coldly said: “This is their matter.”

“What is called as their matter?” They had thought that Feng Chen Yi busy for these days to settle Yao Yao’s matter, because they thought Yao Yao had already broken up with Yu Ao Tian, never thought….

Feng Chen Yi by all this time acted as altruism?

“Yao Yao, my deep condolences.” Long Ye’s face is shown bitter expression in front Yao Yao before he gives his respect, extend his hand and stroking her head.

She almost forget, in her life, actually there still someone alike Long Ye who taking role as her Big Brother, isn’t it? “Thank you, Long Ye Ge Ge.”

“Haha, you are really, if I was not heard it from Long Qi’s mouth the news about your mother passed away, perhaps in this life time you won’t tell me right?”

It is not that she does not want to say, the most important she afraid this matter will disturb Yu Ao Tian’s time. If she told Long Ye Ge Ge, then Long Ye Ge Ge will surely let Yu Ao Tian know. “I am sorry.” Yao Yao feels guilty nodding her head, at the moment when she raises her head, her moist eyes are keep looking at Yu Ao Tian who showing expressionless face.

“Ahem, Ao Tian!” Long Ye can feel the atmosphere turned to be strange, stretch out his hand and then pulling Yu Ao Tian’s cloth.

Immediately he shown his elegant smiles: “My deep condolences.” turned his back, he takes a seat on right way.

This scenery, it makes Gong Xiao Man who still in kneeling position feels unsatisfied: “What does Yu Ao Tian mean? Even that someone who called as Regional Director Wang, Long Ye, they are saying few of comforting words, but Yu Ao Tian is looking as if coming to stranger funeral ceremony, at least you are his girlfriend, right? His reaction, is he still a human or not?”

“Xiao Man, I am not his girlfriend. Moreover, his reaction is normal, you must have realized now he is member of congress, government official, if he comes closer to me, it will not good for him.”

“Yao Yao, are you sick? He because of protecting his own position, can’t he understand you? That also need to separate the occasion, he MF, this time still pretending as stranger, simply to say not a human!”

Yu Ao Tian image is slowly turning bad on Gong Xiao Man’s eyes, today she is raging in fume.

Regarding to this matter, Yao Yao is showing calm expression, it’s okay, if she really needs Yu Ao Tian comforting, she wouldn’t not inform him for all this time.

And then….

This two girls are mistaken to understand the reason why Yu Ao Tian shown such cold expression.

As mature man who has many experiences, he is so clear when he must flare up, when he must suppress himself. Few days ago the news and rumors about Yao Yao and Feng Chen Yi hasn’t forgotten by him.

But today when he walking into the funeral hall that moment, the first thing that caught by his eyes are Feng Chen Yi. Although he stills thinking to suppress his anger, but he stills not able to control it perfectly!

The bottomless unreadable eyes are looking at Feng Chen Yi.
Feng Chen Yi’s pair of cold eyes are also looking at him too.

When both of these two men are looking each other, at the same time both of them are showing strange smiles, but at the moment they drawn back their eyesight, the smiles that shown on their faces also disappeared without any trace.

“There is guest arrived!”

Will the person uncle? This time must be uncle? Yao Yao quickly dashed to the funeral entrance to take a look.

As seen, Xia Ren Liang who dressed in black holding Xiao Qiao walking inside, giving respect bow three times, hurried he crouch in front of Yao Yao: “Are you okay?”

“You…. How can you come?” she didn’t inform Xia Ren Liang.

“I have read the announcement on the news, I have feeling it must be you, so that I ordered people to ask around. I just found out that today is your mother funeral ceremony. I am sorry, for coming late.”

No, the person who must be apologized isn’t Xia Ren Liang but her.

“Thank you, Xia Ren Liang.”

“How can Lan Du Group Xia Ren Liang also coming?” sitting at the left side, Hei Yan Long curiously asked.

Ou Yang Zi Xuan quickly looking at him, whispering: “Ever pursuing Chen Yi’s Ex-girlfriend before.”

“……………………” after Hei Yan Long heard it, simply to say he does not know what to say. “This woman seem quite popular.”

Look at the huge crowds of people, the people who sitting here only few who are ordinary people? Can be said, those who are business tycoons are gathering at here.

If counted Yu Ao Tian who just entered the political circle; the person who has underworld background Long Ye, Ou Yang Zi Xuan.

This time funeral ceremony can be said that, the black, the white, three world people are mixed into.

Bugatti Veyron, Bentley, Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Land Rover, Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce, all of these luxury cars brand are gathered today.

One by one the reporter after receiving the news are coming to dig out the mystery.

“Since not long ago seeing those who are entered the funeral ceremony, Two top management of Berson Group, The CEO and Chairman of Bao Lai’s Group, and also the government official Congress Yu, The CEO of Lan Du Group, General Manager of Feng’ Group, The sole heir of Ou Yang Group, until now those business tycoons who lead the China business are completely arrived. Really does not know who the person holding this funeral ceremony.” this is the scenery, undoubtedly this becomes the headline news for today’s.

After all, it is something that won’t be seen within 100 years.

But Yao Yao doesn’t think this way, she does not inform anyone, because she hopes her mom can rest in peacefully, just alike her life, ordinary.

The funeral hall is crowded by people, everyone is very hard to squeeze to fit in.

“There is a guest!” once again the Master of Ceremony said.

Yao Yao is emotionally looking at the funeral hall entrance: “Uncle!” and next her eyes are glancing at Feng Chen Yi.

Feng Chen Yi understands her signal by nodding his head, and then he
exchanges his sights with Ou Yang Zi Xuan who beside him.

“My men are prepared.” Ou Yang Zi Xuan confidently showed OK gesture with his hand.

The other side, Long Ye’s face turned to be dim, just when he is taking out his phone, Yu Ao Tian pressed down his hand: “The deceased is important. Just wait until the funeral ceremony ended and we make moves.”




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