C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 313 – 314


Chapter 313

The Firing Sound in the Funeral Ceremony

“Sister! Sister! How can you just go by this way, little brother is not obedient, only by today just got the news of your leaving, little brother gives you a kowtow, a kowtow.” Deng Zu Ye is exaggerating kneeling down in the funeral hall, constantly he gives regretful kowtow to his big sister. read this at azurro4cielo.wordpress

Yao Yao only can see him with cold-eyesight, actually she feels her uncle is too hypocritical. Read This at Azurro4cielo.wordpress

If not because she asked Feng Chen Yi to broadcast that fake news, she believes it is impossible for her uncle to come here! read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

“Yao Yao, my niece, really pity on you. Oh yeah, regarding the money that your mom…..” read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

“Uncle, this matter just wait until the funeral ceremony ended, okay? My mother has a will, and there also have your share.” read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

“Really?” Once Deng Zu Ye heard it, an instantaneously brighten up. read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

“Of course! You go with me to the tomb first.” read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

“Okay, okay!” read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

“Prepare for the coffin.” said the Master of Ceremony, the staffs who are responsible to carry the coffin slowly raise it. read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

Yao Yao hugging on the picture walking at the very in front, the rest are following at her back. read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

But once she walking out from the funeral hall, many of the reporters alike flies surrounded her: “Miss, I recognized you, you are General Manager Feng’s mysterious woman, right?” read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

When Yao Yao is showing up in front of the reporters, everyone at one glance already recognized her. read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

“General Manager Feng, is today your girlfriend’s mother funeral ceremony?” read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

“Not right, not right, Miss, I remember, during congress Yu election campaign, you were his representative lawyer, right?” read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

One by one the reporters are bombing her with question, the road ahead is surrounded by crowded. read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

“Every reporter, today is my mother funeral ceremony, all questions will not be answered. But, I emphasized to all of you, today whoever that coming and attending the funeral ceremony are my friends, moreover….. Only friends relationship!” Yao Yao is using such strong speaking tone, her face is showing cold than anger. read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

“I count until three, if all of you are not giving away. Or else, don’t let me until find out which media reporter you all!!!” Feng Chen Yi who keeps silent suddenly roaring. read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

Those reporters realized the situation, they give a small path. Just to know, offend those big business tycoon, there is no benefit for them. read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

Seize the chance, Feng Chen Yi embraces Yao Yao’s shoulder and then faster to break the surrounded. read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

Leaving by this way, actually Yao Yao feels awkward, with uncomfortable eyes she glances at Feng Chen Yi who embraces her shoulders. Her eyes are slowly glancing at the guests who are coming from behind. read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

Yu Ao Tian is standing not far from her about 3 meters, that kind of cold eyes, so out of the ordinary, although he is an arrogant, and also at one glance can see that his aura very different with others. read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

And then, the expression that showed on his face is kind of bottomless unreadable expression, but pair of his hand that inserted into his pocket make into tight fists. read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

While Feng Chen Yi who besides of Yao Yao can feel her strange eyesight, following her vision line, both of their eyes are meeting together. He can feel, although he is so close with her, but he could not win over closeness between she and Yu Ao Tian! read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

Zero distant contact. read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

Feng Chen Yi and her is side by side, if it was old days, both of their heart had stuck together; but this moment although both of them are standing this close, their heart are having a distance is slowly pulling away. read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

Three meters of distance. read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

Yu Ao Tian and her are only exchanging a glance, countless of interaction pull their heart get closer but because of countless misunderstanding and pull far their distance, even near breakdown, this moment, the two figures that catch by Yu Ao Tian’s eyes are piercing….. read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

“Bury!” A desolate Cemetery Park, everyone is queuing neatly into three row, eyes are gradually look at the soil and coffin. read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

An instantaneously, finally the tears that Yao Yao holding back at last still falling down. read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

Mom rest in peace; read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

Mom thank you for these years for raising me; read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

Mom at the next life I will become your daughter again; read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

Good bye… Mother! read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

“Make move.” Among the crowded Yu Ao Tian pair of eyes make a signal. read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

At beside Long Ye is hung in his headset on one of his ears and then said two simple words. read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

And then, as heard…. ‘bag’ a firing sound. read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

The wild birds are startled, the firing sound is shocking everyone and then over and over again the sound echoing in this open spaces. read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

“Ah!!!!!” The female guests are shocked to the point hug their head while screaming. read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

Yao Yao is gritting her teeth looking to Feng Chen Yi. read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

“Zi Xuan, what is going on?” read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

Ou Yang Zi Xuan creasing his forehead, hurried he takes his earphone and talking with his subordinate. read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

“There is group of killer has been stalking us since the funeral hall, it seems their target is your Ex-girlfriend’s uncle, but it’s not a matter, I have my men to stop!” read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

After heard, Feng Chen Yi rushed to Yao Yao and nodding his head gesturing that everything is okay and then quickly ran to Deng Zu Ye’s side. read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

“Hello, Mr. Deng, I am Yao Yao’s friend, now I will ask my men to protect you and send you off safely.” read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

