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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 315 – 316

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Chapter 315

Gradually Clear About The Killers

She is too understand Feng Chen Yi’s character, since the day she dated him, as long as she had any wish, Feng Chen Yi would always fulfill and make it come true for her.

In Feng Chen Yi’s world, there is no failure to be accepted, and also there should not be any Yao Yao’s expectation turned into bubbles!

But this time, he even failed to protect Yao Yao’s uncle.

“Damn! It was so obvious that we were almost arrived at the secure location, but the result…..” Ou Yang Zi Xuan fiercely make a fist from his hand and then hit it to the nearest vase.

“Zi Xuan, you calm down for moment, ok? Failed just failed. Rather than you vent your anger in here better you investigate who were the killers that killed Yao Yao’s mom.” at beside Hei Yan Long coldly said, taking a deep breathe.

Inside the house, all of sudden deathly quiet, everyone is showing gloomy expression, and then, everyone can feel that the death of Yao Yao’s mother, really too strange!!

“That’s right, Zi Xuan, didn’t you catch any of those killer, asking whose men they are?”

Heard Hei Yan Long question, Ou Yang Zi Xuan confused blinking his eyes few times: “During that time the situation was at chaos, we were focusing to protect Deng Zu Ye, there was no thought to catch any of the killer?”

“Oh my God…..” Hei Yan Long who is standing beside helplessly hit his own forehead, coldly rolled his eyes.

“Yan Long, what Zi Xuan said not wrong. Under that circumstances, the priority was protecting Yao Yao’s uncle, moreover on the way heading to the secure place, the killers were showing up, simply to say could not different who is whose men.” Said Feng Chen Yi coldly after keep silent for this time.

“In the middle on the way, the killers showing up?” Hei Yan Long black eyes are flashed, at the moment he changes his look to Yao Yao who keeps on lowering her head: “Actually what problem that your family get involved with, after all could attract so many killers?”

Doesn’t know what to say, now Yao Yao head is in mess, without any reason how could there are so many killers keep showing up?

“Sst…. If the other party purpose to do eliminating, why didn’t they kill your ex-girlfriend, Chen Yi?” Hei Yan Long’s face at sudden shown questionable expression after he done, his face looks not too good while pair of his hand is enveloped his in front: “During at the cemetery, your ex-girlfriend was alone when walking out from there, but there was no one coming with attention to attack her.”

Regarding to this point, Feng Chen Yi also curious, that cold pair of eyes are slowly looking at Yao Yao who standing beside him.

“I don’t know, I also don’t know why they were coming after for my mother, my grandpa, even my uncle who always staying overseas, but why they didn’t come after me?”

“That’s right, Perhaps there is somewhere we can investigate as the first!” suddenly, Ou Yang Zi Xuan who keeps silent for this time spoke.

Everyone is looking at him.

“If the underworld society is dividing into A, B, C classes, it can be said that the A class (level/grade) underworld group must have their own killer group. Like our country underworld group, there are only four groups that have this right, it divided into four, starting from the fourth rank, Qing Hu Group, the third rank Chi Long Group, the second Zhu Yue group and also my mother’s group Xuan Wu group!”

Qing Hu’s group? It seems a familiar name, it seemed that group belonged to Young Master Chong’s father, the person she met when she worked at the Bar before, but it had eliminated by Yu Long group!

Exclusion of suspicion!

Regarding that Chi Long Group’s big boss, wasn’t he a man that kidnap Li Mei Yun before? According to Yu Ao Tian’s character, he must have eliminated them too!

Keeps on exclusion of suspicion!

And about Ou Yang Zi Xuan’s mother group there is no any possibilities, then it left…. “Zhu Yue Group!

Must be Zhu Yue group!” Yao Yao said with firmness.

But Hei Yan Long who is standing beside her immediately nodding his head: “It wasn’t Zhu Yue’s Group.”

“Why not? Perhaps this is way of Shang Yun Yin to revenge on me, by killed all my family member?”

That’s right, forget that…. Hei Yan Long is Shang Yun Yin’s God-Brother.

“Hey, women! It not because of Shang Yun Yin and then I disagreed with your way of thinking. But not long ago, Yu Long Group had eliminated Zhu Yue Group, moreover, it was me personally sent Shang Yun Yin to Yu Ao Tian’s hands. You as Yu Ao Tian’s woman must understand him very well, at least you have a picture how Shang Yun Yin’s life would be?”

