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Dear fellow readers,

Oh my~ feeling alike writing love letter (please forgive for my dry humor LOLS XD )

First at all, I really want to thank you, yeah all you guys. I really appreciate for all your supports even only words, it means lot, really. I didn’t try to get sympathy or make the situation into turmoil because my previous post which stated ‘Go Hiatus for Temporary’.

When I made the post, I have mixed emotions. Let me be honest, at the beginning when I knew and found out my works are stolen by ‘that web’ (please don’t mention it’s name if only give them more traffic and more cents) I was angry and upset. They took my works without any credit and not even provide the link the worst they are taking advantage from not only my work hard but other translators work hard as their which the post supposed to be free and non-commercial purpose. I could not accept this unethical practice. This is against my initial purpose to share free posting to other C-novel readers who share same reading passion.

I am really sorry if my previous post make you guys worry. I almost decided to stop doing translation work if I could not stop them to keep on stealing my works. But, finally I didn’t do so because at last the people who are hurt more isn’t me but the fellow readers who has been coming along with me. That’s why, I put temporary hiatus in order to give me break and time to figure out what should I do for my blog future.

 Well, I thought the ‘pirate web’ is still stealing my work but it’s okay, I haven’t figured out best solution for ‘pirate web’. So, my blog post will be little bit confusing for while, and I hope fellow readers can endure this situation for sometime. But, don’t worry, I will still updating my translation post by learning from how other translator did ^-^


Have great day everyone,


20 thoughts on “Hola~

  1. This is what I got from wuxia world forum since their novels are being stolen too: Of course there is something that authors of the content can do. It is fairly easy to get the website kicked off from Cloudflare by literally sending a proper DMCA form. Not only, they tell you the host and ip-address of his server (which is behind cloudflare), they also very likely kick him off if hes using a free CDN plan (80% of cloudflare userbase).

    When you make DMCA it’s necessary to link the original content into abuse form as well. WW doesn’t own the actual Webnovel, but you do own the translations unless the work is licensed in English. Obviously things like ownership change even for WW when you attempt to sell something which originates from another party. However owning the modification (English translations) is good enough for this case.
    Hope this helps

  2. Thank you for ur hard work. I had a look at their website and i am utterly disappointed that they have stolen many other translations without crediting the translators. I hope that this website does not discourage you from translating. Good luck and stay strong!

  3. I understand it. I also hate it when someone stole my works especially without credit & they use it for their own benefit. And I really appreciate it cause u still translate it for the sake of others. U are our hero 🙆🏻🙆🏻

  4. Hi azurro… i keep on checking your blog for new post..
    and also visit the stolen translation, read some chapters from other translator. I don’t know whether they realize or not, but their chapters that being copy paste have accreditation at the last sentence that linked to the original blog.
    So far only 2 blogs I notice. Wuxiaworld (they already know translation being stolen), and Sabishidesu.

    For the mean time, until you can report the website for unethical copy pasting content, i think you can just notify readers by adding a phrase which stated they don’t have permission to rebroadcast your translation and visit the original translators website whenever you update a chapter. Since they also update the chapters whenever u update in your blog…huhuhu…

    1. I think because my blog is so I have so limited protection compare to others blog which change to hosting web such as ( or simply alike trung (

      1. I guess you can do it manually…or, you can make a document file, sent it via email who wish to read the chapter. Only one time ask all of fans here to give their email in comment, and group them. Just a suggestion…huhu..

      2. oh well, i just cannot stop worrying bout this… sorry…
        have you ever try changing the title to the chinese name Chunqing Yatou Huolala, or just use initials CQYTHLL maybe? haha…

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