“No, don’t, don’t kill me! Don’t kill me!” very obvious, Yao Yao’s uncle is being scared to the point he lost his way, he hugs his head and then screaming and crying. On the moment when he passing Yu Ao Tian, his eyes are filled with begging eyesight. “Let me off, let me off!” read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

This scenery, accurately without fail from Yao Yao’s eyes, how can uncle acting this weird when seeing Yu Ao Tian? He impossible knows Yu Ao Tian, doesn’t he? Although he is begging, he must be begging Feng Chen Yi for protection! Actually what is going on? read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

It does not have much time to considerate too much, the next moment ‘bang bang bang’ there are firing sounds, it really hard for them to see who is enemy and who is friend. read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

“Long Qi, Qi Lian sunbae, trouble both of you, please protect and sending off all the female guests.” read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

“Understand!” Long Qi and Qi Lian Ao Yun are taking separately moves, protecting the weakling females to leave….. read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

“What is going on?” standing far and being the observant for the chaos the expressionless Yu Ao Tian asked Long Ye who stay beside at him. read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

I got the news, Ou Yang Zi Xuan is bringing Xuan Wu’s killer group to protect Deng Zu Ye!” read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

Ou Yang Zi Xuan…. read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

Without slightest doubt, must be because being asked by Feng Chen Yi. It seems that Feng Chen Yi and Little Thing had made this plan for sometime, right? She really believes…. Her ex-boyfriend!!!! read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

Thinking to this point, That pair of Yu Ao Tian bottomless eyes suddenly become dimmer, “Ask Li Shang to do by himself! Must take Deng Zu Ye!” read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

“Yes!” read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

Deng Zu Ye who is following Feng’s and Hei’s body guards, this suddenly changed to be battle field.
Their target is uncle! It seems that mom really had something, or else impossible those killers are not letting go uncle! read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

Actually what is the matter, what type of problem that able caused by them who are coming from ordinary family? read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

Yao Yao is silently standing beside the tomb stone, under tense and uncertainty her eyes are looking at Yu Ao Tian and Long Ye who are standing under the tree. read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

Both of them are doing simple and short eye contacts, Yu Ao Tian turned back, when he is leaving…. read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress

“Ao Tian!” read this at azurro4ciello.wordpress



Chapter 314

Yao Yao’s Uncle Get Killed

Yao Yao is hurrying to dash in front but when she wants to open her mouth, she forgets what she wanted to say.Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

To solve the misunderstanding?Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

Or should she ask him why he acts this way toward her?Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

Perhaps, asking him whether he know or not about those killer groups?Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

Does not know what to say, now her head is in chaos, it was only half month not seeing each others, see him face to face, everything has changed as if stranger, as if both of them never meet before.Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

It looks alike, each time when both of them are apart, they would like a stranger, this really confused her whether she….. And him ever had interaction!Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

“What do you want to say?” Yu Ao Tian is coldly looking at her small face.Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

Yao Yao smiles, shaking her head weakly: “Thank you, today you can come here.”Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

Perhaps, after long time, there is no need to make an explanation anymore, actually it also not bad to have some misunderstanding with Yu Ao Tian for this time. Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

After all, if she keeps on staying beside him, she could not do anything more for him, better, just like this slowly being forgotten.Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

He must go to the path that belongs to his; while her just stays here to become that wood bridge.Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

“Do you only want to say this?” Yu Ao Tian asked.Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

She is forcing herself to give a smile, with empty eyes she nodding her head. “En….”Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

“Ha.” so that what he waiting for this time only for a thank you word! Just like an ordinary thank you word given by the family. There is cannot be any ordinary than ordinary of Thank You word. “You and Feng….”Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

“Ao Tian!” Long Ye’s face tense, with little bit panic speaking tone he has interrupted them.Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

It can be seen, Long Ye must have something urgent to tell Yu Ao Tian, Yao Yao answered him with smile: “I won’t disturb both of you, I take my leave first.”Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

Turned, and then she slowly disappeared from their in front.Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

“What’s matter, Long Ye?”Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

“Just now the killer group made a report, there are another killer group on the highway.”Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

“There are another killer group showing up?” Yu Ao Tian is narrowing his eyes, coldly said: “The target of the other side!”Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

“Seeing from the killer skill, they were those men who escorting Deng Zu Ye but absolutely not Xuan Wu group’s men!”Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

After listened to Long Ye’s report, at sudden pair of Yu Ao Tian’s eyes are gleaming brightly, but very fast it replaced by the black cloud (gloomy).Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

“Ao Tian, can you analyze the other party’s intentions?”Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

“From the surface they wanted Deng Zu Ye to say something toward Yao Yao, but….”Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

“But, due to the today’s Xiao Meng Li whether her background or her capability she stills not someone who can compete with you, so those men didn’t have any reason to use Yao Yao!”Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

That’s right, just like as what Long Ye elaborate, due to today’s Yao Yao background and her capability she cannot compete to the today’s Yu Ao Tian who is such stronger, so that she does not have any use-value.Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

