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Introduce C-Drama: Yes! Mr. Fashionable (是!尚先生)

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As what I ever mentioned before in my last few posts, I have said that I am going to do mini recap for Chinese Drama or Taiwanese Drama since my translation works being stolen. I think all of us must move on with ‘pirate web, stealing stuffs’ this topic. Just let those who wanted to live in shameless way by taking other people works as theirs be whatever they what. I believed Karma will help me (us) to give them lesson ^-^

Alright, let’s back to the main topic. Since I said I wanted to do Mini Recap, I have few titles to share and 是!尚先生 is one from those few. The title is something, the actors and actress are different things moreover the way filmed and also the story plot.

Synopsis (credit to Baidu):
The heir of Feng Shang’s group Shang Bo Ran (Chen Xue Dong) in order to find the truth behind his mother death, he entered Fashion Magazine which is one of Feng Shang’s group business as Assistant for Creative Editor of Mister Magazine and at same time he encounter Lu Xiao Kui (Ou Yang Na Na) who is working as Assistant for Creative Editor of Pretty Magazine. Both of them are accidentally also house-mate and at same time their supervisors are rival.

About the Actors and Actress:

Chen Xue Dong (陈学冬 aka Cheney Chen) who rose fame after played on Tiny Times, a movie adaptation of novel with same title Tiny Time (Author Guo Jing Ming). At same time, it was also the first time when I spotted Chen Xue Dong. So this time in Yes! Mr. Fashion, which also drama that adapted from novel with same title, I am so anticipating to see his acting in small screen.

First time when I heard her name, my first impression was she has star parent. Ou Yang Na Na is the second daughter of Ou Yang Long (Father) and Fu Juan (Mother), I spotted her when I watching Xiao Yan Zhi Yan (Taiwanese talk show by Zhang Xiao Yan as host). But what make me like Ou Yang Na Na is her talent and skill playing instrument such as Piano, Cello. She has elegant, goddess aura every time she plays her music.

Xiao Tian Tian AKA Little Sweetheart (张可昀) also taking part in Yes! Mr. Fashionable. For me personally, Xiao Tian Tian does not have actress material, she funny and humorist person, instead being actress she perfectly fit as comedian and host.

My verdict
This drama indeed very Guo Jing Ming’s style. The story plot seems alike stereotypical Bossy Man with little bit dummy but kind-heart girl which is something light but not boring, the way filming the drama is also beautiful (it gives tiny time vibe atmosphere perhaps due to the filming way).

But, as the drama progressing, I feel, Shang Bo Ran character which played by Chen Dong Xue, some of the character remind me with Guo Jing Ming’s character. Since Tiny Times debut, few times, I have followed Guo Jing Ming’s interviewed and also in talk show when promoting his tiny times or talking about himself.

From my glasses, Guo Jing Ming is someone who can act nice but at same time rude to the point hateful. Arrogant man but he has that capability to make himself to be arrogant which become his trademark and also pride to let people to know he as person. Hard Worker and perfectionist, it can be shown from his works and projects. This few things which I feel has similarity with Shang Bo Ran’s character.



12 thoughts on “Introduce C-Drama: Yes! Mr. Fashionable (是!尚先生)

    1. I just found it not long ago and marathoning it until the latest episode.
      Despite the Age Gap between Chen and Ou Yang, they are looked good together XD
      This drama is so fancy…
      Light and stress-relief LOLS

      1. Do you happen to know how many episodes? I found this like close to 4 weeks ago but dont seem to find out how many episodes total.

  1. The male lead looks arrogant. The female lead is cute.
    I just watched the first episode with English subtitles. The others are still raws. Nowadays, I’m more to K-Drama and J-drama. I just remembered Jerry Yan F4.

    1. The male lead indeed someone arrogant but at same time someone funny. I don’t know why, I feel alike watching Guo Jing Ming in drama version.
      This drama worth to watch, really. so funny, many humors but not in ‘poor taste’ on contrary, it such……..

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