“…………………………….” Did Yu Ao Tian even Zhu Yue Group also being eliminated by him? Furthermore, Shang Yun Yin would be……

She, does not dare to make further thought about it!

Due to that man heartless character, impossible Shang Yun Yin’s life would be ended good.

When Yao Yao is drawn into her own thought, Feng Chen Yi coldly glared at Hei Yan Long.

Without he realized, because of Hei Yan Long words ‘You as Yu Ao Tian’s woman’ it has provoke Feng Chen Yi turned to be unhappy!

“Oh yeah, there is also Yu Long Group! Although, in China Yu Long Group always keeps on being low profile, but due to their position in Japan they must have their own killer group.”

Toward Ou Yang Zi Xuan guessing, Yao Yao can give affirm answer, Yu Long Group indeed has their own killer group, moreover the person who shoulder and become the leader of killer group is Han Li Shang.

“But Yu Long Group is impossible.” it is obviously Ou Yang Zi Xuan is more cunning and smarter than Hei Yan Long little bit, when he said about this he only glances at Yao Yao for while and then say nothing more.

“Zi Xuan, when Deng Zu Ye hit by bullet, do you still remember what you said before?” Feng Chen Yi coldly said.

“ What words that I said before?” Ou Yang Zi Xuan is seriously analyzing, not long after that, he curled his hand into fist: “That’s right! I said, the other side sniper is world class expert, being able to fire a shot during that chaos situation, really awesome! My Xuan Wu group does not have someone like that expert.”

“Since it is world class expert, must be not many…. You, do you know who are they?”

Listened to Feng Chen Yi words, Ou Yang Zi Xuan admires said: “Chen Yi, you are so awesome, after all you can start from the most basic thing. If the person is world class expert, gather all of them are about more or less ten persons, 8 are overseas and two in China.”

“Then who are those two persons in China?”

“One of them are Berson Group CEO Han Li Shang, When he was young he had award-wining on overseas, his shooting skill is so accurate! As for another person is government employees, already changed name, I also don’t know.”

“If exclude Yu Long’s group, exclude the government employee as the sniper, heh, this time the range quite wide. Chen Yi, it seems that your ex-girlfriend’s family also have matter with government’s side.” said Hei Yan Long.

Who knows, again it makes Feng Chen Yi gives him another cold glance.

Indeed, during this time even joking, actually really not fit the situation.

“All of you don’t need to worry my matter.” when everyone is talking, Yao Yao who keeps on calm attitude standing up, giving deep bow one time to three of them: “This debt of gratitude, I will remember it, if someday need my help, I will pay it in double. Others….” her eyes are looking at Feng Chen Yi: “Please help me the last favor!”


Chapter 316

The Truth about Hua Mei Villa’s case (I)

The ghastly demolish building, the one and only———— a fairly well kept room was shining bright.

“It is only here, you see, are you satisfied with it?” Feng Chen Yi is pointing at the room which shinning brightly.

Yao Yao glances a moment, satisfied she nodding her head: “Satisfied, thank you.”

This is the last favor that she asked from Feng Chen Yi!

‘Please help me to choose one secluded place, moreover it has sole IP address internet access, and then— prepare one computer.’

This place is located in a very remote area, everything just fit as Yao Yao wanted. “Chen Yi, immediately leave.”

“What do you want to do?”

She silent for moment, expressionless she said: “Can I explain everything about my matter later after I done with it? You leave first okay, also don’t guard the door and wait for me. Okay?” she is using heavy begging speaking tone, now the thing that she wants to do, absolutely ‘dangerous’, she just does not want to make Feng Chen Yi to get involved.

“Okay, I understand.” although little bit worry, but Feng Chen Yi still chooses to respect Yao Yao, leaving this place.

She slowly walking inside the secluded room, sitting in front of the computer, faster she hacked the operator system.

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  2. Tq Azurro. Hope everything between YY and YAT is resolved quickly. I just want him and her be together, understand they love each other.

  3. Well maybe it was the group that Attacked YAT on his way to the congress? Or they also might have been killed by his group….. Still, I root for him!
    I do really enjoy the fact she is moving on. I’d love her to get rid of FCY because his attitude- pushy and seeming to be caring- looks doubtful and not that clear.
    Come on Yao Yao, fight for yourself and crush them all! Show us that high IQ you supposedly have !

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