But another moment, every times Yu Ao Tian who able to control any situation with his head but at same time he is showing his difficult expression. “What’s matter seem off?”Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

This is the first time for Long Ye to see Yu Ao Tian showing this problematic expression, as seen, this matter must be serious one. “Now what to do?”Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

Silent for moment, Yu Ao Tian drawn back his problematic expression, coldly said: “Deng Zu Ye must be killed, and regarding to the mysterious killer group…. Just leave one to stay alive.”Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

“Understand!”Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

“Yao Yao, here.” on the cemetery entrance, Hei Yan Long with big strides from inside to Yao Yao in front while waving his hand.Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

She is looking around, looking for Feng Chen Yi: “CEO Hei, where is Chen Yi?”Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

“He is going with Zi Xuan and also their body guards to protect your uncle leaving this place. Now you get to the car, let’s we gather with them.”Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

“En, alright.” at glimpse her eyes catch few cars that parked on the street: “CEO Hei, you wait me for moment.” she hurries running to the opposite of the street: “Long Qi, Qi Lian sunbae, is everyone safe?”Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

“En, everyone is safe. The killers target aren’t them, so that all of them are safe and soundly.” said Qi Lian Ao Yun.Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

Yao Yao is secretly heave a sigh, too great! If because participating mom’s funeral ceremony, and make these fellow friends get into trouble, for her life she will cannot live in peaceful.Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

Really never thought, this time the funeral ceremony could be turned into this chaotic———-apologizing to everyone.Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

“Today matter, thank to all of you. Shocking all of you, I am apologizing.” Yao Yao back one step, give deep bow toward Long Qi and Qi Lian Ao Yun.Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

Long Qi who used to be mischievous love to laugh but today obviously Long Qi is looked so different as his usual, because…..Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

At the first time when heard the firing sound, he had already made his guess, those men were Yu Long’s men! “You don’t have to apologize, Yao Yao, this kind of matter no one wants it, that…. I take my leave first.”Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

“I also leave.”Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

“En, Long Qi, Qi Lian sunbae good bye.” her eyes are seeing them until they get into cars, Yao Yao hurries get in into Hei Yan Long’s car.Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

Not long after that, they arrive at their location, one luxurious place.Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

“Where is this?” Yao Yao is pointing at the luxurious house in front of her eyes, cannot help herself to think about those in Television, those underworlds big boss who lived in such place, aura, also the majestic-feeling, also revealed slightest mystery feel.Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

“Xi Zuan’s house.” After said, Hei Yan Long faster gets down from the car, very gentleman he opened the car door for Yao Yao.Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

This person who always act almighty and arrogant alike big Young Master, today is rare to see him to drive the car by himself, the one of the most never thought is, he even understands politeness to open door for woman, not long ago this man was bringing ten men with him, followed at his back. It is difficult to think that the arrogant big young master and her in front gentleman are same person.Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

Get down from the car, Yao Yao can’t wait to hurry get inside.Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

Looking at the empty Big Hall…. “No one?” doubted she is looking at Hei Yan Long.Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

“Please wait.” Hei Yan Long turned his back, takes out his mobile phone: “Where are you? We have arrived.”Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

“………………………….”Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

“Understand.” within short communication, the expressionless Hei Yan Long hung up the phone call.Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

From his serious expression, Yao Yao can feel slightly bad premonition: “What’s happen? Where Chen Yi and others?”Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

Hei Yan Long silent for while, one of his hands inserted on his pocket, forcing himself to give a dry-smile: Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

“Your… Uncle…. Being killed!”Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

‘Thump’Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

Although Yao Yao and her bad wicked evil uncle does not have any feeling, but heard the news about his death, cannot avoid it gloomy her feeling little bit.Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

But the most shocking for her is…. Actually who those mysterious killers who not only twice but also thrice, killed her mother, hunted down her grand pa and now killed her uncle!Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

Not long after that, Feng Chen Yi and Ou Yang Zi Xuan have arrived to the place where they had promised before.Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

“Yao Yao……” Feng Chen Yi heaved a sigh, feeling guilty lowering his head: “Sorry.”Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress

“It is okay! It is okay!” she afraid because of her matter she would ruin Feng Chen Yi and Ou Yang Zi Xuan moods, hurried she shown them ‘does not mind’ expression: “As long as both of you are alright, as long as both of you are alright…..”Directly go and check to azurro4cielo.wordpress


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  19. Julie · July 15

    Thanks Azzuro for continuing doing what you do best “translating”. Don’t let those losers of thieves to stop you from something you like such as, translating. I may not have translate before but I do arts before so I know what it is like to have one arts works being stolen by thieves. As I said before, you still have the hard copies whereas they don’t. You still can revert back to you hard copies if need to, no matter how much we try to protect or even worst give up on something you enjoy to do because of the losers of the thieves. We can’t stop thieves no matter what or how we try. I am glad that you are a bigger person who know how to forgive n move on. As you said before that you have forgiven but not forgotten..

    The only regret that I have was I gave up on my arts works because of the thieves. Azzuro, you are a lot stronger than I in mind n emotion therefore, I give you three “kowtows” for your courage. Cheers my dearest translator.😀

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